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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure June 2021

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure is a monthly 116 page full colour magazine covering all aspects of modern leisure bike riding. New bike reviews, product news and events add to the unique mix of touring features and long term road tests.

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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★ star letter

Drum brakes My letter is a general comment/query to the industry. Why has drum brake technology not kept pace with that of discs? Since the CB750 set the trend with discs, drums have been forgotten and binned. In the early 70s I had both, an average TLS drum and a poor wet weather disc. I know the cable-operated drum needed decent effort and was prone to heat fade, compared to the better efficiency hydraulic caliper/disc. Developments in pads, discs and multiple pistons have brought great advancements in braking. My point is, why haven’t the same advancements happened to drums? They can be hydraulic (as were in cars) and the surface contact of the shoe is maybe 90% of the drum surface area. Gordon Hardman The main disadvantage of the drum brake concept is…

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expert opinion

Darren Green, of KTM dealer Premier Bikes in Abingdon, has sold plenty of 390 Dukes. “We’ve sold them to all riders of all ages and sizes, and use can vary enormously. Many owners have them as runabouts for general duties, a lot using them for commuting to and around London. The ergonomics of the bike make it suitable for all sizes and shapes of people. Ladies like them because they’re so light and not at all intimidating, and they’re very popular with riders who’ve recently passed their tests and are just getting into biking. They like the manageability of the 390 and the fact it’s not too big, fast or powerful. “None of our customers have done too many miles on their bikes yet as most just use them for short journeys.…

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test fleet: honda cbr1000rr-r fireblade

I’ve owned classic VW campervans for the majority of my adult life. It’s a love-hate thing. They are unreliable; the brakes are shockingly poor; they cost a fortune to keep running perfectly; they are thirsty (averaging around 20mpg); and very slow. There are very few – actually, I will change that – there are no practical advantages to owning one. However, they look cool, and in a strange way I enjoy driving them; with a VW campervan it’s more about the journey. And once, fingers crossed, I’ve arrived at my destination, the family and I can cook up some bacon butties and have a brew. Yes, it’s a love-hate thing all right, where very obvious and sometimes painful disadvantages are endured for the sake of moments of uncut joy. Sports bikes…

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legal eagle

BROKEN WHEEL Q. Despite the Covid-19 chaos, I managed to get a job at my local garden centre (apparently they had 400 applications for three positions!) last year and saved up my pennies to buy a second-hand 125 to get about on. Freedom!!! All was well until last month when the rear suddenly started to get a wobble on, and the bike spat me off into a ditch. One broken bike. One broken pelvis. And possibly no job. I wasn't exactly full of the joys of spring. Whilst Mum was tending to me at hospital (I was only allowed one family member in at the time) the old man recovered the bike and started checking it over. He's had bikes all his life and found that the rear wheel had effectively…

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suzuki updates its big naked

The first thing you notice about the new Suzuki GSX-S1000 is the updated looks. The redesign is bold, and it’s sure to divide opinion, but at least Suzuki has taken a firm step away from the previous model. The bodywork, stacked LED lighting and MotoGP-inspired winglets are all new, with a focus on sharp, angular, aggressive lines. The bike is available in blue, grey or black, with textured radiator shrouds and side panels that feature an urban camo-inspired design. The inline four-cylinder engine produces more power and a broader spread of torque in the lower rev ranges to deliver ideal naked sports bike performance. Changes include a new intake and exhaust camshaft, valve springs, clutch and exhaust. Peak power is 150bhp at 11,000rpm. The power increase comes despite the new model meeting the…

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royal enfield goes flat tracking

Royal Enfield has debuted on the European racing circuit by collaborating with Gary Birtwistle, the reigning 2019 European and British Hooligan flat track champion, for the 2021 DTRA Flat Track racing season. Gary will campaign Royal Enfield’s purpose-built flat track racing motorcycles, the Twins FT, in all races in the 2021 DTRA calendar. To complement the racing sponsorship, Royal Enfield has developed a partnership with Gary to launch a UK flat track learning experience under the banner of ‘Dirt Craft’. Dirt Craft is designed for riders of all experience and skill levels who want the opportunity to try out flat tracking on the FT411, a customised RE Himalayan. To book and find out more, see www.dirtcraft.co.uk…