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Marie Claire September 2018

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we are the world

The definition of a long-term migrant is someone who has moved and lived outside of his or her country of birth or nationality for at least one year. Today, there are an estimated 258 million migrants worldwide. Close to 3.5 percent of the world’s population are international migrants, contributing more than 9 percent—or roughly $6.7 trillion—of global GDP in 2015. Approximately 85 percent of the income made by migrants stays in the country where they live. Migrants are an economic powerhouse. Migration is ancient, unstoppable, and positive. You will find traces of it in history books from all nations and all times, including the Bible. People will continue moving. But today, the backlash against migrants has exploded into crisis, with divisive language and silos that create the sense of the “other.”…

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double trouble

This month, the Australian-Swedish twins Elektra and Miranda Kilbey-Jansson return with their sensual new album, Immortelle. Dripping with decadence, it offers a more grown-up take on the pair’s signature melodic electropop. “Our first album [Lucid Dreaming] was very centered around youth,” explains Elektra. “On Immortelle, we’ve dealt with the dynamics of being a woman, the different sides of yourself fighting with each other and trying to find peace. Women are often pigeonholed as being just one thing, but you can be a sexy pop star, a poet, a mother, and have a degree. None of those things exclude the other.” With inspirations ranging from trip hop to iconic cinema scores, the sisters have found their sound like never before—and it’ll make you feel like you’re living in a James Bond movie. “We…

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If K-beauty is a carefree party girl, then J-beauty (“J” stands for Japanese) is her older, seasoned sister. When I made my dutiful beauty editor’s pilgrimage to the Myeongdong district in Seoul, that mecca of all things K-beauty, the products seemed to prize fun and innovation above all else (animal-print sheet masks! squishy applicators!). Americans were understandably distracted by the newness of it all, and the beauty offerings of Japan—long considered the industry standard in quality—sat quietly by, waiting to be rediscovered. And that time is now: Shiseido’s brilliant redesigned makeup line features high-tech textures and hues inspired by traditional Japanese heritage. Makeup artist Troy Surratt let urushi, a lacquer technique, be his guide for his gorgeous new eye glosses. And lots of the latest beauty launches in general seem…

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code orange

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girls on film

The feminine beauty ideal. You probably cringed when you read that, right? The notion that there’s one aesthetic standard women should conform to—not to mention one definition of what it means to be female—is laughably outdated. But that doesn’t mean the concept of beauty itself is disappearing. It’s just changing. And one fashion house wants to be part of that evolution. In January, Dior Beauty launched the Photography Award for Young Talents, asking students and graduates from eight art schools around the world to submit photos representing their views on femininity, beauty, and color (the official, if esoteric, theme for the competition: “Woman-Women Faces”). Iconic photographer Peter Lindbergh led a jury that reviewed 40 submissions and chose six honorable mentions and eight winners, including five highlighted here. The diverse images…

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shiny, happy powder

For National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, get the glow that comes from giving to a good cause, along with some IRL radiance: All profits from the sale of this highlighting powder are donated to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund, which supports research efforts and educational programs that help diagnose and treat the disease. —J.G. Having a Moment MAQUI A new superfruit has made its way to the top of the beauty world’s collective grocery list: maqui, the Chilean berry packed with protective antioxidants. Skin Owl’s nighttime treatment uses it to neutralize damaging free radicals and help clear blackheads. Youth to the People combines it with vitamin rich extracts of acai, goji, and prickly pear in a potent skin-brightening serum. And this power berry is also gentle enough to be the star ingredient…