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net January 2019

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editor’s note

Given the web’s aim is to bring us together, it’s vital to ensure that we’re all equally able to access it. According to the World Bank, over one billion people – or 15 per cent of the world’s population – have a recognised disability (https://netm.ag/2qKDLBX). But evidence submitted by AbilityNet to the UK government’s Work & Pensions Select Committee’s Assistive Technology Inquiry found 90 per cent of sites don’t even meet single-A compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines set by the W3C – meaning that they fall below the legal minimum of AA (https://netm.ag/2RQ1zzO) Doing the bare minimum in terms of accessibility – whether it’s supplying alt text for images or sticking to a 16-pixel font size for body text – is no longer enough. Which is why we’ve called…

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featured authors

CARL CAHILL Cahill is a UX and UI creative for brands. On page 60, he teams up with Joss Cook, design manager at Lush Digital, to help you navigate less familiar areas of accessibility. w: carlcahill.com t: @carl_cahill DARRYL BARTLETT Bartlett is a front-end developer specialising in JavaScript, PHP and mobile. On page 68, he breaks down reusable components and explores how you can build, style and manage conflicts when working with them. t: @darrylabartlett ANDY DUKE Duke is head of design and development at Stickyeyes. Having delivered successful projects for his share of big clients, he’s the perfect person to advise how you can design for large organisations on page 20. w: stickyeyes.com MATT CROUCH Crouch is a software engineer at Vidsy and specialises in React, CSS-in-JS and accessibility. He takes a look at what makes Gatsby great for pre-rendering…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.com QUESTION OF THE MONTH The people behind fintech (financial technology) often boast about being ‘disruptive’. But do we really want our economic life disrupted any further than it has been since the 2008 crash? David Smith, Cork, Ireland LF: Disruption in fintech terms is, I believe, about applying the latest technology to improve access to and experience of products and services. In fact, rather than undermine financial institutions, it is democratising access to data and information and empowering end users to make more informed decisions. Look at online banking: that was disruptive ‘fintech’ when it first arrived but it revolutionised personal banking by making the process easier and more convenient. Today, with the new regulation in place, fintech and financial institutions are accountable in ways that are reassuring for customers.…

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3 simple steps

Matteo Bless, Zurich, Switzerland Think beyond websites + Follow Domino’s example. Having brought its physical store online, it’s now thinking beyond websites, enabling customers to order pizza through platforms like Alexa, Apple Watch, Xbox and Facebook Messenger, then track their order through an AI bot called DOM. Don’t shoehorn + Brands get it wrong when they shoehorn the offline brand into new channels, without giving thought to how digital design has a different set of rules and considerations. Save people effort + Brands also need to change how they deliver information in online channels. Aim for design that requires little effort by the user, such as autoplay videos, as well as imagery and colour palettes that suit the brand personality and users’ wants.…

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cool stuff we learned this month

SAN QUENTIN’S WEB DEVELOPMENT SHOP GIVES INMATES A FRESH START + San Quentin has its own dev shop called The Last Mile Works, which has already taken on 10 projects and is designed to help inmates leave with marketable skills. The scheme pays just under £13 an hour, compared to 26p an hour for other prison work. netm.ag/2PE8Sxi THIS FUTURISTIC DUTCH TRAIN FINALLY RENDERS YOUR OFFICE OBSOLETE + Many of us spend so long commuting, we may as well have our office on the train. A new idea from Dutch rail company, NS, provides exactly that. It recently unveiled designs that show large office tables, standing desks facing the windows and social spaces where people can talk and have meetings. netm.ag/2ztG0O9 THE AVERAGE WEB PAGE IS NOW THE SIZE OF THE ORIGINAL DOOM + An average…

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from our timeline

Having a project I worked on featured in @netmag @kchoppin Working for a small web company; my goal was to push the company far enough that we’d be able to secure a large international client. And we did. @mcnally_liam Running (probably!) the biggest Christmas information site on the web – http://www.whychristmas.com (it turned 18 on the 1st Nov…) @jpc101 Designing stuff that helped my clients gain funding. Nothing feels better than seeing projects you’ve worked on grow. @zer0mike Making the decision to grow a successful freelance career into a six-person agency that supports families, communities and is recognised each year with accolades while competing against much larger agencies. Not bad for someone that never attended college. @iamlucid Starting the WordPress London meet-up group and growing it to over 1,500 members. @keithdevon From starting as a junior designer and now leading as a…