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June 2020

Modern Gardens is the exciting new magazine that helps today’s busy professional create fresh, exciting outdoor spaces… without having to expend too much time and effort! Each month the magazine will feature new garden ideas and keep you up to date with gardening trends, as well as give you tips on the plants to grow, the tools to buy and landscaping to inspire. Our key focus is to help you create the garden you want in the space you have, for a price that’s right. - The trends: create the garden that’s perfect for you, no matter how much space you have - Inspirational features: we reveal fabulous gardens, hints and tips from readers & experts alike - Family: create an outdoor space that’s perfect for you and your children - Flowers: the best plants and how to grow them - Vegetable tips: grow your own food! - Shopping: where to go, what to buy, where you’ll find the best prices for you garden plants, tools and anything else you need We look forward to welcoming you on board our exciting journey!

United Kingdom
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celebrate outdoor living

I’ve been busy planting climbers all along my newly painted boundary fence, to heighten the sense of quiet sanctuary in my outside space. I want to filter the chaos of the world through a veil of coiled clematis tendrils and bewitching passion-flower blooms; to insulate my plot in an ambrosial haze of star jasmine scent. I’ve strung some solar-powered lights overhead, too, so a protective canopy appears just as darkness starts to fall. My garden has become a harbour to shelter from the Covid-19 storm, where I can escape the torrential downpour of bad news and settle the squalls of worry that swirl through my mind. In my garden, I can sow hope and find peace. I can FaceTime friends as the birds sing and cook Sunday lunch on the…

8 min.
earthy pleasures

PRETTY PEONIES Understated, yet unashamedly theatrical at the same time, the always-beautiful peony is a modern garden must. It lives for years, blooms for months and boasts lush foliage all summer long. And it would be hard not to feel the sweetness of summer with a trio of Japanese peonies in peachy-pink hues on your windowsill, displayed alone but with gusto in a pure white bud vase each. If you’re growing some in your garden, cut the stems first thing in the morning when the buds are still tight. They’re tougher than they look, so should last at least a week. Their silky, scented petals are edible, so use them to decorate cakes and jazz up salads – float one in a glass of Prosecco for a stylish sundowner, too. Mug shot The…

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blooming lovely in june

3 amazing ASTRANTIAS ‘SHAGGY’ £9.99/9cm pot You’ll love these beautifully delicate, pincushion flowers with green-tipped white petals. Slugs hate them though, so they’re great next to your hostas! Height 45cm Spread 30cm. crocus.co.uk ‘HADSPEN BLOOD’ £12.50/1.5-2L pot If you want drama, choose these sumptuous blood-red flowers held on deep maroon stems. Grow in partial shade and, like all astrantias, mulch to keep moist. Height 90cm Spread 45cm. burncoose.co.uk ‘ROMA’ £6.95/9cm pot This perfectly pink variety flowers longer than most, often performing into autumn with a second flush of flowers. A very on-trend plant! Height 60cm Spread 40cm. claireaustin-hardyplants.co.uk MAKE YOUR OWN GIN ANGELICA £5.99/9cm pot This majestic giant bears huge, architectural flower heads and fresh green seedpods held on crimson-pink stems. But it’s the root you’ll need to make your own botanical gin – find the recipe at moderngardens.co.uk.…

11 min.
create your happy place

Having a garden feels like a wonderful luxury at the moment, and we honestly don’t know how we’d manage without one. Our gardens are already the place where we escape to, where we can plant, plot and potter away and spirit our minds away from the current situation, relaxing in warming, restorative sunshine. But what if you had a special corner to sit in, especially designed to include elements scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, to improve your mood and to promote your happiness? A space unique to you, filled with things that make you smile? A happy oasis that will help you, personally, to get through these difficult times. You don’t need to part with lots of money or energy to achieve this sanity-saving project. It will take a couple…

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see it, do it!

Studies show that we continually try to detect patterns in our environment because it makes learning easier, and the shape of a word prompts us to involuntarily do whatever it says. Add a positive and instructive sign to your happy place and it will instantly improve your mood as your brain responds.…

5 min.
“we turned our shady sloping plot into a bright outdoor space”

When Helen and James Withers moved into their home in Danbury, Essex, their garden was a far cry from the stylish multi-layered space it is today. Returning from living in Singapore, they were met with a gloomy, shady, sloping plot. “The garden was very uninviting, not practical or welcoming at all,” remembers Helen. “We wanted a fun and sociable living space!” Luckily, help was close at hand, with garden design company Cube 1994 Ltd also located in the historic village. When MD and designer Sean Butler visited the site, he could see why Helen and James were so keen to redesign it. “The garden was on two levels – the lower level was dark and uninspiring, with a dividing wall between it and the upper sloping lawn area. And there were…