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MacLife October 2015

Mac|Life is the leading independent magazine devoted to all things Apple. For over five years, Mac|Life has helped both new and veteran users get more out of their iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more, with coverage that cuts through today's glut of apps and accessories to find what matters most. With a bright, clean design and casual tone, Mac|Life offers an easy and enjoyable way to keep up with the latest Apple trends and topics.

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The march of technology never stops, so neither do we. Get the latest Mac and iOS news on our website at www.maclife.com. Check out our new App of the Day and easy Mac hacks. See what’s hot (and what’s not) on iTunes and whether you agree with our pick of the best new iOS games. We’ll also alert you to the best Apple deals plus keep you informed and entertained until the next issue. Read more news, reviews, and tutorials at maclife.com GET SOCIAL FACE BOOK: facebook.com/maclife TWITTER: twitter.com/maclife OUR APPS MAC|LIFE DIGITAL EDITION FOR IPAD Apple Newsstand MAC|LIFE FOR IPHONE bit.ly/ML_iphone_app…

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bigger, better apps

PEOPLE FIND ENDLESS ways to express their individuality, from the bands they like to the clothing they wear to the celebrities they follow on Twitter. Even the soda someone drinks can say something about who they aspire to be. These days, nothing can tell you more about a person than their Home screen. Our apps say a lot about us – how we work, how we play, and even how we connect with each other. And while we often try apps on a whim, we define our digital identities by the ones we keep. Apple recognized the potential of mobile apps early on; a large part of the company’s success can be attributed to having a broad selection of them, and a strong set of standard options. From essentials such as…

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letter of the month

Both Word and Excel have an option under the Window tab called “Bring All to Front,” and when I click it, nothing happens. What does it do? The Help menu told me nothing, and neither did a Google search. I even asked several Apple Store employees about this, and no one seems to have an answer. Does anyone know? JOHN PATTEN Picture this: you’ve got multiple Word docs open, but some of them are obscured by windows that are open in other applications. As long as one of the Word docs is in front (meaning you’re actively in Word and not another application), you can select the Bring All to Front option to make all of the Word docs visible over the rest of the cluter. You can accomplish the same…

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the first things to try in ios 9

GO Upgrade your iPad and iPhone with awesome apps! p22 ADD ICLOUD DRIVE In iOS 9, Apple has created an app especially for browsing the files stored in iCloud Drive, which enables you to select them to open in other apps. This app hidden by default, though – you need to go into Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and turn on “Show on Home screen.” MULTITASK ON IPAD Hold your iPad landscape, then swipe your finger in from the right-hand side to activate a Slide Over app – on an iPad Air 2, drag the dividing line to the middle of the screen to activate Split View. AS K SIRI NEW QUESTIONS Try saying “Show me photos I took yesterday” and Siri will send you to right point in your photo library. If…

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the science behind force touch

INTRODUCED IN THE Apple Watch and MacBook line in quick succession early in 2015, Force Touch is spreading across Apple’s devices as the latest way to interact with them, complementing multi-touch gestures with the ability to press harder on a screen or trackpad to show extra options. Apple clearly thinks it’s going to be an important addition in all future products, describing it as “the most significant new sensing capability since multi‑touch” – making it easy to access extra features or shortcuts without cluttering up the interface. That’s all very cool, but how does it actually work? On the MacBook line, the force of both regular clicks and deep presses is detected by an H-shaped assembly that’s outfitted with small sensors called strain gauges. Strain gauges work by having a complex metallic…

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alphabet spells a new future for google

IN A SURPRISE MOVE, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s cofounders, are leaving Google to form a new company named Alphabet, of which Google will be a subsidiary. Sundar Pichai will be Google’s new CEO, having impressed as its Product Chief. Some of Google’s more unusual side projects, such as its health company Calico, the X Labs research projects, Nest, and Fiber (its fiber broadband initiative) will be all be separate companies as subsidiaries of Alphabet, which will exist largely as an incubator for hot tech projects. YouTube and Android remain part of Google’s operations. Exactly why this move has been made is not entirely clear. In a blog post, Page reminded readers that he and Brin had always intended to make “smaller bets in areas that might seem very speculative…