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Military Vehicles December 2020

Get the only magazine dedicated to the preservation, restoration, study, and use of historic military vehicles. Military Vehicles covers vintage military photos, collecting advice, market information, show listings, and extensive display and classified advertising sections offering to buy and sell hundreds of vehicles, parts, and accessories from dealers and enthusiasts all over the world. Other regular features include book and media reviews, letters to the editor, tech topics, weapons & replicas, models & toys, and internet sightings.

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news and views

OUR FRIEND HAS PASSED DOWN THE LONG ROAD He was my friend. He was a favorite, prolific Military Trader author. A true supporter of the hobby, he literally put convoying “on the map.” All this, plus that fact that he was a devoted husband and father, makes it so hard to tell you that Mark Sigrist passed away. I am still reeling from the shock as I read the August 2, 2020, email: “Our friend Mark Sigrist from Kamiah, Idaho, passed away earlier this evening. He had been fighting cancer for a couple of years.” You wouldn’t have known that he was sick if you had spoken to Mark in the past six months. While he might joke about “Chemo haze,” his monthly updates to me were all upbeat and positive. I am…

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the jag file

HOW DO WE PROCEED FROM HERE? About six months of the Covid-19 pandemic have passed in the United States. Communities remain locked down, schools are hesitating on how to open, and even professional football has changed in a way that I am not sure I even want to watch anymore. I have worked out of the guest bedroom, not visited my Mom (prior to the pandemic, I spent three days every week with her), and have only “skyped” with my granddaughter. The MVPA cancelled the convention, parades and regional shows followed suit. And so many readers write or call me to ask, “Where do we go from here?” The answer, in my non-scientific, gray-hair frame of mind, is this: We adapt to the situation, modify our gear, and move FORWARD! Regardless of politics, the world…

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Military Vehicles Magazine welcomes correspondence from readers. Letters and e-mail must include a name and regular mail return address. Published letters reflect the opinions of the writers. Military Vehicles Magazine reserves the right to edit all letters for clarity, brevity, and other purposes. Address all correspondence to: Editor, Military Vehicles Magazine, 5225 Joerns Drive, Suite 2, Stevens Point, WI 54481, or e-mail to: jadams-graf@aimmedia.com. SAKER VEHICLE DESIGN INFO UPDATE I just read the article, “Saker Light Strike Vehicle: A Versatile British Design” by John Norris (MVM, June 2016, pp 72-3). (I helped build the prototype vehicle in the workshop of Kingfisher Kustoms in West Bromwich. The first vehicle was built using a Volkswagen 1915cc Water Boxer engine. I built it. The Perkins Prima was not, as stated in your article, ‘air cooled’ but…

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book reviews

M3 Lee Grant: The Design, Production and service of the M3 Medium Tank, the Foundation of America’s Tank Industry, by David Doyle (ISBN 978-0993564680, AFV Modeller Publications, available in the US from www.DavidDoyleBooks.com DavidDoyleBooks.com. Hardcover, 470 pages, 700 illustrations, mostly b/w, 2020, $79.95) WWII armor aficionados and rivet counters, take notice: There is a new definitive work available on the venerable M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank, and military vehicle expert, David Doyle, has provided it to us. This volume is the most detailed study yet presented on the M3 Lee/Grant tanks, illustrating and describing the development, production, and use of these iconic vehicles by US, Commonwealth, and Russian forces during WWII. The tanks, their power plants, and production techniques used by each manufacturer are shown from assembly line to front line in this…

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servicing split rims

After close to sixty years of working with, driving, rebuilding and repairing trucks and equipment, including several hundred military vehicles, I’ve heard many legends, stories, and myths that go with the territory. As far as stories, there’s the one about four American soldiers in Vietnam who were driving along a narrow trail through rice paddies in an M151 when they suddenly came under enemy fire. There was no cover, no place wide enough to turn around and retreat, but the GI’s jumped out, each grabbed a corner of the MUTT, and they lifted and turned it around. As the story goes, when they arrived back at base and told of their escape no one believed them — “four men cannot lift an M151.” And, when they tried to duplicate this…

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m59 personnel carrier

I have an M59 armored personnel carrier (APC). These were made from 1953 until 1960 before it was completely replaced by the M113 APC. It has a pair of GMC 302-cu. in, straight-6 engines, one installed on each side. With maximum armor about 1” thick, this unit weighs about 41,000 lbs. And despite the weight, it is amphibious! The rear ramp drops down with enough room inside to accommodate a Jeep . It is rated to haul 10 fully equipped soldiers plus the driver and a gunner. Currently, it as a replica (non-firing) cannon mounted on it from when the APC was used during the filming of the movie, “Fox Catcher.” Originally, it would have had a .50 cal. machine gun. I bought the M59 from the movie company after they were finished…