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Mountain Biking UK July 2020

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Mountain Biking UK has got all the latest news, kit and exclusive info on the newest and best bikes. The MBUK Wrecking Crew testing team are out there right now, riding new bikes and products to destruction, to give you expert reviews you can count on to be brutally honest. We live to ride - and that's what makes MBUK Britain’s best-selling bike magazine.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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Half the joy of riding is hearing the whoops and hollers of your friends, sharing that high-five or receiving a rare nod of approval from a normally taciturn riding companion It’s great to be able to ride with mates again. Solo rides are all well and good, but half the joy of nailing that tricky line, sending that jump you’ve been eyeing up for months or making it up that technical climb without dabbing is hearing the whoops and hollers of your friends, sharing that high-five or – for those curmudgeonly types who see this kind of behaviour as an unseemly import from the States – enjoying the very British pleasure of a rare and barely perceptible nod of approval from a normally taciturn riding companion. Then there’s crashing. If a tree…

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life begins at 40

At 46 years old, ex-racer Kirt Voreis could be dismissed as a bit of an old-timer – but oh, how wrong that would be. Even though our cover star is of an age where many are turning to e-bikes and looking twice at drop-offs, the American downhiller turned dirt jumper, street rider and all-round shredder remains one of the most creative pros out there. Always in pursuit of some mad stunt and not giving up until he’s nailed it, regardless of how many crashes it takes, Kirt’s incredible bike handling oozes pure fun. Photographer Ian Hylands – who took these shots of him cranking out a clicked whip in the Californian desert – is a long-time friend of Kirt, and tells us what it’s been like to document his riding over…

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caribbean roots

Jamaica’s Fat Tyre Festival isn’t the colourful reggae- and Red Stripe-fuelled carnival you’d expect (although both of those are a part of it!). It’s actually a pretty low-key event hosted by Singletrack Jamaica, in which they guide a small group of riders around their Caribbean island paradise. This year, Scott Bikes pro rider Scotty Laughland went along for the ride. “Descending a flowing, hand-cut line through tropical jungle, we popped out at a watering hole where we stripped off and jumped in, before being given coconuts to drink from, freshly cut before our eyes!” he recounts. And that wasn’t even the best of it. Canadian freeride legend Darren Berrecloth happened to be there for the festival too. “I grew up watching Darren in films like New World Disorder,” Scotty says, “so…

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play harder

With playfulness and agility at its core, Santa Cruz have designed their new 5010 trail bike (which shares its frame with the women’s-specific Juliana Furtado) around smaller 650b wheels, reckoning them to simply be more fun than 29in hoops. They’ve also shifted the shock lower in the frame and it’s now driven by the lower link, bringing the bike in line (in terms of silhouette, at least) with the longer-travel Nomad, Tallboy, Bronson, Megatower and Hightower. Santa Cruz say this has allowed them to make the 130mm of rear wheel travel more progressive and easier to tune and set up. It also ensures the 5010 can work with either an air or a coil shock. But the changes don’t end there, because the geometry of this latest, fourth-generation 5010 has been…

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stone-cold silence

Sunshine and Stonehenge can only mean one thing – the summer solstice. Every year, tens of thousands of revellers, history buffs, spiritualists and tourists descend on the iconic megalithic monument in Wiltshire to celebrate the year’s longest day. Every year, that is, except for this one. Like everywhere else in the country (and much of the rest of the world), the West Country hit pause to tackle COVID-19 and, for the first time in generations, this June the ancient stones weren’t echoing with the beating of hundreds of drums and massed choruses of pagan chanting. With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, and local lad and regular MBUK snapper Russell Burton knowing that Salisbury Plain was still a haven of peace and quiet, he and our resident man of maps, Max Darkins,…

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40 years of shredding

Here’s one to make some of us feel old – Steve Peat has been riding for four decades! The DH racing legend and mainstay of British MTBing has had this milestone commemorated with a new custom lid from his helmet sponsors Troy Lee Designs. Reminiscing on the early days, the big man from Sheffield told us: “I was about two-and-a-half when I first pedalled a bike. I had two older brothers who I used to chase around – hence the family portrait on the back of the new helmet. I distinctly remember my first decent wheelie. I got a few cranks in up a hill near my mum’s house and it was the best feeling ever! “With racing, I was a bit of a late starter. I was 17 when I did…