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Model Rail December 2018

Model Rail magazine is the UK's biggest-selling magazine dedicated to railway modelling. Every issue is packed with the country’s finest home and club layouts, stunning photography, unbiased and in-depth product reviews, expert tips, layout plans and step-by-step articles that really show you how. In our unique ‘Workbench’ section, we tackle a wide range of modeling skills and projects. Our expert writers and model-makers will help you to get the most from your hobby and build the layout of your dreams. Model Rail is published 13 times a year, every four weeks.

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Hurrah! I’m pleased to announce that production of our ‘J70s’ in Rapido’s factory in China has started. As soon as we have confirmed delivery dates, we’ll let you know. A visit to Dapol’s Chirk headquarters during the summer gave me valuable insight into the complexities of making a model (thanks to Neil for being such a gracious host!). It really hammered home the fact that making model trains is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. Each injection moulding machine can only produce one part at a time. Complex liveries may require just one part to go through the tampo printing process many times. Each freshly moulded wagon body requires lots of tiny adjustments before it can be assembled. Then it needs testing and packing. It’s slow and monotonous work that requires great care…

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model rail brought to you by

Richard Foster Railway modelling is on hold while decorating takes place. This does bring the ‘railway room’ closer to completion. George Dent The dip in temperatures has made George’s workshop rather chilly. Time to transfer to his slightly warmer kitchen! Chris Leigh Chris’ modelling output has been prodigious recently. But will his visit to see LCB coaches kick-start another project? Chris Gadsby Chris isn’t known as ‘Mr Organised’ for nothing. He took a week off in October to do his Christmas shopping… Chris Nevard Our ace snapper is building a name for himself on the folk music circuit. Is there no end to his talents? Peter Marriott Peter is our jet-setting scenic guru. Knows what products are available and how to get the very best from them. Dave Lowery Professional model-maker Dave works on top secret projects for train builders and model manufacturers. Paul…

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unexpected kader move will hold up model production

Production of Bachmann and Graham Farish models has been affected by unforeseen changes to parent company Kader’s facilities. Kader has opened a new model railway factory, which would have led to an existing plant in Dongguan being redeveloped. However, Kader has been asked to vacate the Dongguan site sooner than previously expected and has had to accelerate the move of tools and equipment to its new factory. A statement from Bachmann Europe said, “This will, regretfully, lead to a temporary reduction in production capacity while reorganisation of our production facilities takes place. Once the reorganisation is complete we shall be in a stronger position, with increased production capacity. This will allow us to deliver those models that are still outstanding, along with many more that are currently in development.”…

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high-spec irish co-co

Irish Railway Models has unveiled its first ready-to-run locomotive, the Metropolitan-Vickers ‘A’ Co-Co. Metropolitan-Vickers’ Manchester works built 60 of these locomotives, numbered A1-A60, for CIÉ in 1955-56. However, they suffered from reliability issues and so CIÉ rebuilt them with General Motors engines in the late 1960s. These issues also prompted CIÉ to only order new locomotives from GM. The rebuilt ‘A’ Co-Cos, reclassified ‘001 Class’ in 1972, gave sterling service until replaced by the GM 201 Class in the early 1990s. 003, the last in regular service, was withdrawn in April 1995. Classmate 039 hauled a final railtour in September that year. It is this locomotive, now owned by the Irish Traction Group, that IRM has surveyed. Three other ‘As’ survive. IRM’s model boasts an extensive spec list, including five-pole motor with…

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by popular demand…

Crowd-funding specialist Revolution Trains has proposed another production run of two of its two most popular ‘N’ gauge models – the Greenbier TEA 100t tank wagon and the Virgin ‘Pendolino’ EMU. Spokesman Mike Hale said: “So far, Revolution Trains has been all about bringing new models to the marketplace. However, we have been inundated with requests for more of these wagons, so we have decided to give them another run. As ever, though, we will only produce models to match pre-orders, and we may need to limit the numbers we do of each variant.” Revolution has proposed the TEA in existing liveries but with new running numbers, as well as three liveries not previously offered EPetrochem Carless grey/white, VTG pale grey, VTG rebranded Freightliner green). Revolution’s ‘Pendolino’ will be produced in Virgin’s new…

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heljan takes on garratts

Heljan is to offer the LMS Garratt, originally commissioned by Hatton’s, as part of its own range. It is to produce ten new Garratts, in a range of liveries and weathering finishes and with straight-sided and rotary bunkers. Strong demand has also led Heljan to offer another run of its Class 07 diesel shunters. Nine new liveries/numbers are planned, including some private owner schemes, and delivery is expected in early 2019. NEW BATCH OF CLASS 07s What’s planned? ◆ HJ2904: D2986, BR lined green ◆ HJ2905: D2988, BR lined green ◆ HJ2906: BR Eastleigh Works light green D2991 ◆ HJ2907: D2998, BR blue ◆ HJ2908: 07002, BR blue ◆ HJ2909: 07006, Powell Duffryn blue/white ◆ HJ2915: 07009 BR blue (weathered) ◆ HJ2916: 07005 Langbaurgh, ICI grey/orange Price? £139.95 When are they due? Early 2019 NEW BATCH OF LMS GARRATTS What’s planned? ◆ HJ266213: No. 4984, LMS black,…