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net July 2017

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editor’s note

We came across Matej Latin’s Better Web Typography email course a few months ago and instantly fell in love with the idea that web designers and developers should be paying more attention to the art of web typography. Matej argues that web design is 95 per cent typography, and he brilliantly explains why in this month’s cover feature.Matej’s Ten Rules for Better Web Typography is an essential list for every web developer concerned with making standout websites. Dive in to the feature to discover how to shape your paragraphs and pick the perfect font, when less is sometimes more, and why you should be using ligatures. Head to page 60 right now to find out how you can help build a better web.This month’s second feature looks at the service…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.comTHIS MONTH FEATURING...THOMAS PARKAn expert on web development, interface design and user research, Thomas works in human-computer interaction and computing education at Drexel University in Philadelphia.w:thomaspark.cot:@thomashparkCHRIS THELWELLChris is a design leader in the UK and Australia specialising in disrupting markets, creating innovative products and building design teams.w:christhelwell.comt:@christhelwellQUESTION OF THE MONTHWill CSS Grid degrade gracefully in older browsers that don’t fully support it?Stephen M, Liverpool, UKSquaring up CSS Grid enables you to lay out page items in rows and columnsAs hyped as we are that CSS Grid has landed, only one third of browsers currently support it. Neither Internet Explorer or Edge follow the current specification, and you only have to go back a release or two on other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari to…

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3 simple steps

Gary Cooper, CheshireCT: Prototyping is perhaps one of the most important parts of the design process. With prototyping we can test ideas with users, we can be wrong, we can learn, but most importantly of all we can do this quickly But choosing the right tool can make or break the outcome. Be sure to ask yourself these three questions:WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LEARN?Want to test if you have the flow through a process right? Look at tools like InVision or Marvel. Want to know if users can complete an online form usefully? You’ll need tools like Axure or a real coded prototype.WHAT RESOURCES DO YOU HAVE?If time’s short, explore quick paper prototypes (you can use InVision or Marvel to turn these into clickable prototypes). Have a bigger team,…

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what are the top business challenges for web agencies?

2.94%Finding funding – banks aren’t willing to lend to small businesses2.94%Customers expecting very long payment terms8.82%Economic uncertainty making clients reluctant to commit to big projects17.65%People using web builders to make their own sites5.88%Nothing major – it’s going great!26.47%Increased competition – the industry is becoming even more crowded5.88%Losing business as clients build up their own teams29.41%Finding the right staff ■…

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from our timeline

Commercial awareness: why is client asking for a particular feature/ process/change? Not just graduates, though! @RichardCarterPeople straight from school/university treat work like doing an exam - i.e. abc problem has xyz answer, and asking for the answer. @_LeonBrownPeople skills. Selfmotivation. Not asking enough questions. Asking too many questions. General office behaviour. @nonswearyphilSolid research skills, including data analysis. @WorldofKnightListening and observation, collaboration (not just graduates though), empathy (again, not just graduates). @antz29Humility, wisdom, and patience. @bmeeks24Knowledge of vulnerabilities and associated mitigations. @JezD7588Humility, drive and empathy. @BenjiebooTrust in their ability to make decisions. @Candorem ■…

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cool stuff we learned this month

INCLUSIVE COMPONENTS DESIGNAccessibility expert Heydon Pickering breaks down the principles of inclusive design and applies them to different website components, making the information available for your particular situation. He describes the site as, “a blog trying to be a pattern library,” with each post proposing a more robust and accessible version of the component under scrutiny. inclusive-components.designLEARN CSS GRIDNo doubt learning CSS Grid is somewhere on your to-do list. To get you started, Jen Simmons has compiled this list of the best resources on the web for doing that, kicking off with the excellent work of Rachel Andrew, which includes screencasts and a website full of examples. jensimmons.com/post/feb-27-2017/learn-css-gridTHE HISTORY OF THE WEBIf you feel nostalgic for the early days of the web, you can indulge yourself and learn some interesting…