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Mountain Biking UK September 2018

Mountain Biking UK has got all the latest news, kit and exclusive info on the newest and best bikes. The MBUK Wrecking Crew testing team are out there right now, riding new bikes and products to destruction, to give you expert reviews you can count on to be brutally honest. We live to ride - and that's what makes MBUK Britain’s best-selling bike magazine.

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editor’s letter

E-MTBs are now generally sleeker, more integrated and better balanced overall – much closer to ‘normal’ mountain bikes We need to talk about e-bikes… The more mountain bikers we chat to – both pro and amateur riders, I might add – the more we find who’ve either tried them or are desperate to give them a go. Which is why we’ve picked four to be put through the wringer by our Wrecked & Rated test team for this month’s biketest. Let’s be clear though, before we go any further – this isn’t an e-bike takeover we’re about to embark on, more a recognition of their increasing prominence in the market and in some riders’ considerations. And why not? The fact of the matter is that they’ve become way better propositions than they…

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this month

CANADIAN ENDURO EPIC Our Features Editor, Ed, heads to Canada to take on the most testing ride of his life –the Trans BC six-day enduro – page 54 OVERNIGHT ADVENTURES How to make the most of heading out on your bike for a properly wild overnight adventure – page 120 AFAN FOREST PARK Does this long-standing UK trail centre still deliver a top-quality ride? – page 138 SUBSCRIBER ZONE Find out how you can become part of our exclusive ‘Subs Zone’ once you subscribe to MBUK and unlock entry to competitions, special offers, discounts and extra content – page 52…

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flow like water

One of the driest summers on record has made farmers despair, but for us mountain bikers it’s meant sun-filled days and dry, dusty trails. The lack of water has also opened up some unusual riding spots, as Welshman Ajay Jones discovered when he went exploring in the Brecon Beacons. “After watching old BMX videos from California as a kid, I always wanted to find a full-pipe or some sort of manmade construction that I could ride,” he explains. “I spied this quarter-pipe back in 2002 but it wasn’t until this year that we had a long enough drought to dry it out. I was on holiday in Greece when I heard about the hosepipe ban in Wales and I was worried I wouldn’t get home before the rain came and ’d I…

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the dirt sculptor

If railing berms and flowing through jumps is your thing, then you’ve got to check out Black Mountains Cycle Centre. This lowkey Welsh bike park is home to some of the finest soil sculpture in the country and it’s all thanks to the creative mind and spade skills of Shaun Bevan. In the past year, Shaun’s put in some serious man hours at the farm to create new features on his latest project, ‘Bomper’– a super-flowy rat race of vertical berms and pristine jumps. “I’ll have a rough idea of what I want to build, but I do a lot of my design work in the digger,” Shaun explains. “I go with what the hill’s telling me and freestyle most of it! The challenge is to get things near perfect first…

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smart suspension

Ever locked out your shock for climbing and forgotten to unlock it for the descent? Fox’s new Live Valve system aims to fix this. It uses two accelerometers – one in the fork crown and one near the rear axle. When either detects a bump, the fork and shock are switched from their default locked out state – intended to provide maximum pedalling efficiency – to an (adjustable) open low-speed compression damping setting. Fox reckon this takes just three milliseconds, and both valves then close again automatically. How long this takes depends on how the system is configured and whether the bike is going up or downhill. If another bump is detected, the timer starts again. So on rough trails, the damping is left open. A third accelerometer, on the frame,…

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dark times and amazing highs

Former XC racer Max Suttie is now focused on making an impact in the endurance racing world. The 25-year-old, from Newton Abbot, Devon, is already a two-time British 24-hour champion and the 23-29 world champ. He’s looking to test himself against the best by racing in the Elite category at the WEMBO Solo 24 Hour MTB World Championships in Fort William later this year. Just how do you get in shape for an event like this? “I typically spend 14 to 25 hours a week on the bike, with added strength and conditioning training,” he explains. “I ride six or seven days a week, and sometimes twice a day. At the weekends I do two five- to seven-hour rides with bonus intervals.” Max doesn’t feel the physical aspect is the hardest part…