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October 2019

Modern Gardens is the exciting new magazine that helps today’s busy professional create fresh, exciting outdoor spaces… without having to expend too much time and effort! Each month the magazine will feature new garden ideas and keep you up to date with gardening trends, as well as give you tips on the plants to grow, the tools to buy and landscaping to inspire. Our key focus is to help you create the garden you want in the space you have, for a price that’s right. - The trends: create the garden that’s perfect for you, no matter how much space you have - Inspirational features: we reveal fabulous gardens, hints and tips from readers & experts alike - Family: create an outdoor space that’s perfect for you and your children - Flowers: the best plants and how to grow them - Vegetable tips: grow your own food! - Shopping: where to go, what to buy, where you’ll find the best prices for you garden plants, tools and anything else you need We look forward to welcoming you on board our exciting journey!

United Kingdom
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Hasn’t it been a great summer? We’ve had loads of sunshine, but just enough rain to keep everything looking good without having to reach for the hosepipe every evening. My big surprise of the summer was gypsophilia, which I’d stuck into a raised bed after filling my garden-centre basket with a few pots on impulse. My bargain finds grew into great billowing clouds of gorgeousness, with hundreds of white tufts of fluff bobbing on endlessly branching stems. With no help whatsoever from me, echinacea and Japanese anemones found their way through all this froth to fly their pretty kite-bright heads high above. It looked as modern as modern could be! I chopped down the last of their now-withered, wiry stems last weekend, in the happy knowledge that I can look…

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earthy pleasures

A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN IN LOVE WITH LILIES Larger-than-life lilies are naturally striking and hard not to like. Thanks to their generous size, just a few stems gathered in some pretty tissue wrap makes for an effortlessly impressive bouquet (that’s cheap, too!). They’re traditionally displayed unaccompanied, but for a modern update that’s perfect for the advent of autumn, combine with smaller blooms in rich purples and plums, such as lisianthus and penstemons. NOT-SO-TWEE TWEED Now autumn’s here, opt for soft and cosy cushions. This gorgeous Tweedmill Cushion is on our lust-list, £35 gardentrading.co.uk HOOK UP This angular beauty hangs from a hook rather than a chain, lessening the chance of it blowing in a strong breeze. Pop in a pot-plant or a candle. Copper-toned Glass Terrarium Lantern, £12 direct.asda.com MODISH MOSAICS Pep up your patio with this…

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blooming lovely in october

3 DRAMATIC SEED HEADS GIANT SEA HOLLY ‘SILVER GHOST’ £6.99/9cm pot Silvery thistle-like flowers are surrounded by a ruff of spiky leaves, that gradually fade to warm shades of buff and brown. Height 60cm Spread 40cm. crocus.co.uk ALLIUM ‘AMBASSADOR’ £13.97/pack of 3 bulbs Once the intense purple lollipop-like flowers fade, the striking seed heads arrive – fabulous for picking! Height 1.2m Spread 25cm. jparkers.co.uk NIGELLA HISPANICA £19.99/40 plug plants Beautiful romantic flowers atop feathery foliage, maturing into green and red attractive seed pods. Look spectacular arranged in a vintage pot. Height 60cm Spread 50cm. crocus.co.uk THE BRIGHTEST BERRIES BEAUTYBERRY £24.99/4L pot Everyone will want to know what this plant is, with violet-purple berries with an almost metallic sheen growing alongside leaves with gold and purple tones. The name says it all! Height 4m Spread 2.5m. gardening express.co.uk Three autumn showstoppers NORTH AMERICAN REDBUD TREE Plant where…

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”now we enjoy the garden like any other room in the house”

When Isatu and her husband Peter bought their 1970s detached house in the seaside town of Brightlingsea, Essex, they were quick to transform it into a modern, Scandi-style haven. And as soon as bi-fold doors were fitted, it was clear that the interior’s clean lines and monochrome tones would need to be echoed in their outdoor space. “We love minimalism and Scandinavian style,” explains Isatu. “We’d decorated our house with modern fixtures and touches of hygge, and we just had to extend that through the new doors into the garden.” The couple decided to tackle the entire garden, and create a seamless flow between the two. It’s fair to say they had their work cut out for them. With curved grass edging, old-style decking and decorative paving slabs, the existing unloved…

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our garden plan

LOCATION 1970s detached house in Brightlingsea, Essex THE LOOK Scandi-style minimalism SITE & SOIL Size 12.5 x 16m Faces South west Soil Improved clay OUR BUDGET Ground work including digger hire, skip, concrete, labour and paint £2,000 Resin bonded path £3,500 Pergola & interior £2,000 Electrical work £500 Sink and plumbing £100 Summer house & interior £2,000 Plants £700 Planters £500 Furnishings and paint £1,300 TOTAL: £12,600 HOW LONG IT TOOK Ground work 10 days Re-building deck 15 days Laying resin bonded path 3 days Building pergola & creating interior 7 days Installing summer house & creating interior 4 days Planting 21 days Building the planters 3 days TOTAL: 2 months of work, spread out over 2 years…

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how we did it...

BEFORE The garden as it was when Isatu and Peter first moved in, and before they started the work. Though functional, it wasn’t to their taste and they decided to start again from scratch. PLANNING IT OUT The couple mapped out their ideas for various elements of the new layout with its different zones using planks of wood as a guide. FOUNDATIONS One of the first tasks was building a base for the new decking area at the rear of the house. Wood from the original decking area was to be re-used here. RELOCATED DECKING The original decking is in its new position, having been flipped and re-laid. Square holes were made to take an acer and an olive tree. RAISED PLATFORM An industrial-style concrete base was created to take the large pergola structure…