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Men's Fitness South Africa July-August 2018

The performance magazine with training, nutrition and relationship advice to help you realise your full potential.

South Africa
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publisher’s note

Making the investment… We’re bombarded almost daily with people who are looking for us to invest with them, fielding phone calls from clearly overcrowded call centers on the greatest next big venture, someone who claims they can navigate the choppy waters of cryptocurrency and guarantee returns 10-fold or the dreaded “no, we are not selling you a cellphone contract” call. They come in all shapes and forms and none of them start off honestly, which in itself should signal a warning sign. Don’t get me wrong; there are many great investment vehicles, locally as well as offshore and more often than not it’s the ones you’ve researched. For me though, the best investment you can make is in yourself. Self-betterment is so often overlooked and pushed aside, but why not just…

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what winners know

GET THE SUPPLEMENT USN, Tex flavoured Hardcore Whey Hardcore Whey gH is a unique formulation of premium quality whey protein with an optimal amino acid content. It also contains an advanced Hypervol Glycotrans system to drive the protein into your glycogen stores as well as creatine and taurine to boost strength and endurance. Tribulus Terrestris is added for powerful increases in muscle power and performance. R274, usn.co.za TRY THIS! Clarins Men Clarins Men offers protection from both the sun and pollution in a multi-tasking facial treatment specifically formulated for men. Perfect for the city and outdoor sports, this portable product protects from UV damage and the stresses of urban living, doesn’t leave any white streaks on the skin and can be applied after your daily skincare routine. R355, clarins.co.za GET THESE! Under Armour Under Armour has announced…

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a boulder way to get happy

Cutting-edge news from the frontiers of science Sugar’s negative effect Fuels cancer cells Cancer can thrive on the sweet stuff, showing a possible link between diet and the Big C. Shortens lifespan Sugary diets have been shown to affect a gene tied to longevity, cutting lifespan by 7%. Increases disease risk Eating 25% of your daily calories in sugar can up the chance of heart disease by 50%. Not so sweet WILLY WONKA must have been riding a sugar high: Candy isn’t dandy. In fact, routinely chomping on more than nine tablespoons of sugar per day — the American Heart Association’s suggested maximum daily limit for men — has links to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Studies also show that sugar can shorten lifespan and may even provide fuel for cancer cells. If your attitude toward the sweet stuff has…

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guilt-free desserts

Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies SERVES 5-6 INGREDIENTS • 1kg sweet potato peeled, steamed and mashed2 heaped tbs raw cacao5 tbsp raw honey• 100g almond flour2 tsp Vanilla Essence2 tsp Caramel Essence1 tsp Oryx desert salt2 tsp bicarbonate of soda8 eggs – (4 whole eggs and 4 egg whites) ICING • 300g Almond butter or macadamia nut butter5 tbsp raw honey1 heaped tbs raw cacao1 pinch of oryx desert salt1 tsp Caramel Essence GARNISH Shaved AlmondsVanilla powderFresh mint leaves DIRECTIONS 1) Preheat the oven to 180°C 2) Use Spray & Cook or wax paper to prepare the oven tray 3) Steam the peeled sweet potato till completely soft, mash till smooth texture. 4) Add the almond flour, cacao, honey, essence, salt and bicarb of soda and mix till even texture. 5) Beat the eggs separately till fluffy - this is important as it would…

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becoming a runner

YOU CAN RUN pretty much anywhere, with pretty much no equipment. So it must be easy to start — just put one foot in front of the other, right? •Not quite,• Starting a new training program, like most things, is stepping into unfamiliar territory. You’re eager but unsure, excited but potentially error-prone. Most people — especially men — start out too hard, which leads to unnecessary fatigue and possible injury; or they just burn out, feeling that the last thing they want to do is go out for another plodding, painful run. • Getting past that early period is the key to both running’s benefits and pleasures. Know Why You’re Doing It You may want to start running to make your heart stronger, to up your endurance for other sports, or even…

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5 ways to run right

1) RUN TALL Anything more than a very slight forward lean, and you’ll land too hard and shorten your stride. 2) BAN THE BOUNCE Vertical movement is wasted energy. The smaller your up-down oscillation as you run, the better. 3) DON’T CROSS THE MIDLINE Your hands should move toward, but not cross, an imaginary line down your middle. 4) FOREFOOT IT The quicker the pace, the farther up on your foot you should land. Distance runners typically land heel first; sprinters’ heels never touch land. 5) DON’T STRAIN Try to work only the necessary muscles: clenching your fists or face won’t speed you up; relaxing them will.…