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full steep ahead

I’M EMBRACING the slow summer this year. As much as I’m excited to have things speed up, and see the people and places that I’ve missed, my plan is also to thoroughly soak up all things June. This month is often treated like a warm-up to “real” summer. But then like clockwork, the Fourth of July comes around, and I’m left wondering, Where did June go? Not this year. My goal is to stretch these days out with more experiences, more fun, and the most delicious food (behold the offerings at the local farmers’ market!). This means that every meal that can be enjoyed alfresco, will be. Ditto for reading, writing, working, phone calls, meetings—let’s take that all outside. And when presented with any opportunity to get in a body…

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out & about

| ON THE ROAD | ULTRA VIOLET Provence isn’t the only place to rendezvous with rows of lavender. At Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm, in Albuquerque, New Mexico (shown;, rise at dawn to harvest a bundle by hand. The fresh crop infuses everything from dreamy cocktails at the on-site bar to shampoo in all the rooms. Here, more purple fields that conjure the French countryside. FAIRMONT, W. VA. The thousand-plant plot at Stone House Lavender is a vibrant gem set in a rolling green meadow—and a calming locale for once-weekly sunset yoga. HARWICH, MASS. Shaded woodland trails surround Cape Cod Lavender Farm’s fragrant flowers, which are steam-distilled each summer into a skin-soothing mist. MULINO, ORE. More than a dozen cultivars grow at RavenCroft. Visit the shop to buy a handful or stock up…

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living it up

| FOLLOW THE LEADER | Dive into summer with Martha! You won’t want to miss what our fearless founder is up to this month. She snapped this selfie at home last year in East Hampton, New York—and made a megasplash sharing it on Instagram (@marthastewart48), nabbing nearly 250,000 likes and a Chelsea Handler homage. | PASSION PROJECT | “When I heard about Bakers Against Racism, I was thrilled to take part, whipping up shortbread bars and a rhubarb pie for one of the group’s nationwide bake sales. So far, the sales have raised over $2 million for social-justice causes; more are in the works. To get involved, visit—even a dozen cookies can make a difference.”—assistant food editor Riley Wofford | WANTED | “I love a lightweight tote. You can throw every-thing you need for…

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a fresh catch

HAVE YOU EVER dived for scallops? Or gone deep-sea fishing for the big ones, like swordfish? Or dressed head-to-toe in white rubber boots and yellow pants and jacket and gone shrimping? I’m lucky to have done all three. I enjoyed each adventure thoroughly, and learned just how difficult each task really is. Most of all, I loved taking the catch home to use in elegantly crafted recipes, many developed in the kitchens of Living. One January day, dressed in a dry suit, I was lowered more than 25 feet below the ocean’s surface to search for sea scallops. For me and the fishermen I was with, it was a relief to escape the frigid air and be submerged in the 38-degree water. The scallops were abundant. We lifted them easily into…

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sweet and low

| EASY ENTERTAINING | Sparkling Sips Pitcher this: peak-season fruit, tart citrus juice, and just enough bubbly effervescence to feel like a celebration. That fizzy formula is what makes this punch so pleasing. Even better, you can mix the fruit and juices together up to 12 hours ahead of a graduation toast, Father’s Day fête, or happy-hour hangout. We used sweet and tart cherries and oranges here, but also dreamed up two equally refreshing combinations: strawberries, lemons, and guava; or blackberries, limes, and passion fruit. When you’re ready to start the party, top it off with seltzer (and a splash of white rum or tequila, for an adult batch). For all three recipes, see page 96. | THE FIND | A Clean Break Maybe you can’t blow glass at home (yet!), but with a bottle…

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remade in the shade

Teak Tune-ups 1. BLAST IT Remove any moss with your hands or a paint scraper. Turn the table over and blitz dirt and mildew off with a power washer. Start with the light fan setting and keep it moving; using too-high pressure or lingering in one spot can cause splintering. Switch to a wide-spray setting to whisk away any dirty water that accumulates. Let dry and repeat, then flip and do the tabletop. 2. GO GRAY (OR NOT) Teak naturally takes on a silvery patina as it ages. You can leave it untreated and simply power-wash it again as needed. If you prefer a warm-brown, like-new finish, rub in teak oil (try Watco Clear Matte; $12 for 1 qt.,, and reapply whenever it looks dull. THE DETAILS From previous page: Ballard Designs Lemans dining-chair…