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going the distance

I HAVE ALWAYS wanted to run a marathon, and now I have a pretty good idea of what that might feel like. This volume marks completion of a full calendar of issues created from home—and some unknown milepost along a long and winding road of being outside our offices for a year (so far). Looking back, I admire the can-do spirit of the way we started out those first few months. And as the months went by, we climbed challenging hills, weathered constantly changing conditions, and kept striding to make the best magazine we possibly could, while wondering and wondering when the finish line might emerge. But whether we are on mile 15 or 25 of putting this pandemic behind us (and that’s still within our power to move consciously forward,…

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out & about

ON THE ROAD SADDLE UP Find fresh perspective atop a horse while taking in the gorgeous scenery. At Tanque Verde Ranch, in Tucson, Arizona (shown), you can amble past soaring saguaro and prickly-pear cacti, or catch some western spirit in the Harmony With Horses workshop, which teaches classic wrangling techniques ( Here, three more spots to grab the reins. BENTON CITY, WASH. Saunter through the sun-dappled vineyards of this quiet wine region with Red Mountain Trails. Opt for the tasting tour, and you’ll dismount midway through for sips and snacks. AMELIA ISLAND, FLA. On a jaunt with Amelia Island Horseback Riding, you’ll ride high (and dry) above the ocean’s edge—a prime vantage point for spotting dolphins, which are known to catch air close to shore. LEXINGTON, KY. Trot over grassy knolls on a guided tour at…

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full house

THERE IS NO DOUBT in my mind that pets make any household more homey, friendly, and fun. To wake up to birds chirping, cats meowing, dogs whining to be let outdoors, and hamsters running around their enclosure waiting for breakfast is to experience life happening everywhere. I would find my home too quiet and empty if there were no cats, dogs, and birds in it. My first pets were a pair of yellow budgies, or parakeets, who lived with my then-husband and me in our tiny New York City apartment. Next, we adopted a cat from a county fair and called her Chigi-Toto. I fell totally in love with her, and vowed to always have a cat in my life. Then came my first dog, Little Bear, an adorable keeshond, who…

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gift from the sea

RECIPE REMIX Eat the Rainbow Celebrate Mother’s Day with a spread that sends her over the you-know-what. These sweet and savory tea sandwiches taste as vibrant as they look, and are so easy to assemble that kids of all ages can sous-chef. Just prep a Roy G. Biv array of fruits and veggies (from red strawberries to violet beets, and the shades in between), then spread fluffy sandwich bread with a mix of cream cheese and honey, or herby Boursin cheese. Lay down the fillings, use a serrated knife to slice the sammies into rectangles—and don’t forget to cut off the crusts, just like she used to do for you. 1 PREP THE SWEET Mix 3 ounces softened cream cheese with 1 tablespoon honey. Slice or halve ¾ cup fresh fruit, such as strawberries…

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quilty pleasures

MATHILDE, Pawtucket, Rhode Island As a kid in San Francisco, Claudia Middendorf spent the city’s famously chilly summers curled up on the couch in a giant afghan that had been crocheted by her grandmother. “It was the epitome of comfort,” she recalls. After learning to sew at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she studied graphic design, Middendorf set out to re-create that feeling with quilts. She was drawn to linen for its natural breathability and durability, but also loved the way it dimpled unevenly as she stitched rows across it—and, in that wabi-sabi spirit, tossed one of her first pieces in the laundry. “It was an aha moment, seeing it waffle up in the dryer,” she says. “The irregularity made it feel less precious.” That puckering became a signature…