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Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

May 2019

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top tier: yes, the gt500 is here!

I’m pretty sure that every one of you reading this right now has seen the 2020 GT500, but let me just throw this reminder out there. It’s incredibly badass! Matter of fact, it’s one of the most highly anticipated reveals since the venerable S550 GT350 and GT350R.Obviously, we all know the pecking order of the S550 Mustangs. The GT500 will undoubtedly be at the top of the Mustang kingdom, but where does it stand compared to other notable rides? This quote I’m taking from our upcoming story says it all: “It’s going to sit, whether it’s at the track or in straight-line performance, at the top of the pyramid for any production Mustang that we have done.” That’s what Ed Krenz, Chief Functional Engineer at Ford Performance, said. “It will…

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near miss

Scott Hicks’ Capri is nicely finished in the original Polar White hue, thanks of Chris White. The Sikkens paint products cover a blend of stock and aftermarket panels, the latter being an H.O. Fibertrends cowl hood and fiberglass hatch with a Lexan window. Lexan quarter-windows are employed a well, helping achieve a total weight of 2,950 pounds sans driver.What distinguishes someone with a modest interest in cars from a hardcore enthusiast? For Scott Hicks, it’s not the fact that he wrenched for a Mustang high performance shop for 18 years, though that surely indicates vast competency and experience. Rather, it’s his own car that reveals his all-in tendencies. Witness the Fox-body 1980 Mercury Capri that he built after long days of installing superchargers, suspensions, and big brakes on untold numbers…

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head start

When Ford Performance Parts introduced the “X2” aluminum cylinder heads for small-block Fords, we knew they would be perfect for our 1995 Mustang GT project. Why? Many aftermarket suppliers have stopped offering heads that accept the factory-style, bolt-down rocker arms in favor of provisions for typical stud-mount rockers. But most stud-mount rockers require aftermarket valve covers, and most aftermarket valve covers interfere with the alternator on 1994-1995 cars. So, stud mount rocker arms require a series of parts that make them less than a bolt-on for SN95 pushrod engines. But the X2 aluminum cylinder heads utilize Ford’s bolt-down rocker arms, which means we can reuse our factory rockers and valve covers. Problem solved!Sold as part number M-6049-X2, the cylinder heads are cast from all-new tooling. They are a bolt-on replacement…

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the cobra’s still king

Thanks to Kurgan Motorsports, the Cobra made 814 hp and 753 lb-ft at the wheels sipping plenty of E85. Yes, it still uses the stock motor, and even the heads are untouched. How’s that for impressive?Like countless Mustang success stories before it, this tale harkens back to adolescence and the innumerable hours so many generations of young gearheads spent staring at posters of fast cars hanging on their bedroom walls.Jose Caldera says, “I would have done anything for a Terminator Cobra, but my parents thought they were too expensive and too fast, and so did the salesman at the dealer. So before my first semester at Universal Technical Institute (UTI), my parents convinced me to lease a V-6 New Edge instead of a Cobra.”Not exactly the first Mustang he had…

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storming stallions

Rapidly becoming one of the premiere Mustang enthusiast events in the country, the Sturgis Mustang Rally, or SMR as the insiders like to call it, is held Labor Day weekend in Sturgis, South Dakota. SMR was cofounded some 12 years ago by Frank Lawton and the late Gary Lipold and is currently governed by the Sturgis Mustang Rally Committee, along with an army of 80-plus hardcore Mustang enthusiasts working strictly on a volunteer basis.SMR 2018 was a smooth-running, fun event that attracted entries from 35 states, as well as Canada and Europe. Would you believe somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,100 early and late-model Mustangs (900 of them being late-models, give or take) converged on Sturgis main drag?The 12th annual Sturgis Mustang Rally kicked off with Mustang Monday and its…

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difference engine

Sprayed in Silver Gray by Gerald Smith and sitting just right on RC Components wheels, Kendall Collins’ 1971 Ford Maverick still has those body lines he fell in love with. It does have a few notable alterations, however. That’s no Dual Dome hood. It’s a fiberglass Grabber-style hood with a cowl-induction bulge grafted on by Kendall, his dad, and his best pal, Dana Brown. He sourced the front spoiler from a 1969 Boss 302, but the rear unit is all Maverick Grabber.Some dare to be different. Others don’t give it a second thought because it’s all they know—they’re mavericks. Mavericks are nonconformists who don’t take the path of least resistance. Taking the easy way out is just not in their nature.That is definitely the case with Kendall Collins. When he…