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July 2020

Music Tech is the world's most practical music recording and production magazine. Every issue is packed with hands-on features written by professional producers and engineers, software walkthroughs for all the key packages, Ten Minute Master guides to technologies and techniques, and the very latest product software news and reviews.

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the musictech experts

JONO BUCHANAN Jono is a composer, producer, lecturer and journalist. His interest in everything to do with electronic music started at a tender age and has carried him through a career spanning song-writing, remixing, sound design and music for picture. DAVE GALE Dave is an award-winning orchestrator, media composer and producer, with a passion for synths and modulars in all their forms, whether software, hardware, vintage or modern. Dave is MusicTech’s resident Eurorack expert, as well as a soundtrack composer. ALEX HOLMES Alex has been an electronic musician for many years and has a passion for beats, bass and all forms of electronic music. He’s currently involved with three different dance-music projects. Alex creates our sample-filled DVD each month. MARTIN DELANEY Martin was one of the first UK Ableton-Certified Trainers. He has taught a wide range of…

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your voice is the best tool…

The human voice can be a malleable instrument. In a mix, it can be chopped, duplicated or used as the raw material to craft apocalyptic choirs or ethereal soul-tugging soundscapes. In a conventional track, the central hook is usually carried within the vocal melody, and so it’s massively important that the recording, treatment and placement of the vocal is done to the highest possible standard. In this month’s cover feature, starting on page 014, Jono Buchanan guides us through the steps required to create such perfect vocals, and suggests a few more creative ways with which to manipulate the voice. Also this month, we spend some quality time with production icon Stephen Street, whose impact on British rock is nothing short of seismic. Recently awarded the Outstanding Contribution to UK Music…

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on your dvd…

Principleasure Samples Multi-talented producer Sharooz Raoofi (AKA Principleasure), has put together a massive 1.8GB pack of royalty-free samples. The collection is full of analogue synths and drum machines from his Principle Pleasure Studios in LA. Expect iconic Roland sounds courtesy of the TB-303, TR-808, TR-909, Juno-60, and Jupiter-8, as well as those of the Oberheim OB-8, Sequential Circuits ProOne, ARP Odyssey, Korg MS-20, Yamaha DX7 and more. As each preset is multisampled, you can load them into your DAW’s sampler and start playing real analogue patches. Size 1.82GB Format 24 bit/44.1kHz WAV principleasure.com VIDEO FEATURE/20MINS Music Theory for Producers Producertech’s recent releases offer music theory and composition techniques. We’ve got three videos presented by Rob Jones, including an introduction to triads and chord inversions taken from the beginner course. There’s also a chapter on how…

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in case you missed it…

FUZZ GIANT The inaugural version of FabFilter’s Saturn, an award-winning multiband distortion and saturation plug-in, was released in 2012. Eight years on, the Dutch company has returned to deep space with the release of Saturn 2. Available now and sporting a sleek new design, almost double the number of distortion types and virtually limitless modulation possibilities, the new plug-in also boasts linear phase processing, enhanced envelopes and a Superb High-Quality mode. The most apparent change to Saturn is its follow-up’s darker colour scheme, which may prove easier on the eyes over longer production sessions. Similarly, if you need a closer look at its parameters, Saturn 2’s fullscreen mode should help, along with i ts four other interface sizing options. Checking in on modulation routing looks to be a breeze too, with comprehensive…

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giving voice

German software developer Celemony has announced the latest edition of its pitch-correction program, Melodyne 5. The new version features sibilant detection via a reworked ‘melodic algorithm’, plus chord-based tracking, and dynamicsediting capabilities for individual notes. With Melodyne 5’s revised melodic algorithm, the software now distinguishes vocal sibilants from pitched content automatically, which could improve vocal-editing workflows by removing the need to isolate sibilants individually, as well as create more human-sounding results. When our vocal notes are stretched, only their vowels are lengthened, with the ‘ess’ sounds unaffected. To more closely adhere to this, when sets of notes are transposed in Melodyne 5, it leaves the sibilant sounds in place. Sibilants can also be ducked, accentuated and otherwise processed separately from the rest of a word, which makes Melodyne 5 a powerful…

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let’s dance

Set to be the world’s biggest free online music conference, with more than 200 program parts and 16 virtual rooms, the free Dancefair will take place 5 and 6 September 2020, running non-stop for 48 hours, with 16 virtual rooms packed with masterclasses, workshops, and panels. There will even be a virtual expo floor, as well as product demonstrations, one-to-one sessions and chatrooms for peer discussion. Since 2012, Dancefair has grown to accommodate 7,000 music-makers and professionals. About 500 artists, including Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and Armin van Buuren have appeared at previous editions. Founder Norman Soares says, “We found a way to keep everyone safe and still deliver the connection that has brought so many of you to the event each year.” Dancefair 2020 and is free to attend. Find out more and…