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Mother & Baby May 2020

Mother & Baby gives you practical, expert answers to all your parenting questions. In each issue, you’ll find everything you need to know as a mum – from essential pregnancy and newborn advice, to information on feeding, weaning and sleeping. And don’t miss the must-have shopping and product guides, produced with the help of our burgeoning army of real-mum testers. MOTHER & BABY gives you the confidence to be the best parent you can possibly be, by helping you make the right choices for you and your baby. With over 50 years of experience, mums & dads know they can trust our advice.

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The 39-ish weeks of pregnancy can feel a lot like a rollercoaster ride; the thrilling highs of seeing your baby on the sonographer’s monitor, or feeling those first flutterings of movement, coupled with an anxious uphill trundle through each new pregnancy twinge… We’ve put together this month’s pregnancy special to hold your hand every step of the way, right through to the moment that precious little bundle is placed in your arms. And, boy, is it worth the wait. Turn to p21 and get ready for the ride of your life! We know from speaking to you that there’s no bigger pregnancy anxiety than labour itself. So, this issue, we’ve shown you how to plan the perfect birth environment, to ensure your baby enters the world to a space that’s every…

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Goo goo gah gah? You’re probably pretty fluent in the parenting language known as baby talk and, in the largest study* of its kind, results have found that babies prefer it when adults use sing-song, high-pitched tones. Observing 2,329 babies from 16 countries, researchers discovered that older babies prefer baby talk more than younger infants, while children of all ages preferred baby talk in their native language. ‘Often parents are discouraged from using baby talk by well-meaning friends or even health professionals,’ says Michael Frank, the Stanford psychologist behind the study. ‘But the evidence suggests that it’s actually a great way to engage with your baby, because it tells babies, “This speech is meant just for you!”’ M&B LOVES Keep her comfy Wrap your little one in a soothing hug with aden+anais’s new comfort…

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louise pentland where do i start?

Today I’m writing this article on a sofa while my children play and ‘distance learn’ around me. The house is a mess, the world feels strange, and we have all had to adapt to a ‘new normal’. I’m guessing you’re spending your time at home and are facing the same sort of questions as me. How do I keep them entertained all day long? How will my two-year-old, Pearl, burn off all that energy? How can I help them feel safe? The list goes on – and on! As I type I’m only at the start of this journey (magazines take a little time to put together), but I’ve already found a few nifty tricks and hacks to keep me going in these unprecedented times. The first one is the most important…

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letter of the month

And relax… After two miscarriages and struggling to conceive, at 40 years old I’d given up hope of becoming a mum. A friend suggested we take the pressure off, and stop trying. So my husband and I went back to making love when we wanted to, rather than scheduling functional sex followed by me lying with my legs in the air! We stopped using a fertility app, and I started meditating and focusing my energies on gentle exercise and good food. At the time I didn’t credit it that much, but, on reflection, I believe it helped significantly. Our daughter, Harper, is now 19 months old and thriving. We will forever be grateful for the excellent advice from our friend and the precious gift of our daughter. KIM CLARKE, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE Kim wins a…

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over to you...

Meet Freya, eight months old, and her dad Jiunn. Daddy’s little princess, mummy’s little angel. She is such a happy baby and is always smiling. Shannie Lee, Bristol Mummy’s girl This is my seven-month-old daughter, Theia, and me. We love to pose for a photo! She also loves to snuggle with Mama – she’s such a mummy’s girl. She is pure joy – she just doesn’t know how to sleep…! YINGYING MUDDIMAN, LIVERPOOL Best buds We didn’t let the storms this spring stop us from visiting the zoo. My son Arthur, two, in the middle, loved jumping in muddy puddles with his big cousins Lenny, six, on the left and Noah, four on the right. I hope it makes you smile as much as it does me! CHELSEA GREENFIELD, KENT Ray of sunshine This is our beautiful baby, Isla,…

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little cuties!  so many gorgeous babies this month…

This is Travis, five months old. Here he is in his Sunday best, ready for our local church service! ANDREW PAYNE, MILFORD HAVEN This is baby Edith, aged seven months, reading my magazine and showing off her beautiful smile. She arrived by c-section in August 2019. Edith is always so happy and constantly smiling – we are such lucky parents. SAM ALLEN, BASILDON My adorable Sophia Lily is now almost two months old, and brings us smiles like this day-in day-out. We couldn’t imagine life without her now! Chloe Perks, South Wales My sweet little daughter, Aubrie, has just turned eight weeks old. She was still giving me some beautiful smiles and showing those twinkling blue eyes, even after her immunisation injections that day. Mummy, however, cried her eyes out! AMANDA COOKE, HALESOWEN SEND US YOUR SELFIES! We’d love…