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 / Health & Fitness
Men's Health South Africa

Men's Health South Africa August 2019

Men's Health is South Africa's best-selling men's magazine. And no wonder: each page is packed with expert tips and easy-to-implement, actionable advice on everything the modern man needs to feel fitter, happier and healthier. Through its award-winning content and design, Men's Health improves every aspect of a man's life, from physical and mental health to food, style, sex, stress, gear, grooming, tech, relationships, wealth, career and beyond. It's an essential read for any guy who wants to live his best life right now. That's you, right?

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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push start on your new goals

The Fortuner has a powerful pedigree. It’s been the bestselling medium-sized SUV in South Africa for a very long time, and for good reason: you could argue that as a four-wheeled investment, it offers the most practicality and value on South African roads. It’s hard to find a tar and trail partner that offers as much bang for your buck. Here are four reasons it should be your next lifestyle investment (with training benefits): 1. IT CAN CARRY ALL THE GEAR (AND PEOPLE) YOU NEED. Want to be able to ferry your kids or friends around safely, and make sure you have enough space for all your lifestyle gear, like mountain bikes, kayaks and road bikes? Sorted – the Fortuner has plenty of interior space, and a decent-sized boot area. It’s a…

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welcome to the movement

REEBOK CROSSFIT GAMES DATE 1-5 AUGUST 2018 LOCATION MADISON, WISCONSIN, USA PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF CROSSFIT The Games take place over five days of competition, and form the final sweat- and chalk-stained gladiatorial arena where the fittest men, women, masters, teens and teams from around the world have earned the right to compete through their placement in the global CrossFit competition called the Open, or through winning Sanctional events. These Games are filled with both old and new weapons of mass muscle torture, which are paired with a variety of different exercises such as swimming, rowing and running, through to heavy deadlifts and snatches, and gymnastic challenges like handstand walks, muscle-ups and more. The challenges are mostly unknown before the Games officially start. What is known: every single workout of the 14 will be brutal. The challenges in…

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challenge accepted

I eat healthily enough. But mostly Monday through to Thursday; by Friday, my lack of a healthy work/life balance has forced the willpower out of me. And I train hard enough. But only three or four times a week, because... drinks happen, friends and commitments happen, and life gets in the way. I’m in decent shape, but not great shape. I tend to have good weeks followed by bad weeks, and sometimes I wish I could just take back control – I’d like to be a few kilos heavier, and get back to a routine. If you’re anything like me, you need a plan: a blueprint to achieve these goals, including a better body. Starting on page 104, we have a guide to identifying your stumbling blocks and building a…

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men's health south africa

Danielle Weakley Editorial Director Robert Cilliers Editor & Creative Director WANITA NICOL Deputy Editor AZEEZ JACOBS Fashion & Grooming Editor NADIM NYKER Digital Editor KIRSTEN CURTIS Contributing Digital Editor MEGAN FLEMMIT Multimedia Journalist DAVE BUCHANAN Copy Editor KELLEIGH KOREVAAR Features Writer THAAQIB DANIELS Content Producer NADIA WINDT Fashion Assistant Contributors: Mark Arendse (Design); Sidima Mfeku (Intern) Shared services: Kerry Nash (Production Manager James Garaghty (In-House Photographer) Amina Essop (Office Administrator) CEO MEDIA24 Ishmet Davidson CEO PRINT MEDIA Rika Swart GENERAL MANAGER, LIFESTYLE Minette Ferreira GENERAL MANAGER, MONTHLIES Nerisa Coetzee CFO, LIFESTYLE Jameelah Conway FINANCIAL MANAGER Melanie Leeman MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS PUBLISHER Nikki Ruttimann 011 713 9147 (nikkir@media24.com) COMMERCIAL HEAD OF EVENTS: MONTHLIES Francois Malan 021 408 1228 (francois.malan@media24.com) COMMERCIAL MANAGING EDITOR Gerda Engelbrecht 021 443 9868 (gerda.engelbrecht@media24.com) COMMERCIAL MANAGER Lise Coetsee 021 443 9833 (lise.coetsee@media24.com) DIGITAL CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR Lilitha Johnson 021 443 1237 (lilitha.johnson@media24.com) BRAND COORDINATOR Andile Nkosi 021 406 2257 (andile.nkosi@media24.com) PUBLISHING SALES TEAM BUSINESS…

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mh world

WORKOUTS QUESTION: I’ve started HIIT workouts – how do I avoid overtraining? “The objective is progression,” says Ian Pienaar, founder of Thrive Fitness, a new Cape Town-based gym that offers HIIT workouts. “You want to keep pushing your body a little bit harder with each session; but if you push your body too hard in the beginning, you’re bound to fail,” he explains. “If you have stress levels that are already high because of work, adding more stress to your body is going to cause it to shut down.” TRAIN SMARTER: MH.CO.ZA/WORKOUTS FITNESS 320 The number of seconds men should deep squat daily. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes per day in a deep squat position. The purpose: (1) to get in some much-needed mobility work for your tight and stiff ankles, knees, and hips;…

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follow these hacks for a healthy dinner…

1. Don’t Skip It Forgoing dinner to cut your kilojoule intake causes a rise in cortisol – not only slowing your metabolism, but also disrupting your sleep. – Psychomatic Medicine 2. It’s A Weighting Game Make dinner your largest meal, and you’ll find it easier to maintain muscle while dieting – resulting in better overall body composition. 3. What To Avoid Microwave curry (it’s time to get Ma’s recipe) Kilojoule bombs (ahem… fried chicken) Blood pressure spikes (give the salt a miss!) Packaging with BPA (Read the labels) Instagram @menshealthza Twitter @MensHealthZA Facebook MensHealthSA Scan this QR code and see the stories featured…