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2 min.
apple cracks $90bn in a single quarter for the first time as the iphone returns

What a difference a year makes. Just 12 months after Apple surprisingly revised down its quarterly earnings and reported lagging iPhone sales, the grass is much greener on this side of the calendar. You might say Midnight Greener. For Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2020 (which includes the final three months of 2019), it posted record revenue of $91.8 billion, topping its own estimates and besting last year’s holiday quarter by nearly 10 percent. iPhone sales alone were up more than 7 percent, as the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro proved to be strong holiday sellers. That’s not quite a record – Apple sold $61bn worth of iPhones in the 2018 holiday quarter – but it’s the strongest results in two years. Of course, the iPhone wasn’t the only performer. As has…

1 min.
apple extends iphone xs and xr smart battery case warranty to 2 years

As battery cases go, Apple’s Smart Battery Case is one of the best around, with a slim fit, excellent monitoring and, of course, great battery life. But if yours isn’t working as it should, Apple might replace it for free, even if it’s out of warranty. And if it is working, you just got a free extra year of warranty. Apple has launched the Smart Battery Case Replacement Programme for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, which covers all cases made through October of 2019. That’s basically every model ever produced, since the case only launched on 13 January 2019. There are two issues that Apple has identified: • The battery case will not charge or charges intermittently when plugged into power. • The battery case does not charge the iPhone or charges it…

6 min.
apple’s record quarter: don’t try to trick tim cook

Well, here we are again. Apple once again announced its biggest financial quarter of all-time in January. During the three months that ended calendar 2019, Apple generated a staggering $91.8 billion in revenue, up from the previous record of $88.3 billion generated at the end of calendar-year 2017. The company also generated a record $22.2bn in profit. Sometime this decade, Apple’s going to drop a $100bn holiday quarter on us, and I’m not sure my brain can count that high. In any event, after dunking on us all via press release, it was time for Apple’s executives to do their quarterly ritual of spending an hour on the phone with a handful of questioning financial-industry analysts and a bunch of silent journalists. There’s always something interesting to glean from that call, especially…

5 min.
apple’s xnor.ai acquisition could bring the siri boost we’ve been waiting for

Apple buys a lot of companies throughout the course of a year, with only a couple of them rising to the level of intriguing news. Last year’s purchase of Intel’s smartphone modem business certainly qualifies, as does the 2018 acquisition of Shazam, but for the most part, Apple scopes out companies that we’ve never heard of for reasons we’ll never know. Its most recent acquisition might be different. The company, Xnor.ai, might not be one you’ve ever heard of, but they’re hardly unknown. Since last summer, the Seattle-based start-up’s tech has been the brains behind the popular Wyze cam’s marquee feature: people detection. Simply put, it allows the $20 camera to distinguish between faces, pets and dust, and vastly improved its abilities, putting it a somewhat level playing field with the…

4 min.
luminar 4

Price: £81 from fave.co/2S75hXB Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made a huge impact on software in recent years, but nowhere more prominently than digital photography. Any image-editing app worth its salt has implemented at least a little of this technology to manipulate pixels in ways we could only have imagined a decade ago. A cross between longtime favourite Adobe Lightroom and more powerful sibling Photoshop, Luminar 4 is a Mac image editor which relies heavily on AI technology to accomplish previously complicated tasks with ease. The result is an application designed for photographers who want to quickly enhance photos without a steep learning curve or the fiddling that typically comes with it. Nowhere is this more evident than Luminar 4’s new AI Sky Replacement, which turns a bland, boring skyline into something…

3 min.
swift publisher 5.5

Price: £19.99 from fave.co/2SacNks As someone who still burns a fair amount of DVDs and Blu-rays, I was alarmed to discover my favourite Mac applications for printing disc labels have been either abandoned entirely (RIP Disclabel) or become victims of the macOS Catalina 32-bit ‘app-ocalypse’ (Disc Cover). Thankfully, BeLight Software comes to the rescue by incorporating the latter into their already awesome page layout software. Labels and more A free update for owners of version 5.0, Swift Publisher 5.5 adds a ton of awesome functionality to the most capable and affordable Mac desktop publishing software. This £20 app already gave the likes of Adobe InDesign a run for its money with two-page spreads, unlimited layers, master pages, rich text tools and print/export of projects in RGB or CMYK colour modes for home or…