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Mountain Biking UK June 2020

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Mountain Biking UK has got all the latest news, kit and exclusive info on the newest and best bikes. The MBUK Wrecking Crew testing team are out there right now, riding new bikes and products to destruction, to give you expert reviews you can count on to be brutally honest. We live to ride - and that's what makes MBUK Britain’s best-selling bike magazine.

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United Kingdom
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Those of us with kids have been enjoying daily exercise rides at a slower pace than we’re used to. Ironically, the banter has n less childish than usual! You’ll notice a few changes in this month’s mag. Obviously we haven’t been able to get out testing, so we’ve had to scale back our tech coverage and reviews a bit. Thankfully, we work well in advance, so still have plenty of photos and testing notes on file from before social distancing was introduced. There’ll no doubt be further changes as this situation develops, but I can assure you that we’re working our hardest to keep things as normal as possible and to continue bringing you our usual great mix of MTB entertainment, inspiration and advice. Opportunities for proper mountain biking may be severely…

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distancing before it was the norm

The serpentine curves of Nan Bield Pass in the Lake District are a popular route for riders and walkers alike. So rare is the opportunity to have a clear run at them, that photographer James Vincent and his friend Rich Munro came up with a cunning plan to camp out on the High Street fell the night before and guarantee first dibs in the morning. “We figured that not even the hardiest of fell runners would be up high that early!” explains James. “Think of it like bagging a prime poolside sunbed spot with your towel. Sure, you have to contend with sub-zero temperatures and a broken night’s sleep (although whisky helps), but the payoff of empty trails is most definitely worth it. And if you pack light, with your kit…

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down mexico way

If you imagine riding in Mexico, dust, deserts and cacti probably spring to mind, not lush forests. This photo of Geoff Gulevich blasting out of the mist was taken on a recent trip to Oaxaca in the south of the country, an area the Canadian freerider was tempted to visit after getting word of outstanding and largely uncelebrated trails. “The rumours weren’t exaggerated,” Gully tells us excitedly. “I rode trails so smooth and fast I couldn’t believe it. Even though a rain system came through right before we arrived, and levels of grip teetered terrifyingly between unbreakable traction and nothing whatsoever, it was so fun bombing down new trails knowing you had to be ready for anything! “Thanks to the crew from Oaxaca Bike Expeditions I was shown the crème de la…

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a fork for going nuts

Fox have released a new single-crown fork designed for burly enduro bikes and pushing your limits on the fastest and wildest trails. The pistachio-coloured 38 Float (don’t worry, it also comes in orange and black) is available with 160mm to 180mm of travel, for 650b or 29in wheels. The 38mm-diameter upper tubes split the difference between Fox’s 36 enduro fork (which now has its travel capped at 160mm) and their 40 dual-crown DH fork, and the arch, crown, steerer tube and axle have all been redesigned to stiffen things up, improve lower-leg alignment and help reduce friction. Other fresh features include lower-leg bleed buttons for releasing excess air pressure; channels that allow air to flow past the bushings and into the space above to prevent excessive ramp-up; and a new air…

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garden party

As the world battles its way through the various lockdowns, where travel restrictions have limited access to our favourite riding spots and we’re largely confined to our homes, we’ve become insanely jealous of those lucky few who’ve got backyard trails to shred. As you can see here, Erik Irmisch, YT product tester and downhill racer for Team Racing Dudes, has a pretty sweet set-up at the back of his home in Germany. There’s a dual slalom track, dirt jumps and a pump track – everything you could possibly need to keep you entertained. But he isn’t the only one taking the opportunity to get creative. Brendan Fairclough, Matt Jones and Kade Edwards are just a few big UK names whom we’ve seen building backyard tracks to help keep the boredom at…

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youth gone wild

Watching Harry Schofield ride a bike is a humbling experience. At just 10 years old, Harry, from Sussex, is already going faster and hitting bigger jumps than most of us would ever dare. And back when he was eight, his trick bag was brimming over with backflip variations, 720-degree spins and more. With a background in BMX and MX, Harry has been spending more time on MTBs in recent years, and when a YouTube video made by his dad Paul went live, showcasing his son’s insane array of skills, bike brands clamoured to sign him up. At the back end of last year Harry signed a deal with the appropriately named YT (Young Talent) Industries, and he’s since been ripping it up on a custom 24in-wheeled full-susser built specially for him. When…