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MacLife September 2015

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The march of technology never stops, so neither do we. Get the latest Mac and iOS news on our website at www.maclife.com. Check out our new App of the Day and easy Mac hacks. See what’s hot (and what’s not) on iTunes and whether you agree with our pick of the best new iOS games. We’ll also alert you to the best Apple deals plus keep you informed and entertained until the next issue. Read more news, reviews, and tutorials at maclife.com GET SOCIAL Facebook: facebook.com/maclife Twitter: twitter.com/maclife OUR APPS MAC|LIFE DIGITAL EDITION FOR IPAD Apple Newsstand MAC|LIFE FOR IPHONE bit.ly/ML_iphone_app…

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the real revolution

WHEN 2015 COMES to a close, it will have seen the launch of Apple Watch, iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, the next iPhones and iPads, and maybe even a new Apple TV. But, so far, what stands out to me most is Apple Music. I’d only toyed with similar services before, but now I realize my relationship with music is changing. Thanks to Apple Music’s free three-month trial, I’m sure millions of people are coming to the same conclusion, that streaming music isn’t just a fringe option; it’s taking over the medium. The true form of digital music, and the evolutionary end to the line of CDs, cassettes, vinyl records, and so on. Of course, people will continue to buy individual songs and albums; that option isn’t going away.…

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letter of the month

I just read your article about the future of OS X and iOS (#103). I’m surprised that nobody ever suggests an alternative to pressing the Home button, especially all the double-tapping needed to close apps from the Fast App Switcher. All that pressing will cause the Home button to break. The iPhone needs more gestures; for example, swiping three fingers up could take you to the Fast App Switcher without needing to press the button. ANDREA I don’t think you need to worry about breaking the Home button as long as you aren’t unusually hard on it, but some readers might be interested to know that pinching in with four fingers does bring up the Home screen… on an iPad. The tablet gets special gestures that work better with its larger screen.…

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will apple ever get online services right?

GO To get the most out of Apple Music, go to bit.ly/techradar_ apple_music Apple and online services has always been a difficult pairing, producing fiascos such as the Maps launch or, most infamously, MobileMe. The latter was easily Apple’s lowest point when it came to the cloud – an online service that was paid for, but simply couldn’t do the what it was intended for. When it was replaced by iCloud, and Steve Jobs announced all the wonderful new things iCloud would do on stage, even he acknowledged that people had a right to be skeptical of these promises, asking rhetorically “Why should I believe them? They’re the ones that brought me MobileMe!” Now, with Apple Music in the hands of millions of people, we’re seeing some of Apple’s old issues rearing their…

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the smart car hacking problem

MODERN CARS ARE packed with technology, from parking and braking assists to wireless connectivity – and are evolving further all the time. (See p22 for more on future car technology.) This makes them smarter and more useful than ever, but also vulnerable to hacking in a way they haven’t been before. This reached a head recently when noted security researcher Charlier Miller showed Wired an exploit in Jeep Cherokee vehicles that allowed his team to control many of its systems – starting with its climate control systems before cranking up the radio and showing images of the hackers on its dash-mounted screen. More of a nuisance than a worry… until the hackers cut a Jeep’s transmission as it cruised along the highway. The hack took advantage of the Jeep’s built-in Sprint…

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early access

MOONRISE $10.99 It’s Pokémon! On Mac! Not exactly, but that’s the basic hook here: you’ll go out with a team of little creatures, and battle and recruit more creatures as you progress through the world. It’s less cutesy than Nintendo’s game, and the interface is a little fiddly for its real-time combat, but this feels polished and fun already. Version Tested: 1.625.0 THE CURIOUS EXPEDITION $14.99 This is an intriguing game of going off to randomly generated landscapes to explore, finding fascinating things, and returning to see if other explorers did as well as you. You get little story moments and tough decisions on the way. Right now, it’s really lacking in explanation, but there’s lots of depth on offer. Version Tested: Alpha 12.1…