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Mountain Biking UK November 2020

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Mountain Biking UK has got all the latest news, kit and exclusive info on the newest and best bikes. The MBUK Wrecking Crew testing team are out there right now, riding new bikes and products to destruction, to give you expert reviews you can count on to be brutally honest. We live to ride - and that's what makes MBUK Britain’s best-selling bike magazine.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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November isn’t always the funnest time of year, especially in damp, claggy UK conditions, but there’s enjoyment to be found on any trail Fun. That’s what it’s all about for me. Fitness is a handy side benefit, and I can see why some people get competitive, but what keeps me – and the rest of the MBUKcrew – passionate about mountain biking is the sheer enjoyment of riding new trails for the first time and rediscovering old ones, making the most of every little turn and undulation, capturing that elusive flow – if only for a moment – and sharing the excitement with my friends. And that’s what this issue is all about too. November isn’t always the funnest time of year, especially in damp, claggy UK conditions, but there’s enjoyment to…

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young guns lead the way

We held on for over a year for the first World Cup racers to take to the start line again, but for British cross-country fans it was well worth the wait. At this year’s only two XC rounds, both held at Nové Mesto na Morave in the Czech Republic, the up-and-coming crop of UK talent rode themselves into the limelight and earned the kind of success we haven’t seen for a long time in this discipline. Evie Richards’ dramatic photo finish in the women’s short-track event (XCC), ahead of 2019 world champ Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, gave her the win in her first Elite World Cup race. The Trek Factory Racing rider followed this up with another victory in the second short-track race three days later, after crashing at the start of the…

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night vision

Winter is closing in. The long, hazy summer is but a distant memory, leaving in its place increasingly cold, dark and frequently wet nights that drag on interminably. Your Five Tens are permanently damp, and a heavier-than-usual mustiness lingers around your riding kit. The easy option would be to give your trusty steed one last deep clean and wrap it up for winter, but honestly, where’s the fun in that? Get those lights charged, grab some like-minded mates and get back outside. OK, it might take you a few weeks to get your night vision back, but before long you’ll discover a laser-like focus on the narrow section of trail in front of you. Sketchy obstacles that might put you off in daytime disappear, becoming indistinct and easily-ignored shadows as you…

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is nine fine?

Have you ever felt 12 sprockets are too many? Do you yearn to get back to a simpler time, while still enjoying the advantages of a wide-range cassette? Well, you’re in luck. Box Components have released just such a drivetrain, with an 11-50t, nine-speed cassette and multi-shift capability. Box claim a nine-speed set-up increases reliability and durability, by improving the chainline and requiring you to shift less frequently. The ‘One’ drivetrain pictured here is the premium version (there’s also Box Two and Three). At a scant 378g, the cassette is comparable in weight to SRAM’s 12-speed XX1 Eagle offering. All nine sprockets are made from steel and riveted to an aluminium body. It offers an 11-13-15-18-22-28-34-42-59t spread, and fits on an HG freehub. Other highlights include an adjustable-tension clutch on the rear…

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rain doesn’t stop play

It’s not just here in the UK that things get pretty damp and slippery – and all the more fun for it! The USA’s Pacific Northwest is home to a vast temperate rainforest, characterised by towering evergreens and deep, dark woods. And Bellingham, Washington, just 20 minutes south of the Canadian border, is perhaps the best-known riding destination in this northwestern- most corner of the country. It’s home to companies such as Evil Bikes, Kona and Transition, to name but a few. Local snapper Colin Wiseman tells us: “It’s almost hard not to ride a bike if you live here, and it shows in the trail networks. From utilitarian Galbraith Mountain, a working forest replete with flow trails and moderate tech, to the old-growth cedar and steeps in the Chuckanuts south…

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hut hopping

For MTB adventurer and photographer Martin Bissig, Davos Klosters in Switzerland is like a second home. In winter it has fantastic skiing, in summer it not only offers hundreds of miles of the finest mountain biking trails, but also some of the most photogenic spots in Switzerland. Martin took this shot during a three-day e-bike trip with his friends Franzi and Chris. Roughly 130km long, mostly on singletrack, and with more than 5,500m of climbing, the route should have been possible on a regular bike, in theory. But as it turned out, even on an e-bike it was a challenge. At least there were Insta-worthy photo opportunities around every turn in the trail! The ascents were technical and tricky, even with motor assistance, and the descents were no pushover either. At night,…