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Mother & Baby August 2017

Mother & Baby gives you practical, expert answers to all your parenting questions. In each issue, you’ll find everything you need to know as a mum – from essential pregnancy and newborn advice, to information on feeding, weaning and sleeping. And don’t miss the must-have shopping and product guides, produced with the help of our burgeoning army of real-mum testers. MOTHER & BABY gives you the confidence to be the best parent you can possibly be, by helping you make the right choices for you and your baby. With over 50 years of experience, mums & dads know they can trust our advice.

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I love that moment when your youngster is all settled in her cot, her eyelids are fluttering shut and her breathing changes into those deep, peaceful huffs. You know she’s going to go to sleep. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter how long it’s taken to get to this point: your shoulders unbunch and you take a big, deep huff of a breath too. It’s magic! And I’m hoping that lovely moment is going to be happening all the time in your home, once you’ve tried all the clever tricks in The Great Nap Guide (page 57). It’s full of expert help to get your youngster napping well, even on these hot, light summer days, so do email M&B when it works for you – after all, you’ll have plenty of time…

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take it from me…

This month, singer and mum of two, Emma Bunton, shares what she’s learnt about dealing with her sons’ Beau and Tate’s eczema… ‘My sons both suffered with eczema. My youngest, Tate, had it behind his knees and on his elbows, which irritated him, and I found it really frustrating as a mum, as it upset me to see him in so much discomfort. It became really uncomfortable for him, so I took him to the doctor who prescribed stronger and stronger creams. But putting products with steroids onto such gorgeous, new-baby skin didn’t feel right to me, so I wanted to try to find an alternative. There wasn’t one baby-care brand that particularly worked for me, or that I trusted, so it was a case of trial and error. In the…

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giovanna fletcher

Like a lot of working families, it’s easy to get caught up in the endless list of ‘stuff’ that needs to get done. There’s always the never-ending scheduling and organising we need to stay on top of to keep our households afloat. So it’s understandable that so many of us feel like we’re stuck in a rut, too scared to jump aside and take a breath for a few moments, just in case all our well-thought-through lives unravel and fall apart. We forget to enjoy the best bit: each other. When I sit and think about it, I have to ask myself how many of those manic plans make me happy. Because surely, the thing that takes up most of my time and thought space should be the thing that makes…

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water of life

‘When you’re expecting, your body needs a significant amount of water to support the increase in your blood volume and amniotic fluid, as well as helping manage pregnancy-related complaints such as constipation and water retention. So it’s vital to keep hydrated. The amount of water you need depends on your weight, body fat and activity levels, but aim for 1.6 litres a day. Place a glass of water next to your bed and carry a bottle with you all day.’ • Dawn is supporting Aptaclub’s Active For 2 campaign.…

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seasonal favourites

BLUEBERRIES Treat yourself to this gorgeous summer pudding that’s not only delicious but healthy as it’s packed full of berries. Blueberries contain high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals that support the production of collagen and elastin, which helps keep your skin supple as your bump grows. INGREDIENTS SERVES 4 • 125g blueberries • 150g strawberries • 50g redcurrants • 250g raspberries • 90g golden caster sugar • 4 slices white, crusts removed DIRECTIONS 1 Wash the fruit, and gently dry on kitchen paper, keeping the strawberries separate. 2 Pour the sugar and 2 tbsp water into a large pan and gently heat until the sugar dissolves. 3 Bring to a boil and tip in all of the fruit, except the strawberries, and cook for three minutes on a low heat, before sieving over a bowl. 4 Dip the slices of bread into the mixture. 5…

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brilliant advice

I’m pregnant with my fourth child, but even though I’m an experienced mum, I still like reading all the great tips and articles that are featured in the pages of Mother&Baby each month! Every child, birth and pregnancy is different, and it gives me reassurance to know others are going through the same experiences. M&B has provided me with so much knowledge and support – I can’t imagine not popping a copy in my basket when I’m doing a shop. LAURA COWAN, DUMFRIES Laura wins £150 to spend at Cheeky Rascals, the people passionate about useful parenting products and sourcing iconic, innovative brands from around the world, cheekyrascals.co.uk…