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Man Magnum

Man Magnum

May 2021
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The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

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South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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45 years on

THIS month we celebrate our 45th anniversary. Yes, the first edition of SA MAN was published way back in May 1976, and since then the hunting and shooting world has changed beyond recognition. Shooting animals at extreme distances and plinking gongs at more than 1km is now old news. Mass-produced budget factory rifles used with factory hunting ammo can shoot sub-MOA groups and almost any pistol you buy is ultra-reliable. Given the new technology, even the 9mmP cartridge, considered borderline some years ago, is now the go-to round for defence purposes. With the advances made in science and manufacturing procedures, we’ve never had it so good and the multitude of choices is staggering. In hunting, ethics remains (as ever) the hot topic, but, notwithstanding the practice of sniping at game animals at…

3 min.

Sense of Magnum A while back my father gave me his ManMagnum collection dating from 1977 to 2010. When I started sorting the magazines, I became mindful of how privileged I was to inherit such a tremendous amount of knowledge just waiting to be re-consumed. Feelings were soon surpassed by emotions and thoughts as I wondered what would have happened had my father been an online reader. I could now touch the magazines and enjoy the sensation of holding something my father had held, and feel how paper, paper types and quality have changed. I could see how printers, ink, writing styles and adverts had changed over time. From a time when knowledgeable text was preferred over graphics with imaginations untamed. I could hear the crackling sound of magazine pages that had been…

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campfire tales...

CONVERSATION around the campfire had turned to fluke shots. I had little to offer personally; the only fluke shot I ever pulled off was as a schoolboy visiting a non-hunting friend. Their sole farm gun was a single-shot 12-bore for snakes; I suggested we take it wing-shooting. We flushed two doves from a ploughed field; I focussed on one, and was as surprised as my friend to see two doves fall from the sky. “Hell, you’re a crack shot!” he exclaimed, “Both birds flying with one shot!” But the going-away flight paths of two doves often cross. Having chosen my target, I never even saw the other bird – their convergence as I fired was sheer coincidence. Naturally, I didn’t tell my friend that. “However,” I added, “my friend Brian Marsh…

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beretta m9a3

Battle-Proven Upgrade IN 2017, Beretta lost against Sig Sauer when the US military chose the Sig P320 as their new standard issue sidearm. Beretta’s entry was the M9A3, an upgrade of the M9 which has been the standard issue sidearm of the US forces for 30 years. After losing out, Beretta Defence Technologies claimed its M9 pistol is about 10 times more reliable than the US Army’s new Modular Handgun System. Beretta maintains that the new M9 pistols tested at the company’s manufacturing facility in Gallatin, Tennessee, have continued to prove their world-record reliability. Beretta USA completed fourteen consecutive M9 Lot Acceptance Tests (LAT) with an average of only one malfunction in every 19 090 rounds. During this test, 42 M9 pistols fired 210 000 rounds, with resultant reliability “almost 10 times…

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hunting for the heart

AS A PH I’m often asked what I do during the off-season when I’m not hunting. The truth is, a lot of my spare time is spent hunting or fishing and honestly, I don’t get tired of it. When you do something you have a passion for, it doesn’t seem like work. It’s different being in the bush by yourself or with a friend – and it’s good for your soul. A while ago, whenever I had some free time, I would head off to a farm outside Francistown in Botswana where I live. The farmer always needed game animals culled to control their numbers and the meat from these was sold to fund the day-to-day running of the farm. Although close to town, the farm was still very much in…

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tork craft pf220 rangefinder

TORK CRAFT claims that their new PF220 rangefinder can measure objects out to 600m. It has three function settings; Slope Mode (which displays the actual distance, horizontal distance and angle to the target), Flag Scanning Mode (used when measuring distances to the flagpole when playing golf), and Speed Measuring Mode (which calculates the speed of a moving object between 18 and 300km/h). Cycling through the modes is done with a button marked M, while a second button is used for ranging. Continuous measuring is also possible by holding the measuring button down. The M (function) button can be held in for a few seconds to change measurements between metres and yards. For our practical test I concentrated on Slope Mode as this is what will be used the most when hunting…