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MEGA July 2018

Priding itself as the Philippines' best fashion magazine, MEGA is the thinking woman's cross-section of the what's what of style, beauty and lifestyle. With well-curated sections of tailor-made stories from trends to try out now, comprehensive style guides, beauty hacks to learn from and in-depth features, MEGA guarantees to elevate and bring out the very best in you. Allow us to whisk you away in worlds of fantasy through well-produced fashion and beauty editorials that aim to inspire and aspire to as well.

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best self

I admire women who not only have a strong sense of self, but more so those who are not afraid to take risks. Case in point, our cover star Maine Mendoza. Her refreshing allure and natural candor has redefined what it takes to be star. Her quick rise to fame is certainly a phenomenon, and three years after her debut she is still as relevant—taking her career into new heights. When detractors predicted her swift demise, she proved them wrong in her own pace and time, continuously carving out her rightful place in the industry. The beauty of this entire study is that she does it by simply being herself—no pretensions, no gimmicks. Needless to say, we should have more women like Maine, strong-willed, determined and ready to take on…

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letter of the month

Dear MEGA, June has always been my favorite issue of your magazine ever since you had Regine Velasquez on the cover back in 2010 wearing just a T-shirt and couture pieces. For me, that was an iconic fashion moment that really gave a statement on Pinoy Pride—literally. Speaking of pride, while we celebrate this momentous event in Philippine history in the hopes of instilling the value and worth of what our forefathers have fought to achieve, we are also here to inspire the younger generation to continue improving the lives of our nation in whatever field or industry we can contribute to. Congratulations, MEGA, for another stellar list of New PH Awardees this 2018—they were nothing short of exceptional. By giving recognition to millennials making a difference in our current state,…

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digital influence

Superb. One great reunion indeed. Stunning beauties beyond generations.—@belotz16 on MEGA June 2018 via Gabbi is the only international commercial model in this group. You can actually hand pick her just like that. She doesn’t need to do extra, just sit, relax and voila, Gabbi slayed here. Way to go.—@pretty_mwahugs on MEGA June 2018 via The stunning beauty of Kisses always shines.—@fridaomp26on MEGA June 2018 via You never fail to inspire me, Nadine. Success wasn’t easy for you at all yet there you are. —@pumpkinwolves on MEGA June 2018 via This is perfect. The queen, @iammajasalvador is above them all!—@queenofgd on MEGA June 2018 via Wow.The multi -talented girl in the Philippines. From simple girl, transformed into a super model. No one else. Only #MaymayEntrata—@gingbanga on MEGA June 2018 via…

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and she’s back

No, Maine Mendoza didn’t necessarily go anywhere. In fact, she has been as consistently present and phenomenal as ever before. What we’re talking about is her much-awaited return to the pages of the magazine, especially since her last turn was under the Moroccan sun some two years ago. Well, as they always say, time favors the workings of destiny and its magical pace. A little wait and threshing of logistical details, we have come to this point—a celebration of a return, as well as chalking in another year in the industry she was thrust in years back. Today, Maine Mendoza is sprightly and self-assured, confidently hitting her stride in everything laid out for her the day—we are talking about video shoots, one-on-one interviews and of course, the photo shoot with Mark…

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Luxury can be a divisive word. Traditionally, it’s about owning things that aren’t technically a necessity, but in the changing times, luxury has shifted our sights from acquiring possessions to acquiring experiences, specifically in our current generation. More and more, we begin to realize that luxury has a much simpler meaning, focusing on the personal quality of life rather than its tangible counterparts. Although to some, it may speak volumes of privilege and unattainability, one that only a few can achieve but at the same time, what’s wrong with that? This month, MEGA flips both sides of the coin with life’s luxuries as we explore pre-fall’s hottest trends from gilded confections, gathered fabrics, to shapeless yet elegant dresses in Best Buys. We shine a light on Rosenthal Tee’s ethereal and divine…

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let loose

STYLE TIP Let strategic prints give off the illusion of shape, preferably in bright and bold colors…