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Maxim November/December 2019

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Maxim, the world's leading men's magazine, delivers an unparalleled luxury experience that celebrates the most beautiful women in the world, thrill-seeking adventures across exotic destinations, world-class sports and entertainment, prestige autos, speed-seeking rides, cutting-edge industry titans, exceptional artists and athletes, the latest gadgets, gear + style—and did we mention... beautiful women?

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royal oak fever

In 1970 legendary watch designer Gérald Genta created the now-iconic Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet. Even before the Patek Philippe Nautilus—which he also designed—became a horological sleeper hit, the Royal Oak, originally produced in stainless steel and reportedly costing 10 times as much as many steel Rolexes, had a hardcore following among the watch world cognoscenti. In 1993 Audemars launched the Royal Oak Offshore chronograph, officially updating Genta’s design for a new era, and these days its fans include the likes of Jay-Z and LeBron James. And the latest awe-inspiring Grande Complication models now go for up to $1 million. “The Royal Oak brings together several different elements that all contribute towards its history, legacy and future,” Michael Friedman, Audemars Piguet’s Head of Complications, tells Maxim. And while Genta of course…

2 min.
hot shots

Duncan Quinn Gold Signet Ring English hallmarks confirm where gold and silver items are tested and their standard of purity. This 22ct–gold signet ring is marked with a DQ, a 916 indicating 91.6 grams of pure gold per 100 grams, an anchor for the assay office where it was tested, and a U for the year, 2019. Not to mention smoking skulls on both sides. $4,595 via www.duncanquinn.com. Davidoff Oro Blanco Special Reserve 2002 Aside from a hand-rolled smoke from Graycliff in the Bahamas, Davidoff’s Oro Blanco is one of the most exceptional cigars we have ever sampled. To make it, the rarest of tobaccos have been harvested in the Dominican Republic, aged for 10 years, expertly rolled and then aged for a further year. $5,000 per box of 10 via www.davidoffgeneva.com. The Ecclestone…

2 min.
big red

A summer’s day in Provence. Lazy afternoon sun. Lavender fields as far as the eye can see. A sweet floral haze tasting of aquamarine and purple. Black sticky tarmac lanes. And a whiff of perfectly burned high octane fuel. Crisp. Metallic. Rich and oily. The glow of an engine block shimmering in the heat. I wake up. And yet, there was more. Something beautiful. Spellbinding. Toned. Sleek. Curvaceous. And fast. God may have invented fast bikes. But deBolex Engineering, a two-man custom motorcycle builder based in Croydon, England, created this. An experience so ethereal no mere mortal could resist. I say experience, as to describe their Ducati 803 as “just” a motorcycle is to describe Elle Macpherson as “just” a girl. They are Pininfarina. Or Zagato. For deBolex do not build motorcycles, as…

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not-so-mellow yellow

For over half a century the DBS designation has been applied to the vehicles at the “pinnacle of the Aston Martin production range,” as the iconic British marque puts it. Now Nicolas Bijan, owner of the legendary Beverly Hills-based menswear and lifestyle brand House of Bijan—recently relocated to a new, larger location on Rodeo Drive—has collaborated with them on the ultimate custom DBS, with the first one finished in his signature shade of yellow Based on the new DBS Superleggera, with a 5.2-litre V12 twin-turbo engine that produces an amazing 715 hp, and customized in partnership with the brand’s Q by Aston Martin bespoke personalization service, the limited edition grand tourer was unveiled at a special gathering of global Bijan and Aston Martin collectors during Monterey Car Week in California. “This special…

2 min.
rebirth of a legend

Determined to honor one of the most iconic and influential supercars in history, the EB110, iconic automaker Bugatti set itself a seemingly impossible task. The company wanted to modernize this classic, bringing it up to standards set by the company’s groundbreaking Chiron hypercar—without losing the design inspiration and DNA left by one of the cars that defined not only the 1990s, but the arrival of the supercar in the public consciousness. With the unveiling of the new Centodieci model, it seems like the brand has achieved the impossible. With a striking design that, despite modern lines and aerodynamic enhancements, still evokes strong memories of the pioneering EB110, the Bugatti design team has walked the fine line between honoring the past and embracing the future. “The challenge was not to allow oneself…

2 min.
master of the sky

The $474 million Boeing BBJ 777X is without a doubt the new king of the private jet set. It will be the largest and most luxurious business jet in production, with the first aircraft slated to perform a maiden flight next year. With a cabin measuring 3,256 sq. ft., making it larger than many private homes, outfitting the aircraft to VIP specification will cost an additional $90–$175 million depending on exactly how much wood, leather and gold plating you require. At 253 ft. long it’s over two thirds the length of a football field, and its cabin spans neatly 20 feet across. It can also traverse more than half the circumference of the earth non-stop, with a flight time of over 23 hours. That’s enough for straight run from the East…