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Muscle Evolution September - October 2016

Muscle Evolution is South Africa's leading resource for weight training, competition news and reviews, supplementation and nutrition. Established in 2003, Muscle Evolution has built a loyal following among the passionate local bodybuilding community. Muscle Evolution offers locally relevant, in-depth and informative content in innovative, progressively-designed features that are written by SA’s top bodybuilders, coaches and industry experts, to deliver a comprehensive and compelling read for competitive and aspiring bodybuilders, and serious gym-goers alike.

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sun’s out guns out

From research we know that the arms of new lifters grow rapidly over the first couple of weeks of their training, while their legs and other body parts like chest tend to remain the same. This makes sense because most people can put a ton of extra effort into curling a barbell from day one, long before they feel comfortable to rep poundages on squats or the bench press during their training. As we move into the summer months we tend to target our ‘mirror’ muscles more to get some eyebrow-raising results when the sun is up, the t-shirts come out and jackets are left in the cupboard. Can you then expect twice the results in the form of pretty crazy gains by increasing your poundages on the big barbell exercises? Some…

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reviving the lost art of humility

“SOMETIMES THAT MISSING ELEMENT THAT IS HAMPERING YOUR SUCCESS IN BODYBUILDING ISN’T FOOD, DRUGS OR TRAINING. IT’S YOUR LACK OF HUMILITY.” This letter marks the 79th issue and 14 years of Muscle Evolution magazine. While writing it I couldn’t help but sit back and think about how privileged I’ve been to have met so many incredible people, and reminisce about all the opportunities I’ve had to work with the best this country has to offer when showcasing their immense talent. Just the other night I saw Daniel Baron (the son of former multiple SA Champ Arthur Baron) performing his new track from his new album on the DSTV Trace channel. Back in the day when Arthur was competing, his son was on SA Idols. He didn’t win, but he never stopped chasing…

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muscle news

WEIDER NITRO SPARK Weider’s new pre-workout supplement, Nitro Spark delivers an effective, doping free blend to maximise strength and energy during bouts of extreme exercise. Formulated to provide long lasting pumps, explosive strength and endurance, Weider’s Nitro Spark is the new training tool for all athletes. It supports blood flow, energy output and both cellular and muscle fibre activation. It achieves these effects with a combination of effective ingredients that include L-Arginine HCL, Creatine HCL, L-Tyrosine, Citrulline Maleate, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Whey Protein Concentrate, and caffeine. BBFSA, PCA COLLABORATION TO BOOST ATHLETES’ PROFILES Body Building and Fitness South Africa (BBFSA) has formed a collaboration with the United Kingdom-based Physical Culture Association (PCA) to give athletes in South Africa and across the world a viable alternative platform to compete. According to show promoter Kevin…

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tech gear

JAGUAR F-TYPE SVR Jaguar’s new F-Type SVR is an all-wheel drive two-seater that has been tuned by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division. The 5.0-litre twin vortex supercharged V8 engine churns out 423kW and 700Nm of torque, delivering a top speed of 322kph (200mph) and a 0-100kph time of just 3.5 seconds. Supporting the more powerful power plant is reconfigured aerodynamics and retuned suspension to boost grip, along with carbon-ceramic disc brakes, lightweight alloy wheels and carbon-fibre body parts, as well as an Inconel® titanium exhaust system. Available as a coupe or convertible, from R 2,134,100. Visit www.jaguar.co.zafor more info. ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL YACHT-MASTER Rolex has introduced a new version of the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master, its emblematic nautical watch, for the first time in Everose Rolesor (a combination of 904L steel and…

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ask m.e

“THERE IS NO POINT IN RUSHING THE RECOVERY PROCESS. It is essential that you fully complete your 6-8 weeks of recovery to ensure that you regain normal joint function, strengthen the supporting musculature, and restore a full range of motion.” SHOULDER DAMAGE Q I’ve been suffering from shoulder inflammation since January 2015. I have seen a doctor and done x-rays. He has since advised me that my inflammation is not severe and that I can continue to weight train, but I must just use lighter weights. I’m always very cautious when training chest and try avoid flat bench pressing to an extend. Do you have any advice to keep building my chest bigger while remaining safe? Are there any specific foods or supplements that can assist with the healing of my shoulder?…

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strong-arm tactics

www.nacorautenbach.com“THE SECRET TO BIG ARMS IS TO NEVER ALLOW THEM TO GET USED TO A PARTICULAR TRAINING ROUTINE OR TECHNIQUE BY USING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. VARIATION IS IMPORTANT.” Shot on location at BUC Fitness Club, Sea Point, Cape Town | http://buc.cc or Twitter @BUCFitness BIG BADASS ARMS In the past, Cape Town born and bred veterinary surgeon Dr. John Charles would have singled out his arms along with his chest and calves as his most glaring weaknesses when he looked at his physique with the critical eye of a bodybuilding judge. “My arms were always on the thin side, although they had some shape and definition as a result of my background in athletics (The good doctor was the Junior Western Province champion in the 400m and 800m track events, and also…