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Mountain Biking UK June 2021

Mountain Biking UK has got all the latest news, kit and exclusive info on the newest and best bikes. The MBUK Wrecking Crew testing team are out there right now, riding new bikes and products to destruction, to give you expert reviews you can count on to be brutally honest. We live to ride - and that's what makes MBUK Britain’s best-selling bike magazine.

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6 min
power hour

PING “Yo, can u sponzor me please. I have big plans to grow my social medya this year. I can give you lotso f followers 4 youre braynd. I do Big sends.” PING “Hey Pat, can we touch base soon about the new launch? We need to ringfence some of the budget so we can ride the unicorn into Q3 and beyond.” PING “Pat, we need some more loo roll.” PING “Hey Pat…” “Aarrgghh! Hello, James? We’re going for a ride!” OUT TO LUNCH Pat Campbell-Jenner is a busy fellow, but he can deal with those messages after lunch. Right now, we’ve got an hour to ourselves and we’re going to make the most of it. There’s no better way to blow off the stresses of the daily grind than with a quick session down…

6 min
bedgebury forest & the bull track

We’re pretty lucky these days, aren’t we? Go back even just 10 years and, if you weren’t fortunate to live in the hills, then mountain biking would invariably mean missioning over boggy local bridleways or driving miles to the nearest trail centre. Today it’s a different story, because countless new trail centres and bike parks have sprung up to fill the gaps, meaning that no matter where you’re based, you’re never that far from somewhere to ride. The two spots we’re visiting today aren’t brand new, but both are new to us and they’re in an area of South East England that you’d be forgiven for assuming isn’t exactly an MTB hotspot. We’re starting our day in Bedgebury Forest – a place we’ve heard is super-fun and flowy yet beginner-friendly,…

9 min
clipless pedals

Developments in pedal and shoe technology mean that, as well as being a must for XC racing, clipless pedals have almost completely displaced flats in Elite-level DH, and – with the notable exception of Sam Hill and Morgane Charre – it’s rare to find enduro racers who are performing at the top level without clipping in. Flat pedals will always have a place for more playful riding, and there are riders who just prefer the freedom they give, but if you can adjust to the sensation of having your feet attached, there are a lot of advantages. Firstly, there’s the confidence gained from knowing your feet are going to stay exactly where you want them through rough terrain. Then there’s that connection to the bike, which makes hopping obstacles or going…

12 min
first rides mbuk

YOU CAN MANUAL, PUMP AND JUMP WITHOUT THE BIKE ABSORBING TOO MUCH OF YOUR ENERGY. THE EXTENDING REAR-CENTRE GIVES YOU A STABLE PLATFORM TO WORK FROM AND, COMBINED WITH THE GEOMETRY, MEANS IT NEVER SEEMS TO FLINCH FORBIDDEN DREADNOUGHT XT £5,599 Will the Dreadnought make you totally fearless? Forbidden were one of the first to shake up the established order with the launch of a high-pivot trail bike – the 130mm-travel Druid, introduced in 2019. Two years later, and still not ready to settle for the status quo, the small Vancouver Island brand are doing the same to the enduro market with the 154mm Dreadnought. The frame High-pivot bikes aren’t uncommon these days, especially in downhill, but they’re still a minority in the enduro and trail markets. The main advantage of the design is its…

3 min
full speed ahead!

While it’s hugely disappointing that this month’s Fort William World Cup has been cancelled (at the time of writing, we’re still waiting to hear whether it’ll be rescheduled), it’s not all doom and gloom for racing fans. By the time you read this, the opening round of the XC World Cup in Albstadt, Germany, should have just wrapped up and it won’t be long until the DH kicks off in Leogang, Austria. Turn the page for a roundup of what you can (hopefully) look forward to this World Cup season. Remember, you can watch all the action unfold on Red Bull TV’s live stream. NOVÉ MESTO, Czech REPUBLIC, May 15-16 For the XC racers, this rooty and demanding track always makes for an exciting ride. Expect those who didn’t have a solid…

1 min
e-bike levo-lution

For their third-generation Turbo Levo e-bike, Specialized have taken a lot of inspiration from their Stumpjumper EVO aggro trail bike, meaning it’s longer and slacker – but not lower. In fact, Spesh have raised the bottom bracket, to help prevent pedal strikes. It also uses their S-Sizing system, where the short seat tube length lets you choose between the six sizes depending on how you want the bike to feel on the trail, not how long your legs are. Shorter sizes are nimbler, longer ones more stable. You can alter the geometry, too, raising or lowering the BB by 7mm via a flip-chip, while adjustable headset cups let you choose a head angle between 65 degrees and a slack 63.5 degrees. Seat tube angles have been updated and vary from 78…