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MEGA August 2019

Priding itself as the Philippines' best fashion magazine, MEGA is the thinking woman's cross-section of the what's what of style, beauty and lifestyle. With well-curated sections of tailor-made stories from trends to try out now, comprehensive style guides, beauty hacks to learn from and in-depth features, MEGA guarantees to elevate and bring out the very best in you. Allow us to whisk you away in worlds of fantasy through well-produced fashion and beauty editorials that aim to inspire and aspire to as well.

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digital influence

That glass skin. You’re a goddess, Erich!— @vanedicated via Bought a signed copy! Great issue and you look fabulous with that glowy skin!— @siren0306 via Best glowing goddess ever, Erich!—@march2ne6 via Such a beautiful lady. Stay sweet and humble!— @luzminiaaquino via Congratulations! Ang ganda!— @jentelcastillo via Super love this! Yes, he is not the same person now. He is more focused and humble!— @2019queenelizabeth via Love this collection.— @marcsburg via I love your new look. It really suits you.— @m._maryann via Please be assured that we will support you all the way, Alden, Continue reaching for your dreams!— @judithbauer via…

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letter of the month

Hello MEGA, Being so exposed to social media, especially on Instagram and YouTube, I’ve always wondered how flawless my favorite celebrities and personalities are in real life. More than just the physical and surface level, there has been this curiosity in me to find out if they are what they seem to be. Take Erich Gonzales for example. Standing to be one of the more riveting and radiant actresses of her time, with her talent and beauty that is not even so much as questionable, the personality we see onscreen or online is equally charming, which makes me daydream of being like her one day. But thanks to your cover story and shoot on her for July (the fashion was just so dreamy), I learned that while she is on a league…

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the metamorphosis

While many of us know the story of the caterpillar’s transition into becoming a beautiful butterfly, the journey to get there is one that entails a lot of challenges, sacrifices, and change. Science teaches us that it stops eating, hangs itself upside down from a twig, and spins itself into a cocoon. In this state of hibernation, it literally digests itself, radically changing its body to become a beautiful butterfly. Imagine the lengths and means it undergoes in order to transform. As severe as this process may seem, it is essential to the caterpillar’s circle of life. There are no skips or short cuts—it has no choice but to undergo this stage. Fortunately for us, we hold the power to pace our own physical transformations. Whether it be deciding to…

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beauty of now

If we weren’t careful enough, Loisa Andalio would just have eased in through the studio without being noticed. This isn’t to say there is no panache to her presence, because there is a lot of that as she tipped her glinted sunglasses to exchange pleasantries with everyone on set. But unlike the larger-than-life persona of high-caliber personalities, she is definitely low-key and fuss-free. So, there she was, standing amidst us and it became clear, even in her pre-cover shoot glam that she is one to watch out for. She is most certainly a radiant and incredibly real star. There is no pretense to her, as she admits to subscribing to a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-mantra. While this phrase may be perceived negatively, it only means that she is confident in the skin that she…

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The old has gone and the new has come, and so goes the timeless proverb. Evolution involves eliminating all other forms of hindrances from reaching one’s final form so to speak, and the idea of transformation itself has always cracked open endless discourses into the cookie-cutter stereotype of how one should be. Transformation comes full circle as no other individual was a better canvas to tell this story than Loisa Andalio, who looked ethereal in fresh-off-the-runway pieces from homecoming designer Cherry Veric’s collection. In our style pages, we dive into pre-fall with the standout trends as seen on Best Buys and Get-Ready-To-Wear. Then, we dissect the very art of how to wear clothing in Retail Trend Report with Proud Race’s signature deconstructive aesthetic, and explore duality in New Kids on the…

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blued up

20s BLUE JEAN BABY Does deconstructed yet tailored denim have a place in this volatile world? Absolutely STYLE TIP Revamp an old denim jacket by adding cutouts and a bit of raw edges 30s BORN WITH GOOD JEANS Stow away the light-washed jeans for dark ones, giving it a sleeker feel STYLE TIP Dark denim exudes understated elegance 40s OUT OF THE BLUE Rigid denim gets the high fashion stamp of approval for pre-fall STYLE TIP Add a statement belt to an otherwise unornamented outfit Photography FLOYDJHOCSON of STUDIO 100 Makeup AICA LATAY. Hair PAMM MERRERA. Model TIA (FARAH MODELS)…