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Modern Classics Magazine August 2019

This is Modern Classics magazine: the UK’s first car magazine devoted to the best cars of the 1980s, 90s and 00s. Each issue Modern Classic magazine brings you: - Hero cars driven and rated, with a view to them being fun to own and drive today - Big group tests, spinning the modern view of classic rivalries - Detailed and entertaining buying guides - Great modern classic events, news, trends and gadgets - Market trends and buying advice All combined with edgy and exciting automotive photography, interesting features, buying tips, investment and owners’ views. Modern Classics sets a new standard for younger classic cars. It will help you in your journey from choosing to driving, and enjoying your modern classic car…

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arigatö japan

I can scacely believe I'm saying it but Mazda's MX-5 has been with us for three decades now. The MkII Toyota MR2 has reached the same ripe old age. This got us mistyeyed for back-to-basics Japanese sports cars. So we found a few more celebrating milestone anniversaries in 2019 and sent Will Beaumont down to Beachy Head to celebrate them all in style. See page 24. I meanwhile take a V12 Vanquish back home to Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell. It's changed a lot since my tour back in 2007 where I saw the last 50 Vanquish S Ultimates leave the line. Of course Nathan turns up in a Ferrari 550 Maranello to try and spoil my fun. Does he succeed? Find out on 52. Finally, exciting news, we have joined…

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the team’s month

JOHN-JOE VOLLANS EDITOR Pulled out of the ‘free’ Alfa Romeo 156 mentioned previously. When even the chap below says it’s a bad idea... NATHAN CHADWICK ASSISTANT EDITOR He hates SUVs, but loves Alfa Romeos. So when he borrowed a Stelvio Nero Edizione, the poles of his brain decided to make war. SIMON RUSSELL ART EDITOR Found himself tempted by a brand-new Jaguar XE for £299 deposit and £299 a month. So were the rest of us, to be fair... JETHRO BOVINGDON COLUMNIST His Clio Trophy has shat its heater matrix and he’s awaiting the bill for the 911 engine. Still, he gets to tool around in a new DBS... TIFF NEEDELL COLUMNIST Enjoyed the Monaco GP but came up with a way to make the racing even better. Who needs track desinger Hermann Tillke anyway? LEWIS KINGSTON MARKETS EXPERT Liked the idea of a Lister-Jaguar XJ40 with…

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behind the scenes at modern classics...

Not our fault An Almandine Red Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 is hot stuff, but we weren’t to blame for the hill fires that marked JJ’s trip to North Yorkshire. The only smoke he created was from the tyres. Now you sea it Say hello to the invasion of Japanese sports cars – though we’re rather concerned that Alex Tapley’s about to fall off that conveniently placed wall. Perhaps we should equip him with a helmet. Not going swimmingly A Ferrari 550 Maranello for three days. The dream ticket? Severe weather meant Nathan developed jaw ache from constantly pursed lips on the slippery trip to Hamsphire and back. Now show us your muscles New Clarke kit from MachineMart meant that JJ got to look like he’s used to manual labour. We’re still thinking of arbitary items to shotblast. Nathan…

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contributors this month

WILL BEAUMONT WRITER Follows up last month’s excellent Silvia feature with some more Japanese metal, which is helping to bring his BMW 2002tii project back on song. CHRIS CHILTON WRITER The excitement Chris had when he emailed to say he’d found an Impreza Spec-C Type RA-R was palpable. So is the excitement of driving the thing (page 70). ALEX TAPLEY PHOTOGRAPHER Seems to like the sea air and challenging situations – Beachy Head is a beautiful place but it’s rather busy when it’s sunny. Alex prevailed, however... LEWIS PLUMB DIGITAL MARKETER Lewis has proudly become the co-owner of a Honda S2000, so we knew where to go for our cover car. To say we’re highly jealous is a big understatement.…

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coventry motofest

Outrageous full-throttle launches, smokey burnouts, high-speed antics, the roar of exhaust notes reverberating under flyovers and thousands upon thousands of horsepower blatting up and down the A4053 – and that’s just a regular Saturday night in Coventry. But for one weekend a year it’s all completely above board and legal as the MotoFest takes over Coventry city centre. Modern classics in all shapes and sizes flooded the city as the ring road was transformed into a racetrack, and the city centre’s pedestrian areas were overtaken by show cars. What we love most about MotoFest is that it’s a car show for non-car enthusiasts, first and foremost, and so the vehicles on display are wildly different than you’d expect to find at most gatherings. With everything from rally cars to exotic supercars,…

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did you attend?

If you were one of the many attendees, we'd love to see your favourite cars. Share your images at facebook.com/ modernclassicsmagazine or on Instagram via @modernclassicsmagazine If we've papped your car here, get in touch as we'd love to cover it in the Your Drives section...…