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Macworld UK February 2020

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mac pro: features, specifications, and prices

The Mac Pro is Apple’s workstation. It’s designed for professionals who need a powerful and flexible machine, and is ideal for applications that use as many processing cores as possible – video-editing applications, image-editing software, 3D programs, and the like. The Mac Pro is getting a revival of sorts. The company released a brand-new, redesigned Mac Pro in December 2019, after years of stagnation with the previous, cylindrical Mac Pro. Apple doesn’t offer a standard configuration choices for the Mac Pro. It’s really meant to be customized by the customer. To give you an idea of where pricing starts: if you configure the Mac Pro with the base components, it’s £5,499. Learn more about the Mac Pro by reading about its main features below. Processor Apple uses Intel Xeon W processors, starting with a…

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the mac pro is an important symbol

The new Mac Pro is here. It’s safe to say that this is the most anticipated Mac in history – if only because its existence was pre-announced more than two and a half years ago, with the specifics following six months ago. The Mac Pro is important and it’s platform defining. And unless you’re someone in the extreme high end of the Mac market, you will never use one. It’s a bundle of expectations built on a precision stainless steel space frame and sheathed in a machined aluminium housing. What the Mac Pro is The Mac Pro is, more than anything else, a symbol. I’ve seen it likened to a concept car from a car manufacturer – an expensive and largely impractical vehicle that almost nobody will buy, but which still makes…

12 min.
mac buyer’s guide

Last month we gave you the lowdown on which MacBook model to buy. This issue we look at Apple’s different desktop models, including the brand-new Mac Pro. Mac mini The Mac mini is Apple’s smallest desktop computer, and is a nice combination of speed and affordability. It’s not only fast enough for general-purpose use but its multi-core speed is good, too – if you use a professional app such as a video editor, 3D software, or developer tools, then this can handle it, no problem. Because of its price and performance, the mini is a great Mac for just about anybody. It makes for an ideal primary computer for a home or small office. Professionals on a budget will also be satisfied with it. If you’re switching from a PC, you can use your…

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adobe premiere elements 2020

Price: £86 (inc VAT) from fave.co/34ICUDi Manipulating still images tends to be easier than editing video – tweak the brightness, add a vignette effect, throw on a filter (or three), and you’ve got a photo worth sharing with others. By comparison, digital video requires a degree of timing and skill to assemble disparate shots into a cohesive whole. Such is the challenge for creators of video editing software: Take something inherently complicated and make it easy enough for anyone to do. Is it really possible to toss random clips onto a timeline and let artificial intelligence assemble them into a slick presentation? Not quite, but we’re inching closer to that goal. Smart tags On the surface, the video editing workflow in Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 remains unchanged since last year’s release. Like sister app…

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photosync 4.0

Price: Free from fave.co/398WITN Months before the introduction of AirDrop in iOS 7 and macOS X Lion 10.7, a clever little mobile app debuted that allowed iPhone and iPad owners to transfer photos and videos between devices using what can only be described as magic. And it continues to be better than what Apple has done. PhotoSync 4.0 is a nifty little universal iOS app for transferring photos and videos between mobile devices, desktop computers (via web browser or free Mac/Windows companion app), network-attached or cloud storage, and more. I’ve used this app for years when transferring iOS review screenshots to the Mac, because it has several advantages over AirDrop. Cross-platform sync For starters, PhotoSync offers an option to delete images once they’ve been successfully transferred to reduce unwanted camera roll clutter. The app…

16 min.
best vpn services for mac

With the Internet abuzz with privacy concerns and the potential changes coming to net neutrality, you’ve likely heard about virtual private networks, better known as VPNs. When used correctly, a VPN can greatly strengthen your online privacy, assist in keeping your personal information secure, and even spoof your location in the world – allowing you to access websites or services that would otherwise be off limits due to region-locking. With the increased popularity of VPNs has come an increased number of VPN providers vying for your business. That makes finding the best one to suit your needs difficult. To help you sort out the right provider for you, we’ve committed to extensive research and testing of VPN services that cater to Mac owners. How we tested For each VPN service we review, we…