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net February 2019

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editor’s note

When perfectly executed, design is a fluid, flexible medium. Think of some of your favourite sites and apps: a significant trigger of the surprise and delight you felt the first time you used it would undoubtedly have been down to the way one element effortlessly flowed into the next without you having to think about it. But, ironically, achieving this kind of fluency in your own work isn’t always so straightforward. You need to be able to think like your user and anticipate the way they’ll travel through your site. So, to give you a helping hand, we’ve asked Joshua Garity to put together a comprehensive guide on developing user flows, understanding each step taken by visitors to your site and carrying this insight through into your wireframes and prototypes. That’s not…

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featured authors

JOSHUA GARITY Garity has refined UX for some of the world’s top organisations with his agency Candorem. On page 60, he explores how you can use user flows to inform wireframes and prototypes. w: candorem.com t: @iamlucid STEVEN JENKINS Jenkins is the long-time editor of our sister title Web Designer. He has a love of HTML, CSS and design and is currently submerging himself in the world of infographics. This issue he runs down his favourite YouTube design tutors on page 68. RICHARD MATTKA Mattka is an award-winning creative director, designer and developer specialising in VFX. On page 76, he channels cyber-Chomsky in his guide to natural language processing. w: richardmattka.com t: @synergyseeker HILARY STEPHENSON Stephenson is managing director of Sigma, a leading digital UX agency. She puts forth her case for why charities have an even greater responsibility to create…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.com QUESTION OF THE MONTH How can you trust the chatbot platform software when developing? At Wixshow, we spent 400 hours on Motion AI and now they’ve terminated their service. Andreas Kviby, Sweden SL: Unfortunately this is the risk with any new technology. This is a pretty immature space – there has been and will continue to be a fair amount of consolidation. It’s the same with any new technology. Would you jump straight on a new JavaScript framework? In the tech space, especially in the past few years, there has been a lot of ‘new and shiny’ super-early adoption. We jump on something new before we know if it will still exist in five or 10 years. If you’re going to use a third-party provider, such as Motion AI, or…

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3 simple steps

How, in practical terms, do I go about getting started with design sprints? Naomi S, Jakarta, Indonesia RC: Here are some pointers on getting your head around design sprints and making them work for you. Read the book + The book Sprint by Jake Knapp is the best place to start understanding the methodology. At Etch Sprints, we run the four-day design sprint, sometimes considered the update the book. And to see how to adjust, I’d do a YouTube search on the ‘Design Sprint 2.0’. Get buy-in + The design sprint is best used for solving critical business problems and reducing decision time, as well as getting alignment. But it won’t work unless you get company buy-in. Decision jam + To get everyone on board, run a Lightning Decision Jam. Within an hour, your team will understand more…

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how did you train?

From our timeline Does it matter if you’re professionally trained or self-taught? Not at all. I’ve never had an employer ask about my degree qualifications, although if I could do it all again, I’d still go back to uni. Education doesn’t define how good you are but rather your dedication and understanding to the subject. It all depends on the individual. @McKay_1988 The Rock told me it doesn’t matter. But on a serious note, I’ve noticed those looking for the ‘professionally trained’ are only concerned about their budget not the end results. To be selftaught means it’s a passion and the education never stops. @jaynebayquen It doesn’t matter. I’m self-taught and started a successful agency that has earned 45 industry awards and many top clients. Some of my employees are also self-taught. Decision making, the ability…

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cool stuff we learned this month

PUSHER’S CHATKIT ADDS REAL-TIME CHAT TO MOBILE AND WEB APPLICATIONS + Pusher has announced the launch of its chat API, Chatkit, which enables developers to quickly introduce real-time conversational experiences to mobile and web applications. Having been in beta since last November, Chatkit is an all-in-one suite of tools that covers most cases when it comes to realtime chatting. https://netm.ag/2Qh07cR THE BENEFITS OF DARKER IN-APP COLOUR SCHEMES ARE CLEAR + Google has confirmed there are benefits to offering darker in-app colour schemes. During its Android Dev Summit, the tech giant displayed the power needed to show different colours. It transpires that black is the most power-efficient, while white consumes over six times as much juice. https://netm.ag/2DMkM1t GITHUB NOW HOSTS OVER 100 MILLION REPOSITORIES + Social coding platform GitHub has not only announced it hosts over…