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Muscle Evolution July/Aug 2014

Muscle Evolution is South Africa's leading resource for weight training, competition news and reviews, supplementation and nutrition. Established in 2003, Muscle Evolution has built a loyal following among the passionate local bodybuilding community. Muscle Evolution offers locally relevant, in-depth and informative content in innovative, progressively-designed features that are written by SA’s top bodybuilders, coaches and industry experts, to deliver a comprehensive and compelling read for competitive and aspiring bodybuilders, and serious gym-goers alike.

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keep moving forward

My wife came home from work just over three months ago really excited about the fact that she had been the top marketing leads generator for the entire Africa and Europe region, at a massive American company. She had been there for years and had been to Miami three times for their annual conference, and London once for training. She was on top of the world. She had visions of growth and success, and plans for her new strategies. She had a spring in her step. Two weeks later I opened the front door to a devastated woman. With no warning, and very little tact, they decided that African marketing was surplus to their business. Being an independent contractor, that was it. Her job was over. She took the positivity and confidence she…

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“what we do in life echoes an eternity”

You can’t always prepare yourself for what life throws at you. This was the stark reality the industry faced in June as news quickly spread of the passing of one of South Africa’s most formidable bodybuilding icons, Chris Scott. It was a reminder for all of just how precious life is and how suddenly things can be taken away from us. Chris was a trainer, a mentor and a father, not only to his children, but to a great many people who sought his wisdom, guidance or his legendary compassion. He was the best and, as such, he was respected and loved by a great many people whose lives he had an indelible impact on. While sitting at the funeral, surrounded by some of the biggest men I have ever seen in…

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muscle news

USN REBRANDS The new USN brand is going back to the basics that made it a leading entity in global sports supplementation. The new look USN brand, which carries through to all product packaging, branding and communication, is about breaking down barriers, making it possible for everyone to achieve their ultimate goal through leading products and innovation that remains goal specific and easy to implement. The new USN brand is a challenge, a call to action, an invitation to all, to make your ultimate goal a possibility. #ChallengeYourself to join the conversation. PRETORIA TO HOST MISS SA FITNESS XTREME IFBB Figure Pro World Champion, Nina Richter has announced that the fourth BBSA/IFBB Miss SA Fitness Xtreme competition will be held on 11-12 July 2014, at the Pretoria East Event Centre. This unique, women-only…

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m.e people

M.E People is a forum for our readers to share their photos. Whether it has been your dream to see yourself in a bodybuilding magazine, you have some healthy competition with friends or simply need to keep yourself accountable, keep an eye on our Facebook and twitter feeds for the M.E People theme each edition. You have put in the hard work - now share it with likeminded people all over the country. This forum is where we give our readers a platform to communicate visually and be part of Team Muscle Evolution. Follow us on twitter (@muscleevomag) and Facebook (muscleevolution-southafrica’snumber1bodybuildingmagazine) to be first to send your themed photos in for the next edition! The address to send photos is info@muscleevolution.co.za ALL PHOTOS, NAMES AND SPELLING AS SUPPLIED BY READERS. MUSCLE EVOLUTION…

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ask m.e

RAPID MUSCLE LOSS Q I’m a junior athlete who has competed previously, but have taken time off to gain more muscle. I have not taken any supplements for about six months, but I have managed to gain 8kg since my last show. However, I skipped training for three days recently and lost a lot of muscle size. What can I do to prevent muscle breakdown? Anonymous A I have to be honest and tell you that I highly doubt that you began to lose muscle after only a three-day break from training. In fact, quite the opposite should be true. Infrequent, short (up to a week or so) breaks from intense training cycles generally leads to small gains in lean muscle, particularly muscle volume, as muscle tissue recovers and glycogen reserves are replenished…

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tech gear

Sony W Series Sports Walkman® The Sony W Series Sports Walkman® is a wire-free, hands-free headphone that removes distracting cords from your workout. The waterproof design makes it ideal for intense training and the rapid charge battery ensures you’re ready to hit the gym within three minutes of charging, which delivers up to 60 minutes of use. A full charge can deliver up to eight hours of constant play. Drag and drop functionality enables you to mix up your music for every session, transferring your favourite music from your Mac or PC quickly and easily. The multi-format playback means the device is compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC or L-PCM music files. With 4GB of internal memory you can store up to 900 songs. Convenient, multifunction playback buttons ensures ease of use as…