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February 2021

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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publisher’s podium

Stepping outside the production silhouette I’VE been thinking and figured I’m tired of the production silhouettes. They offer a lot, especially in design excellence and bang-for-buck. For not much money you can buy an original or reproduction copy of your favourite body style. There’s even entire industries built around providing these reproductions, not forgetting I own one myself. But recently my thoughts and memories have turned back to the Customs Illustrated and to a lesser extent Popular Mechanics magazine where custom-made one-off cars were built and featured. I’m not referring to customised production cars; I mean genuine one-off builds to the owner’s design. I know there’s a die-hard segment of our fraternity with their own fixed ideas of what a hot rod really is. Their opinions range from “a dropped axle…

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box 8 waipu letters

Ringing the Fun Bell HI PAUL, I hope all is well - Happy new year to all. The timing of Squeak Bell’s Guest Editorial in the last issue couldn’t have been more perfect. He hits the nail well and truly on the head, and I hope the message kicks into a lot of people out there. Our hot rods are our outlet, and after the year we have just had with 2020 we need to be using that outlet of hot rod fun as much as possible. 2020 was a melting pot of negativity from COVID-19 19 to our own NZ elections, not to mention a US election debacle. If that wasn’t enough, we have a thing called a climate emergency - whatever that actually means. As car guys, we face…

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just in passing

• Kiwi Innovation HERE’S a novel idea for a clutch scatter shield. Willy Drake cut a truck rim in half for a scattershield in his 1956 Zephyr powered Ford 10 stock car. • Mischief NEIL Surtees car isn’t on fire but have you ever seen a car do a burnout on a trailer? After driving his car onto the trailer at the end of the recent Dust Up, Neil decided to lay some rubber. • Great day at the track! EVA Hakansson debuted her electric-powered streamliner at Meremere Dragway’s Test ‘n Tune back in November. Eva made one run down the track, gently rolling off the starting line, gave it full throttle for a little bit, reached 60 mph, and then shut down at half-track to provide plenty of room to stop. The brake chute…

1 min.
out & about

• STOP PRESS DANGEROUS Dave Gauld crashed heavily at Meremere on Saturday, Jan 9th: Here’s the post-accident report posted on Social Media by Ryan Sheldon the following morning: Official update on Dave below from the family this morning: Hi all, just an update on Dave Gauld, as most of you may know he was in a very big crash yesterday arvo, sadly we said goodbye to the car “Nightmare”, she is now demolished and resting at peace. Dave was lucky enough to have come out of this with few broken ribs, a few burns to the face a possible broken leg at this stage a brain bleed, he is still out to it cold, and doesn’t remember anything, what day it is, what happened or who anyone is. “Thank you, everyone,…

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new arrivals

• Cool Jewel MAL Hurrell was searching a 1936 Ford site on Facebook. He noticed that a guy Keith Hefner had a picture of a 3-window coupe as his profile pic. He got hold of Keith Hefner, who had recently retired as Chief of Police in Indiana. Keith went to buy a hoist about a year ago, and the lady selling it said the ’36 coupe was her dads. It had been put in the shed in 1962, and her dad was going to hot rod it. He had put hydraulic brakes on the front, a 9” rear in it and was half-way through installing a Caddy motor in. Mal intends to build another nice rod out of it and check out that old window sticker!! • Rare Skyliner PETER Lowen from Palmy…

3 min.
the big 5-o

RUSSELL Matiu explains where the dream for his ’32 coupe originally came from. “When I was only 18 years old, and living at Inangahua Junction, I had a Ford Mk4 Zodiac which was being done up slowly as I could afford it. I had to make payments for the work when I had spare cash. The guy doing up my car asked if I wanted to give him my car plus $5000 for his ‘32 Ford coupe! I went home that day and asked the old man if he could lend me five grand! His reply was a definite; “Why would you wanna buy an old car like that? Buy something newer! The answer is No!!!” “ The dream was parked, but Russell never forgot the inspiration, and now he has the last laugh;…