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Marie Claire February 2020

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love and money

Last year our February issue was dedicated to love, but this year we thought, why not mix love with money, the only topic probably more confounding and certainly less often discussed? Combine the two and you just may be in for extremely awkward, difficult, and fraught conversations. Take writer Elissa Sanci, who spent years believing that her student debt made her unlovable. She would never make it past a third date for fear of what her partner’s reaction would be when she revealed just how much money she owed (“Dating With Debt,” p. 96). When I read her story, I thought, Oh my God, we have to talk about this! No one needs to suffer in silence! So, this issue is packed with conversations about awkward topics. We’ve compiled a handy…

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what you said

25 Women Changing the Future @kat_nanney: Some of my all-time favorite powerhouse ladies are on @marieclaire’s list of 25 women changing the future, and it has me even more excited to see what they do next #girlpower @dimples252mt: Never too young to champion what fuels your soul #activist #climatechangeisreal #planetwarrior @momumentalthing: Self-care Sunday! Got the new @marieclairemag October issue. @ResistaMomma: “I’m not interested in having a conversation with anyone who, even with different viewpoints, isn’t genuinely trying to make the world a better place.” You’re an inspiration for my girls, Megan Rapinoe. @Vinnii86: My copies of @marieclaire have finally arrived in the Netherlands! @kaceymusgraves is one of my all-time favorite covers and photoshoots; she looks absolutely gorgeous! @teamsuper_miami: Ordered two @marieclaire subscriptions in hopes of getting @Lilly cover and I’m so happy that I got it!…

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what we love about february

MUSIC See the Light If you never saw Whitney Houston belt it out, you finally have the chance: Kicking off in Sheffield, England, on February 25 (with a global tour to follow), An Evening With Whitney brings the iconic “I Will Always Love You” singer to the stage once again, using cutting-edge hologram technology. THEATER READY TO RUMBLE Since its premiere in 1957, West Side Story has appeared on Broadway three times, but the musical’s newest iteration, directed by Ivo van Hove, feels less like a remake than a reimagination: Expect contemporary choreography, a more diverse cast, and the absence of a few old favorites, like the catchy “I Feel Pretty,” when it opens February 6 at the Broadway Theater. Modern updates (plus an on-point performance by 21-year-old Juilliard senior Shereen Pimentel as Maria) usher…

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how do you mix love and money?

The SUPER SAVERS When budgeting is your love language LOCATION: Philadelphia TOTAL MONTHLY INCOME: $2,323 COMBINED SAVINGS: $980,000 Eva,* 33, was an analyst earning $80,000 per year; Colin, 42, is a musician who made $27,873 last year. In 2012, Eva set a goal of taking time off work—so they’ve had daily spending check-ins ever since. “Before she moved in, I’d keep the heat so low, you could see your breath,” says Colin. “I moved the thermostat to 53 degrees,” Eva adds. “We bundled in sweaters and drank hot chocolate.” That frugality worked: Eva quit her job in November. *Names have been changed, and all income is pretax The NEGOTIATORS When all’s fair in love and money LOCATION: Fort Myers, Florida TOTAL MONTHLY INCOME: $9,700 COMBINED SAVINGS: $1,800 Lucy, 33, is a writer who earns $50,000 per year; Jasper, 33, is an engineer…

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and the bride wore…

THE TWIST CONTRASTING TWO-PIECE Opposites really do attract. When paired together, black and white separates make for a contemporary-cool spin on formalwear. THE TOPPER WHITE HAT For an ultra-elegant look, swap the classic veil for a regal chapeau THE FINISHING TOUCH SENTIMENTAL SPARKLERS For the ultimate romantic, Harry Winston’s curved platinum River ring wrapped in diamonds makes a stunning “she said yes” statement THE JEWELS STACKING RINGS Group understated, delicate bands in mixed metals for an unconventional fiancée look. (Split between hands for even more edge.) THE PICK-ME-UP PEARLS You may not always like your mother-in-law, but you’ll forever love the sheen of a novelty mother-of-pearl-inspired evening bag (plus other pearl detailing, like deluxe headwear) THE HEIRLOOM ENGAGEMENT WATCH Bucking tradition? Trade his-and-hers tickers when one-sided knee-dropping just isn’t your style. THE SHOWSTOPPER BUCKET BAG You’re in it for the long haul (we’re…

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shan-lyn ma is here to save your wedding

While her younger brother, Jung, planned his wedding, which took place in August, Shan-Lyn Ma did her best to sit on the sidelines. As the 42-year-old cofounder and CEO of Zola, the now ubiquitous wedding-service platform, Ma’s something of a matrimony guru—but she didn’t want to overstep. She casually asked about his registry (had he published it yet?) and what he was doing for flowers (had he confirmed the reception restaurant would provide them?). When the entire Ma family was in Bilbao, Spain, for the festivities and Jung said he had to sneak away to write place cards, Ma couldn’t stay quiet. “He has the worst handwriting!” she tells me a few months later. We’re sitting in Zola’s “townhouse,” a spacious showroom with floor-to-ceiling windows at the company’s headquarters, in downtown…