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Modern Classics Magazine October 2019

This is Modern Classics magazine: the UK’s first car magazine devoted to the best cars of the 1980s, 90s and 00s. Each issue Modern Classic magazine brings you: - Hero cars driven and rated, with a view to them being fun to own and drive today - Big group tests, spinning the modern view of classic rivalries - Detailed and entertaining buying guides - Great modern classic events, news, trends and gadgets - Market trends and buying advice All combined with edgy and exciting automotive photography, interesting features, buying tips, investment and owners’ views. Modern Classics sets a new standard for younger classic cars. It will help you in your journey from choosing to driving, and enjoying your modern classic car…

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best of british

What were you doing in 1999? I was preparing to take my GCSEs and between long evenings of revision (honest mum) I'd often thumb through car magazines, drooling over the machinery we as a nation were producing. It was a simpler time when driving thrills were at the forefront and driver aids actually did just that. ABS and power steering were about as far as things went. We didn't need lane-departure warnings (and still don't) you simply used your eyes. If you'd asked back then about radar cruise control you'd be directed to the nearest warship. Prior to 2000, cars reached a sweet spot – not that we knew that at the time. Tech wasn't the dominant force behind performance motoring, no, it was good ol' fashioned chassis feel and raw…

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the team’s month

JOHN-JOE VOLLANS EDITOR Has enjoyed some wheel time and a few shows in his Scirocco Storm. It makes a change from being constantly underneath it... NATHAN CHADWICK ASSISTANT EDITOR Was on the way to Classic Car Auctions to buy a Buick Regal for RADwood until his newly fixed 147 GTA had other ideas. SIMON RUSSELL ART EDITOR Isofix was only an option in the X-Type and the parts have long been discontinued. Si looked for weeks, but eventually got lucky. JETHRO BOVINGDON COLUMNIST Seeing the test mule for the new mid-engine Chevy Corvette provoked Jethro to compare it to a Maloo with an LS7 in the bed. TIFF NEEDELL COLUMNIST Lister Cars posted an old publicity shot with Tiff, Katie Price and a Lister Storm. After the Storm we think Tiff has aged the best. LEWIS KINGSTON MARKETS EXPERT After compiling our epic buying special last month…

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behind the scenes at modern classics...

Bundle of ‘joy’ After months of preparing for his pre-booked MoT test JJ confidently left his driveway on the way to his local garage. He made it all of ten feet before his 5 Series notted its aux belt. Big thankyou to... After a long day in a sportscar you need a good place to recharge, and The Clive Arms certainly provided that. We can’t reccomend them enough, or the locally produced biscuits... The Scirocco actually works JJ owns what must be the world’s least reliable VW and yet his ‘84 Storm managed to work long enough to get him to the Scirocco Register National in Telford... and back! More soon... Little and large Squeezing Nathan into the tiny confines of a Fiat 126 was probably one of this magazine’s biggest challenges. Now he’s lost five stone…

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contributors this month

TIM HARVEY FORMER BTCC CHAMP Tim’s won races in RS500s and Rovers, but his biggest BTCC success came in a BMW 318is. Who better to tell us about super touring’s rise and fall? DAVID RICHARDS CBE PRODRIVE BOSS Prodrive might be better known for running Imprezas for Burns and McRae, but David’s team was there right at the start of super touring – and lasted to the end. JEAN-PIERRE PLOUÉ CITROËN C6 DESIGNER Bringing Citroën out of its pre-millenial design funk was no mean feat. Jean-Pierre explains how his glorious C6 got Citroën’s mojo back. OLIVER BROOKWELL PHOTOGRAPHER Oliver was busy, shooting the three differing strands of the first part of our lead feature. Hasn’t bought his own modern classic, we reckon a Volvo 850 T5-R would do...…

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festival of the unexceptional

If we had a pound for every time we heard someone mutter the phrase 'I haven't seen one of those for ages' at this show, the total would have comfortably covered our lunch and fuel. The Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional takes what was once an everyday motor that's now all-but extinct and shines a brilliant spotlight upon it once more. Now in its sixth year, a venue change for 2019 saw crowds gather around these rare motoring survivors on the landscaped lawns of Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire. Whether it was the Vauxhall Cavalier that took you on a family holiday or the Ford Cortina that you passed your driving test in, the cars at FOTU are all nostalgia-inducing chod... That's a good thing by the way. It's an event for those who…

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citroën centenary

More than 5000 Citroëns packed into the site once used by the carmaker to hone its greatest hits for Citroën's official centenary celebrations. While most owners taking part were eagerly awaiting a drive on La Firté-Vidame's four-mile test track, for us the highlights were the one-off concept cars – including 2000's idea of what a 2CV revival might have looked like – and the mindbogglingly large BX, CX and XM displays. It might have taken more than three years to plan – but it was definitely worth the wait.…