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net March 2019

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editor’s note

Voicing the old adage ‘a craftsperson is only as good as their tools’ is likely to prove divisive in development circles. After all, we’ve all seen powerful tools like React used to produce terrible bug-ridden products; equally there are some amazingly creative sites out there fashioned solely with a lick of CSS and a whole lot of skill. But it is true that experienced hands can work some web wonders when they add new libraries, languages and APIs to their toolkits. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together our list of the hottest new dev tools in 2019. Whether you’re looking to find out about the latest frameworks, track down new testing utilities, master new ways of handling media or sniff out new JavaScript tools, we’ve got a whole host of…

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featured authors

LOUIS LAZARIS Lazaris is an author, speaker and front-end developer and curates the weekly newsletter Web Tools Weekly. He offers up his rundown of the best dev tools for 2019 on page 60. w: impressivewebs.com t: @impressivewebs ANA NICOLAU Nicolau is a creative director in design. Over on page 68, she shows you how you can use design systems to create a consistent approach across large-scale projects. w: ananicolau.com t: @and_says_ RICHARD MATTKA Mattka is an award-winning creative director, designer and developer specialising in VFX. He shows you how to harness Google’s powerful image recognition API on page 76. w: richardmattka.com t: @synergyseeker CLEMENTINE BROWN Brown is product designer at Red Badger, a company dedicated to helping others improve their business. On page 36, she makes a case for developers learning to adapt to the tool the job requires. w: https://red-badger.com…

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Practical advice from industry experts QUESTION OF THE MONTH Is open source a sustainable business model? In fact, should it be one at all? Benjamin Read, Hatfield, UK MH: In the past 10 years we’ve seen open source go from challenger solution to default position. Most customers and prospects are now asking for a reason not to go open source, rather than reasons to choose it. It really isn’t a hard sell anymore. The benefits of open source are now widely appreciated, with CTOs and CIOs seeking greater flexibility, freedom from vendor lock-in and faster innovation through community and organisation contributions. Security is also less of a concern, with many open-source operating models identifying and closing security holes faster than proprietary. In fact, most large enterprises (once fiercely proprietary) have massively shifted strategy towards open…

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3 simple steps

What are the different ways to use chatbots? Ian Lewis, Canberra, Australia SL: There are many ways but here are three that spring to mind. Modify the site + I’ve seen some cool uses of bots on websites where using the bot modifies the website itself. This seems like a ‘cool’ example, although I’m not sure if it’s the simplest form of information retrieval. Replace the site + There are a few web-based solutions that replace a site with a bot. Personally, though, I don’t think that’s the correct approach. Conversational UI isn’t the best form of UI in most contexts. Hybrid approach + If I have a question for a company, I just want to ask that specific question and that’s where having a bot on a website is super useful. Especially if you have a hybrid…

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cool stuff we learned this month

GOOGLE IS SHUTTING DOWN ALLO + Google is killing off its Allo cross-platform messaging service. The app, which first arrived in September 2016 and has features like one-tap smart replies, Google Assistant support and the ability to share search results in conversations, will be shut down next March. https://netm.ag/2UXHA4I BIRCHBOX’S NEW WEB DESIGN ‘DRIVING COMMERCIAL BENEFITS’ + The newly designed Birchbox website has led to a 21 per cent increase in shop revenue per session and a 20 per cent hike in shop revenues per customer, according to the beauty subscription box company. The site overhaul is part of the US-based business’s wider plans to expand in the UK. https://bit.ly/2RA8wJ3 PANTONE ANNOUNCES COLOUR OF THE YEAR + Pantone’s annual quest to dominate the ‘and finally…’ portion of the pre-festive news has kicked off, with the announcement of…

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how much time a week do you devote to side projects?

From our timeline How will – or has – Brexit come to affect you professionally? I had intention to settle in as UK is the sole country in EU honoring ages old Ankara agreement allowing hassle-free visa for businesspeople, which will no longer take place after Brexit. @sotaroraiste A huge reason for being a digital nomad is the inflated costs of living in the UK. Restriction of free movement makes working and travelling much harder. @mrdanielschwarz More uncertainty is good for contractors in the short term. Work still needs to be done, but companies will not want to commit to long-term hiring of new employees – hence making contractors a more attractive option for their immediate work. @_LeonBrown We won’t know until after it hits. Anything else is guesswork. Unfortunately the government has never explained the realities –…