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Mother Earth Living July - August 2019

Mother Earth Living will bring you all the best and latest information you need to choose natural remedies and practice preventive medicine; cook with a nutritious and whole-food focus; create a nontoxic home; and garden for food, wellness and enjoyment. In every issue, you will find recipes for healthful foods suitable for a wide range of special diets; tips to avoid dangerous toxins in cosmetics and personal care items; hands-on gardening tips to help you grow earth-friendly gardens; and detailed information on the traditional medicinal uses of plants.

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attention, perception, awareness

THERE’S AN OLD ADAGE that I often think of when I consider self-care: When your pain is greater than your fear, you will chose change. Pain, whether emotional or physical, often motivates change, or at least attention, but fear of change can interrupt and delay the change process by minimizing discomfort. Our mind-body is unique in that it’s wired to cope with stress. Sometimes we have to undo a coping pattern our mind-body has created because it too has become uncomfortable and worn out. The foundation of self-care is attention — in current parlance, mindfulness. Yet without practice, mindfulness, and ultimately self-care, is an empty promise. Paying attention takes time, but with conscious effort, moments of attention accumulate into perception, and perception grows into awareness. Now we’re getting somewhere! Most mindfulness…

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mother earth living book club

Summer is for adventure, even if it’s in your favorite armchair! Join us from July 1 to August 31 as we read about the first British woman to motorcycle around the world. At 23, Elspeth Beard set off from London on a 35,000-mile global journey, solo, riding a 1974 BMW R60/6. Two years later, Beard arrived home a changed person and much more confident woman. Mountains, deserts, corruption, assault, love, and loss punctuate this extraordinary story of self-sufficiency and pluck. Lone Rider is available at MotherEarthLiving.com/Store.…

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mother earth living

MEET THE TEAM ISSUE EDITORS Jessica Mitchell, Lead Editor Traci Smith, Assistant Lead Editor EDITORIAL GROUP Oscar H. Will, III, Editorial Director Jean Denney, Group Editor, Wellness & Gardening Rebecca Martin, Group Editor, Rural Lifestyles Caitlin Wilson, Senior Managing Editor Amanda Sorell, Senior Copy Editor Haley Casey, Allison Sarkesian, Associate Editors Casey Marshall, Jordan Moslowski, Ryan Crowell, Blair Gordon, Christianna McCracken Assistant Editors Ilene Reid, Editorial Assistant Jordan Carley, Intern CONVERGENT MEDIA Brenda Escalante, BEscalante@OgdenPubs.com ART/PREPRESS Michelle Galins, Art Director Kirsten Martinez, Prepress Staff WEB AND DIGITAL CONTENT Tonya Olson, Digital Content Manager NEWSSTAND Melissa Geiken, 785-274-4344 Bill Uhler, Publisher Oscar H. Will, III, Editorial Director Cherilyn Olmsted, Circulation & Marketing Director Bob Cucciniello, Newsstand and Production Director Bob Legault, Sales Director Carolyn Lang, Group Art Director Andrew Perkins, Director of Events and Business Development Tim Swietek, Information Technology Director Ross Hammond, Finance & Accounting Director…

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“how do you describe self-care?”

With a small child, my time and energy are easily depleted, so self-care is essential! To me, it means finding time to renew my mind and body. This summer, my meals will be high in protein and greens, and I’ll make time for walks, yoga, and lavender bubble baths. Playing guitar and piano are my favorite ways to deflate stress in an instant, and my son, Alpine, loves to sing along! —BLAIR I describe self-care as nurturing my body, soul, and spirit. I’m taking care of my body by eating healthy, including such things as plant-based foods, chicken, and salmon, and I’m cutting sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol from my diet. I’ve also recently started attending a class to learn more about reflexology, homeopathy, body brushing, essential oils, earthing/grounding, and…

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through the grapevine

Wise Words for Happiness I became a widow after almost 40 years of marriage. It was then I realized my happiness is totally my responsibility. I’ve discovered resilience in embracing each day, doing things that bring me joy, and doing away with those things that take away the peace I try to maintain. I try not to shy away from any challenge that comes my way because that’s where I gain my strength, in facing my fears and overcoming what at first feels daunting. Some of these secrets have taken 61 years to discover, but I’m most grateful for learning the lessons, and being able to share them. JODY LEWIS Youngstown, OH Jody, your response is inspiring. I am truly happy to print this letter and share your wise words of happiness. — JD Aging…

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revamp your health regimen

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