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Marie Claire October 2018

Marie Claire is today's magazine for the fashion minded woman. It reflects all areas of the reader's life, providing the time-pressed woman with a mix of information. Marie Claire remains unsurpassed as the best source for beauty advice.

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eyes wide open

TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY “I’M INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE TO THE WORLD AND TO THE WAY IN WHICH WE’RE ALL NAVIGATING TOGETHER AS PEOPLE,” KIDMAN SAYS. HIGH NOTE “IT’S KIND OF NICE WHEN YOU’RE MARRIED TO A MUSICIAN AND THEY’LL PLAY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE FOR YOU. EVEN WHEN THEY DON’T WANT TO. THAT’S LOVE.” LIVE AND LEARN “PART OF THE TRAJECTORY OF SUCCESS IS FAILURE. YOU’VE GOT TO BE ALLOWED TO FALL AND GET BACK UP AND HAVE A SECOND CHANCE AND THIRD CHANCE AND A FOURTH CHANCE.” NICOLE Kidman and her husband, the country music star Keith Urban, like to play a little game. Say they’re talking about a guitarist: “When I say to him, ‘What kind of guitarist is that person?’ we do this,” she says, patting her head, patting her heart, and then motioning … downward. “Head,…

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health news

Happy Places Wellness centers popping up on both coasts offer healthier alternatives to traditional gyms, spas, and corporate parks Woke Workout Everybody (Los Angeles, memberships starting at $25; everybodylosangeles.com) is a body-positive, full-service gym that boasts inclusivity as the main attraction, with gender-neutral locker rooms, easy access for the disabled, and membership fees based on income. Holistic Hub Modrn Sanctuary (New York City, services starting at $35; modrnsanctuary.com) provides health experiences for the Gwyneth Paltrow in all of us: acupuncture, Reiki healing, hypnotherapy, an überluxe salt room, and derm treatments such as Botox. (Natural skincare can get you only so far.) Mindful Workspace Primary (New York City, memberships starting at $75; liveprimary.com) offers more than just a coworking cubicle. Members have access to 30-plus weekly fitness classes, cold-pressed juices, nutritious catered lunches, and curated decor (light! plants!…

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home smart home

The Expert Says “Technology should be in service to humanity. It should support our lives, not be at the center of them. Voice-enabled products are already here. Now we’re asking, how can you use all your senses—eyes, ears, voice, touch—to create fluidity and magic at home? What society dreams and thinks about is ultimately what will get created.” —IVY ROSS, head of design for hardware products at Google PICTURE THIS Microsoft’s HoloLens headset uses augmented reality to allow colleagues thousands of miles apart to share a screen and collaborate, surgeons to see 3-D scans of patients’ hearts before surgery, and professionals to guide DIY-ers through home-improvement projects. From $3,000; microsoft.com. BIRD’S EYE The Meeting Owl, a speaker topped by a 360 degree camera, tackles the conundrum of video conferencing when you’re working remotely. Machine-learning tech steers…

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vanity files

EASY GLOWING Keep summer-Friday vibes in effect well past Labor Day with this multipurpose tint that imparts a dewy veil of color and takes just a few seconds to apply. —J.G. Local Color Women rock lipstick all over the world, but when it comes to shade and formula, they’re speaking different languages. Here, Mary Kay global beauty ambassador Luis Casco plays trend spotter. BRAZIL: “They’re concerned about looking oily in the heat, so they wear matte everything. The population is diverse, so shades range from nudes and bricks to rich violets.” RUSSIA: “Women here are battling dryness because of the cold climate, so they stick to sheer, moisturizing glosses in pinks and nudes.” CHINA: “Pops of color are big with the younger generation, but they do a blurred-out twist where they apply color to the center…

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chicken soup for the skin

Not for nothing did chicken soup earn the nickname “Grand ma’s penicillin.” While it’s no substitute for antibiotics, it is one of the most nourishing, hydrating, and easily digested foods to consume when you’re recovering from a bad case of the sniffles. So much so, in fact, that nearly every culture makes, and has made for time immemorial, some version of chicken soup or, at least, broth. And while the exact medicinal properties of the elixir—made by simmering water, meat, bones, vegetables, and often herbs for several hours—remain the source of much debate, we do know that bone broth is particularly rich in collagen. Yes, collagen. You’ve probably heard the word used singularly, but in fact collagen is a family of 28 (currently identified) proteins, many of which give structure to…

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a new day

What beauty products are you obsessed with right now? Chances are, plenty of them are recently hatched rather than classics. This shift guided “Cults of Personality” (p. 24), which looks at indie brands that have not so quietly disrupted the industry. The one thing they have in common? Unlike so many of the mega beauty companies, run by male executives, all of the brands we profiled were founded by women who have smashed mirrored-glass ceilings. And in the grand tradition of pioneers like Estée Lauder and Helena Rubinstein, who knows what women want better than other women? Speaking of change, knowing the origin of your food is considered de rigueur for today’s well-informed eater, and the same now applies to the products on your vanity. To help you shop responsibly, we…