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Muscle Evolution November - December 2016

Muscle Evolution is South Africa's leading resource for weight training, competition news and reviews, supplementation and nutrition. Established in 2003, Muscle Evolution has built a loyal following among the passionate local bodybuilding community. Muscle Evolution offers locally relevant, in-depth and informative content in innovative, progressively-designed features that are written by SA’s top bodybuilders, coaches and industry experts, to deliver a comprehensive and compelling read for competitive and aspiring bodybuilders, and serious gym-goers alike.

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koppe stamp

When I was playing rugby I had a huge chip on my shoulder. The other props I played against were always heavier and more mobile with the ball. My belief that I had to live up to expectations of my coach and fellow players ignited the drive within me to do more at training for game day, which is when I would run onto the field and push everything out of the way to win ground for my team. Even if I left that field with the poles all bruised and battered, and my head ringing it was still worth it. Apart from the regular rugby training I also lifted, squatted and pulled weights to overcome the opposition in whatever shape or form they would be on any given Saturday. I…

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grow your mind, not just your muscles

“I DON’T CARE WHAT IT IS THAT YOU DO IN LIFE, BUT IF YOU HAVE A BURNING DESIRE TO BE A BETTER PERSON AND BE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO, THEN IT’S IMPERATIVE THAT YOU WORK ON YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE AROUND YOU.” If I had to sum up 2016, I would compare it to taking a shot of 80%-proof Stroh rum on an empty stomach. At first it seemed like a good idea, but then when it kicked in I was left with a bit of a wobble. I have learned more about myself this year than I ever thought possible and I have really enjoyed the process, albeit, at times, the lessons being taught required some tenacity. I’m a firm believer that without hardship one cannot experience personal growth.…

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muscle news

NEW BCAA FLAVOUR FROM TNT MERCURY TNT Mercury’s leading BCAA product is now available in an exciting new Cherry flavour. BCAA 3:1:1 is a L-leucine-loaded (4 grams/ serving), zero-carb BCAA drink. The specific 3:1:1 ratio is widely recognised as the optimal ratio. BCAA has a specific and unique benefit that is unlike other amino acids. Benefits of BCAAs in muscle performance and recovery are well documented, making it a must-have in any credible supplement regimen. BODY20 ON EXPANSION DRIVE With the rise in popularity of electro muscle stimulation (EMS) training, due in large part to the numerous benefits it offers and its effectiveness, Body20 EMS Studio has announced plans for further expansion. Adding to a large network of facilities in Gauteng, the Eastern and Western Cape, and the Free State, new studios are…

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tech gear

SNÜG POWERBANK Local tech accessory distributor, Gammatek has introduced the SNÜG Powerbank 6000mAh and the SNÜG Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 Powerbank 8000mAh, 12000mAh and 15000mAh. All are compact external batteries featuring dual USB ports for charging more than one device at a time. SNÜG Powerbanks are powered by the latest Lithium Polymer battery technology, which allows smaller cells to hold more charge and deliver higher output. They are lightweight and ultra thin, making them easy to carry around. They all feature an LCD display to show remaining charge available. The SNÜG Powerbank range can charge a smartphone between three and seven times before requiring its own recharge, depending on the model. FONDI ONREAL CAM FondiVersal Technology has announced the launch of what it claims is the world’s smallest and lightest camera. The Fondi OnReal…

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ask m.e

“THE BODY IS INCREDIBLE AT ADAPTING TO WHATEVER ROUTINE YOU FOLLOW, SO YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHANGE YOUR SPLIT EVERY 4 TO 6 WEEKS IF YOUR GOAL IS TO CONTINUE MAKING IMPROVEMENTS.” THE IMPORTANCE OF HYPERTROPHY AND FORM Q How do you go about setting up a successful split for hypertrophy and what is the importance of form in lifting weights? Casey from Durban A There are as many ways of setting up a split as there are letters in the alphabet. Hypertrophy (muscle-building) routines generally involve a high volume of work per muscle group in a session, but relatively infrequent training of each muscle group. One such option is to divide your body split into a classic push, legs, and pull system. You would do exercises for chest, shoulders and triceps on…

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the stage is empty rip marco rossi

It was the same passion that drove him to create opportunities for countless others to shine after he finally retired from bodybuilding. As a visionary consumed with passion, Marco pushed everybody to up their game in the industry and gave athletes what they deserved – a great show. Now the Rossi stage is empty. A PERMANENT VOID The bodybuilding world was in total shock on 14 September following the news of the passing of one of the country's greatest athletes and show promotors. The Rossi Classic, initially scheduled for 17 September, had to be cancelled due to Marco's deteriorating health. Marco's brave battle with health issues was in the end just too much for his body to handle. He left a permanent void in the bodybuilding and fitness landscape after battling with renal impairment…