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Maxim September/October 2019

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Maxim, the world's leading men's magazine, delivers an unparalleled luxury experience that celebrates the most beautiful women in the world, thrill-seeking adventures across exotic destinations, world-class sports and entertainment, prestige autos, speed-seeking rides, cutting-edge industry titans, exceptional artists and athletes, the latest gadgets, gear + style—and did we mention... beautiful women?

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from snail to grail

Patek Philippe was founded in Geneva in 1839. It is by no means the world’s oldest watchmaker, but in the past 180 years it has certainly become the most prestigious. The brand has created some of the costliest and most complicated timepieces on the planet, and while its overall design ethos can be described as staunchly traditional, with the basic outlines of its most popular pieces having changed little over the last several decades, one of its most atypical, and originally unloved, designs has suddenly become its most popular. The Nautilus, designed by horological legend Gérald Genta, creator of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak among others, and introduced in 1976, was made to resemble a ship’s porthole with its rounded octagonal bezel, and was Patek’s attempt at a contemporary highend sports…

2 min.
get low

Riders of all kinds have been drawn to Indian Motorcycle in recent years due to its combination of performance, design and craftsmanship. Models such as the Scout and Scout Sixty have taken Indian’s product line to new levels, and a more aggressively styled addition to its offerings, the Scout Bobber, flaunts the highest level of design achievement by, ironically, getting low. The sleek lines of the Scout Bobber provide the feeling of streamlined speed, even when stationary. It features a stripped-down look, perfecting the traditional bobber shape by providing an aggressive riding position without sacrificing any of the comfort riders have come to expect from Indian. Its blacked-out design is enhanced by the color options available, including White Smoke, Bronze Smoke, Thunder Black and Thunder Black Smoke. Needless to say, the…

7 min.
the rum diaries

While traditional luxury libations like Scotch and cognac have long held prized positions on the shelves of spirits enthusiasts, the fascination with high-end tequila, vodka, gin and whisky from around the globe has skyrocketed in recent years. This obsession with “premiumization” inexplicably bypassed rum, however; the versatile spirit seemed relegated to a dark corner as a drink best suited to sailors, gentleman rogues, and other salty ne’er-do-wells. But not any more: in 2018 alone, volume of super-premium rums skyrocketed 27%—the biggest leap in any super-premium spirits category—underscoring the burgeoning global appreciation of this fine spirit distilled from sugarcane byproducts. And at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition an astounding number of premium rum entries qualified, with Ron Zacapa Centenario Sistema Solera 23 from Guatemala claiming a gold medal. “I like to…

4 min.
renaissance man

If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life, or so people claim. But for Dave Dawson, a former NFL wide receiver, it seems to be a matter of fact. In the years since his football career ended, the California native has poured his passion, intensity and drive towards entrepreneurship. Now, Dawson has his fingers in more pies than one can count, following his interests in film, music, fashion, medicine and more into an array of ventures, stretching from Hollywood movies to a Polynesian-inspired fashion line. But for all of the financial endeavors that take up his time, money is seemingly never his top priority. Perhaps that’s why the former athlete speaks of his work in terms of relationships, community and helping others, rather than in…

5 min.
lone star legend

Ever since he was a teenager, all eyes have been on Ezekiel Elliott. After all, that’s the inevitable result when you’re a superstar running back who played first for Ohio State and now for one of the most high-profile football teams in the country, the Dallas Cowboys. It’s also part of the territory when you dominate the NFL as Elliott has since his arrival in 2016, beginning with his monster rookie season where he averaged over 100 rushing yards a game and led the Cowboys to the playoffs. He’s followed that up by establishing himself as an elite all-purpose back for the league’s most popular team, and in doing so, embraced the high expectations placed upon him when he was fourth overall in the 2016 draft, an atypical early selection for…

5 min.
buried treasure

One of the most significant geological finds in recent exploration—the discovery of Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong, the world’s largest cave—almost never happened. Circa 1990 farmer Ho Khanh stumbled across an entrance and a limestone overhang in the thick jungle of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. The distant noise of rushing water caught his attention, but he thought no more of it. Given the thick, almost impassable, Vietnamese jungle, the farmer’s trail was lost in any case, and he did not try to find his way back. For about 18 years, Son Doong’s existence was seemingly destined to remain a secret, but eventually, he would mention his find to a curious couple from the British Cave Research Association (BRCA). Ho Khanh wasn’t alone in his close encounters with the monster cave. Howard…