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Marie Claire April 2018

Marie Claire is today's magazine for the fashion minded woman. It reflects all areas of the reader's life, providing the time-pressed woman with a mix of information. Marie Claire remains unsurpassed as the best source for beauty advice.

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liya kebede

it’s so important to know who you are, even when it comes to your beauty aesthetic. With my look, I have this sense of individuality and self-assurance—it’s never cut-and-paste. I know what works on me, whether it’s eye makeup, mascara, or lipstick. I use all of these tools to enhance the features that I already have. I take a similar approach to fragrance. Scents are like an identity. Think about when you first meet someone: A person’s smell leaves an imprint and impression of who they are. To this day, the smell of Calvin Klein Eternity for Men takes me back to when I was in high school, because I had a big crush on a guy who used to wear it. It was so masculine and iconic. Or I think…

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trading faces

Before CEO Naomi Whittel, 44, walks into a boardroom to give a presentation, she puts on her game face. For some, that means plastering on a serious but not overly enthusiastic smile, but for Whittel it’s more than that. She carefully defines and fills in her brows to look polished and strong, artfully contours her cheeks, and swipes on blush—all to ensure that she presents a look of health and competence that complements her leadership role at TwinLab, a maker of health supplements. This is her power look that arms her to face a room—often full of men—with authority. The idea that we alter our appearances to suit different situations is not new, of course. Women have uniforms for going to the office or a club; we have fragrances for brunch…

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snow queen

Chances are, you are not standing next to Nive Nielsen, the scenestealer from AMC’s Ridley Scott–produced, creepy-AF series The Terror, as you read this. The actress lives in Greenland, population about one-twentieth that of Rhode Island. While Nielsen was in Canada completing a “boring” political science degree, she filled her free time with new hobbies: guitar, song-writing, and a casual acting gig—in a Terrence Malick film (2005’s The New World). More than a decade later, the 38-year-old actress returns as Lady Silence, a 19th-century Inuit woman who, after a tragedy caused by British explorers, mostly quits speaking. Ironically, she credits her knack for emoting without words to her experience singing onstage. Over the past five years, her indie band, Nive and the Deer Children, has steadily toured Europe. “Good singing/songwriting…

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reality check

POWER PLAY Take a chalk-stripe suit from basic to board-worthy with broad, boxy shoulders and a cropped hem channeling the definitive ’80s version STRONG ARM Sleeveless can still mean business with a striped, contrast-collar shirt CLASP ACT BAR DU CENTRAL, PARIS WWW.BARDUCENTRALPARIS.COM; PRODUCTION: MICHAEL LACOMBLEZ @ LOUIS2 PARIS. CASTING: REBECCA MUNRO/OUI MANAGEMENT. Spice up your run-of-the-mill pencil skirt with side buttons and scholarly windowpane checks MAJOR ACQUISITIONS Fortune favors the bold—add statement-making accessories like sculptural, mismatched earrings to your portfolio…

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feel-good fashion

THE COLLABORATION Osklen and Tarsila do Amaral Osklen designer Oskar Metsavaht has created a 35-piece capsule collection honoring Tarsila do Amaral, one of Brazil’s most acclaimed 20th-century female artists. With the approval of do Amaral’s family, a variety of her sketches and paintings, including her most famous work, Abaporu, have been silk-screened onto structured tops, fluid dresses, and wide-leg pants. And by using recycled cotton and sustainably harvested pirarucu fish and salmon skins for accessories, Osklen—which has developed eco-fabrics with sustainable-development organization Instituto-E for its main line—stays true to its ethical-fashion ethos. THE DESIGNER MAGGIE MARILYN Newcomer Maggie Marilyn is already a pro at creating in-demand looks for street-style stars. Unexpected pattern combos? Yup. Vetements-esque blousing silhouettes? You bet. Almost all production takes place in Marilyn’s home country, New Zealand, so she can…

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vanity files

CRAFT SERVICES Need your hair products to be gluten-free? Vegan? Scented just so? Prose creates customized products (based on an e-quiz or in-person stylist consultation) that take into account your texture, style, zip code, and other stuff that matters. If your salon doesn’t offer Prose, invite it to get with the program (prosehair.com) so you can work with a stylist you already know. Now that’s personalized service. MC’S MOST WANTED Nonchemical sunscreens are great for sensitive skin, but the UV-shielding minerals can sometimes make the formulas chalky. That’s not the case with Biossance’s face lotion: The first SPF 45 at Sephora to be Environmental Working Group Verified, it keeps skin soft and hydrated thanks to plant-derived squalane. Plus, a heat-activated oceanic ingredient protects against damaging infrared rays. HERITAGE BLEND Padma Lakshmi’s new collaboration with MAC…