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MEGA September 2019

Priding itself as the Philippines' best fashion magazine, MEGA is the thinking woman's cross-section of the what's what of style, beauty and lifestyle. With well-curated sections of tailor-made stories from trends to try out now, comprehensive style guides, beauty hacks to learn from and in-depth features, MEGA guarantees to elevate and bring out the very best in you. Allow us to whisk you away in worlds of fantasy through well-produced fashion and beauty editorials that aim to inspire and aspire to as well.

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letter of the month

Hello MEGA, Aside from your usual way of transforming known stars from their typical persona to high fashion fantasies, I also look forward to seeing up-and-coming personalities make their own distinct mark on your covers as well. Presumably a right of passage for young celebrities, it must be such a thrill for them to embark on this milestone with MEGA’s long-standing tangible print copy. And it is equally exciting for us readers to witness how you imagine them in a new light. This was the exact sentiment while looking through the photos and reading the story of Loisa Andalio, the beautiful young lady I have already been seeing a lot on social media and even on the times I get to watch television. In this modern-day imagination of Renaissance paintings, it seems…

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pitch perfect

Full disclosure: While the September issue is probably one of the most exciting and anticipated months we have in our editorial calendar, it is also one of the most challenging and hardest to produce. Every year, we try to pull off something big, and this time, it was no exception. In fact, we can go on record saying that it gets increasingly challenging to mount, what with all that we’ve done so far set against what we set out to do. While fashion is of course the main bind that ties it all together, we looked beyond the visual and heightened our sense of hearing. This time around, we listened, taking full inspiration from music and the rhythm that courses through it. Undeniably, music and fashion have always been connected, and…

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backstage pass

The curtains have opened, the stage has been set, and for the first time, MEGA’s September issue is a culmination of two strong forces of art—music and fashion. This year, we put the spotlight on seven different hit makers and how they willingly took on the challenge of embodying a genre that isn’t their comfort zone. Don’t worry, there was no sing-off, but instead, it was as if we produced multiple album covers in a span of two weeks that were set to drop on the first week of September. It wasn’t a question of how the girls were going to be transformed since that part was easy, the main hurdles were the careful consideration of which local designer, photographer and glam team could best bring the vision to reality. Once everything…

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It’s a pretty fast year that just seemed to fly by and with a few more months left until 2020, we are recalibrating the high hopes and yearning for the much-awaited change we have rightfully longed for at the start of the year. Deep in the pages of our much-awaited big fashion issue, we dive right into the game-changers of music-makers, fashion designers, and handpicked artists who have used their platforms for the better. And in order for one to survive, the only way is to thoughtfully adapt to it. When the tidal wave of change comes crashing, do not be moved, do not fight the current, but instead, allow it take you to the future.…

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hibernation drive

An internship with Alexander McQueen, the prestigious grand prize of the 48th Japanese Fashion Design Contest that was won by a foreigner for the first time in its history, and being a part of different fashion exhibits around the globe are just some of the things that were ticked off of Jerome Lorico’s list. His latest venture? Finally opening his flagship store, LORICO. In true Lorico fashion, the space that used to be a pawnshop was transformed into a Brutalist haven with pillars that mimic stalagmites in a cave. The opening, which was called “Midnight Manifesto” was a success with long-time friends and clientele celebrating his 11th year in the business. In the same vein, his recent collection remains true to his design roots—edgy minimalism. Known for experimenting with fabric, he…

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rhiza pascua

It was a sweltering hot summer in 2013, and I was at the beach listening to Rihanna’s album, Unapologetic. From the confidence-inducing beats of Phresh Out the Runway to the gut wrenching lyrics of Stay, it definitely my summer album of the year, and it continued my forever love for my #1 diva. It was great listening to her on my phone, but wishful thinking made me imagine how cool it would be to see her live. And as if the heavens were listening, news just broke out that MMI Live was bringing Rihanna and the Diamonds world tour to the Philippines. With no hesitation, I dug up my savings account and got myself a ticket on the first day of selling. Just like many of us fan girls, Rhiza Pascua,…