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home of the grind

Walking into The Shred Skate Park, I immediately felt that infectious energy, bouncing off the walls and down the ramps. I almost felt out of place without a skateboard. Helmeted kids seemed to be having the best time, trying to land new tricks, falling and helping each other up again – practice for the big day when they’ll (hopefully) be competing in the big bowl on the other side of the park. That’s where I was going. Not to skate (thank heavens) but to watch local boardriders compete against each other, in a bid to represent the continent when the world’s best skateboarders throw down. This is the second consecutive year that the Vans Park Series (VPS) Continental Championship has taken place in Cape Town. It was also my second…

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100 days to muscle

Every couple of years us Men’s Health staffers take on the challenge to transform our bodies in just 14 weeks. The reason I bring this up is to prove a point: that if we can do it, pretty much anybody can. We’re all just average guys who weren’t blessed with the genes to be cover guys. I’ve always been the skinny guy. Mainly because I have a really fast metabolism. That is why I can relate to the guys in our Muscle Up feature (p.88). Read the true stories of these real men – guys just like you – who made the decision to transform their bodies. Learn from their hard-earned lessons, and be inspired by their success. The two biggest lessons I have learnt from my own personal journey to build…

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men's health south africa

Robert Cilliers Editor & Creative Director WANITA NICOL Deputy Editor AZEEZ JACOBS Fashion & Grooming Editor NADIM NYKER Digital Editor KIRSTEN CURTIS Contributing Digital Editor MEGAN FLEMMIT Multimedia Journalist DAVE BUCHANAN Copy Editor KELLEIGH KOREVAAR Features Writer THAAQIB DANIELS Content Producer NADIA WINDT Fashion Assistant Contributors: Mark Arendse (Design); Sidima Mfeku (Intern) Shared services: Kerry Nash (Production Manager James Garaghty (In-House Photographer) Amina Essop (Office Administrator) CEO MEDIA24 Ishmet Davidson CEO PRINT MEDIA Rika Swart GENERAL MANAGER, LIFESTYLE Minette Ferreira GENERAL MANAGER, MONTHLIES Nerisa Coetzee CFO, LIFESTYLE Jameelah Conway FINANCIAL MANAGER Melanie Leeman MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS PUBLISHER Nikki Ruttimann 011 713 9147 (nikkir@media24.com) COMMERCIAL HEAD OF EVENTS: MONTHLIES Francois Malan 021 406 2376 (francois.malan@media24.com) COMMERCIAL MANAGING EDITOR Gerda Engelbrecht 021 406 2217 (gerda.engelbrecht@media24.com) COMMERCIAL MANAGER Lise Coetsee 021 406 2358 (lise.coetsee@media24.com) DIGITAL CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR Lilitha Johnson 021 406 2320 (lilitha.johnson@media24.com) BRAND COORDINATOR Andile Nkosi 021 406 2257 (andile.nkosi@media24.com) PUBLISHING SALES TEAM BUSINESS MANAGER: MEDIA 24…

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your career doesn’t matter

Another night burning the midnight oil. Another drink with your friends postponed. At least your boss will appreciate it in the morning, right? Yeah, right. With fewer well-paying jobs on the market and the ever-sluggish economy putting the squeeze on your finances, the pressure to fulfil your line manager’s every demand is reaching crisis point. South African workers are unhappy in their jobs, scoring job satisfaction at 6 out of 10 in a recent survey. Worse still, a study by SADAG found that 1 in 4 SA employees suffer from depression, costing the economy more than R232 billion in lost productivity from either absenteeism or working while unwell. For decades, we worked harder and longer for better houses, holidays, material rewards and status. Then came the tech revolution. Mobile phones and email…

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mh world

ADVICE QUESTION: What do I do if my kids catch me having sex? Hear a creak? Cover up quickly, but don’t freak. “If you panic, your child associates [your reaction] with something that shouldn’t be happening – and you don’t want to give them that idea about sex,” says psychologist Judy Rosenberg, author of Be the Cause: Healing Human Disconnect. And don’t worry – there are also plenty of other ways to escape the situation with your integrity intact. See how: MH.CO.ZA/SEX-WOMEN MOTORING 197 The number of kW packed into the new Subaru WRX ES Premium CVT. We took it for a seven-day test drive to see if it lives up to those of its predecessors that displayed the WRX badge. The only decision you need to make? CVT or manual. The CVT is undoubtedly…

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the exchange

WEIGHT-LOSS Can Smoking Weed Actually Help Me Lose Weight? – Dale, Kimberley You know that enduring punchline that stoners always have the munchies? Well, it’s not totally inaccurate. Research* shows that smoking marijuana actually does affect the mechanisms that trigger hunger in your brain: THC, weed’s active ingredient, fits into receptors in your brain’s endocannabinoid system, which helps to control – among other things – your appetite. The result: heightened smell and taste. And the urge to smash every chip in sight. But even though there’s a grain of truth to the flabby, NikNaks-munching stoner stereotype, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% legit. Some studies+ have shown that smoking dagga doesn’t lead to weight gain — in fact, it might actually help you lose weight. According to a 2011 study from the American Journal of Epidemiology, even…