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apogee, perigee, m3?

Just prior to shipping this issue, the only two BMWs I had recently driven were the X7 and X5—both all-new for 2019. I had only a brief lunchtime spin in the supersized X7, in which I took five colleagues to a local pho joint and was able to use all three rows. My co-workers handle different parts of the business at the MotorTrend Group, from business intelligence to operations to ad sales, so they were excited to experience a brand-new BMW. “Do you like it?” they hollered from the back. “How does it drive?” “It’s really … big,” I said, struggling to find words to describe the 5,300-pound, 203.3-inch-long (0.6 inch shy of a Chevy Tahoe), $100,000 (as tested), leather-swaddled behemoth. I spent a lot more time in the X5: a full three-day road…

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hits of the hot wheels legends tour

Long before you got your first car, and longer still before your dream car/project, you had a Hot Wheels car (or a few dozen). Now, though, is your chance to make your life-size baby a future Hot Wheels collectible. Launched last year as part of Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary, the Hot Wheels Legends Tour once again is crisscrossing the country—giving fans the opportunity to show their cars and compete for not only a best in show trophy but also the chance to have their car immortalized as a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels die-cast. Winners at each of the 18 shows become finalists for the grand prize, which will be announced at the SEMA aftermarket show in Las Vegas this November. The tour’s in full swing with events held in Miami, Atlanta, Houston,…

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lights! camera! luft 6! porsche goes classic hollywood at luftgekühlt 6

Luftgekühlt is German for “Air-Cooled” It was all a Marty McFly dream, right? One Saturday morning, hundreds of classic Porsches pull in to surround the Hill Valley town square set from Back to the Future. And then, by late afternoon—poof! They were all gone. Was it a dream, Doc? No, it was the sixth and very dreamlike installment of Luftgekühlt, the legendary gathering of air-cooled Porsches, and one of the finest car shows of any kind, anywhere. Last year’s Luftgekühlt 5 took place at the massive yet tidy and oddly photogenic Ganahl lumberyard in Torrance, California. Afterward, I was left to wonder, how on earth will the Luft crew top this? By going from wood to Hollywood, of course. The set pieces at Luft 6 were made for photographers and social media mavens.…

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2019 ford mustang shelby gt350

Make it more confident and intuitive to drive.” That was the feedback current owners of Ford’s wild-child, track-rat, flat-plane-crank, manual-only Mustang Shelby GT350 offered when the development team asked. The team kept this wish in mind as it pushed the current platform to new levels of performance while developing the GT500, and it’s now rolling out a new GT350 with higher performance limits. Perhaps the lowest-hanging chassis-development fruit is better tire grip. The Mustang team worked with Michelin to tailor a tire and then retuned the chassis to take advantage of the new grip. Upgrading from Michelin Pilot Sports to Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires represents a serious performance and technology leap. The GT350R has used wider-section versions of this tire from the start, and the tires look similar. Both have a…

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2020 porsche cayenne coupe

Better late than never. Years after its German rivals launched cut-down versions of their SUVs, Porsche has finally built a Cayenne with a lower roofline. The Cayenne Coupe arrives in the U.S. this fall with three powertrains, additional standard equipment, and a host of options. The Cayenne Coupe shares powertrains, suspension components, electrical architecture, and much of its body structure with the regular Cayenne. In terms of sheetmetal, however, only the hood, front fenders, and front door skins (plus the lights) are carried over from the regular Cayenne. The A-pillars have been laid back, there’s a new windshield, and the roofline is 0.8 inch lower, sweeping gracefully rearward into 0.7-inch-wider rear quarter panels to create a greenhouse with echoes of the iconic 911. The interior is virtually identical to that of the…