Octane April 2021

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extraordinarily ordinary

I THINK THAT probably rather too many of us can relate to a quick titivation that turns into a four-year restoration, and such is the story of this month’s cover car. Indeed, the fact that it is so relatable shows that it is far from the world’s most extraordinary restoration in either cost or time, but then it is also far from the most extraordinary car. That is not an insult, by the way, because that’s precisely what makes CSX 2082 special and why it appealed so much to us at Octane… and why it’s on the cover. This Cobra didn’t race with Ed Hugus in period or with Danny Sullivan at Goodwood, it wasn’t the first or the last, a prototype or one cobbled together from spares after the fact.…

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JOHAN DILLEN ‘Hearing the BMW M1 Procar’s straight-six wail sends a shiver down your spine, yet it’s nothing compared with what happens when you are behind the wheel, pushing past 7000rpm. A pinch-me moment – and more followed when we left the Red Bull Ring for Fritz Wagner’s Procar graveyard…’ BMW M1 Procar heaven: pages 62-74. JONATHAN JACOB ‘The day began with thick fog, but the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally was a great colour and a joy to capture. We shot it in the North York Moors on one of my favourite stretches of road, which led to a water splash used in the past by rallying groups!’ Jona’s superb photography accompanies Glen Waddington’s story on pages 76-84. APOLOGY To Aston Sales Kensington, Dylan Miles, Aston Workshop and Desmond J Smail In the March 2021 issue…

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coming up…

5-7 March Philip Island Classic The Southern Hemisphere’s largest Historic meeting, held on Phillip Island near Melbourne. Grids are organised by the Victorian Historic Road Racing Register and cater for Touring Cars, single-seaters, sports cars and pre-war machinery, too. vhrr.com 26-28 March Dix Mille Tours du Castellet Peter Auto’s series get back to business at Paul Ricard, where the generous run-off areas give drivers a chance to shake off the rust without fear of a big prang. peterauto.peter.fr 26-28 March Un Homme Une Femme Based at La Croix-Valmer, this new event is for couples. It’s non-competitive, so crews can to retire to their plush accommodation each night without arguing over missed turns and timing errors. happyfewracing.com 3-9 April Marrakesh Tour Despite the name, this 2250km event takes entrants way beyond the one-time capital of Morocco, as they head as far east as the coastal…

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le mans museum

THOSE OF YOU of a certain age will look back on the good old days of Le Mans with a smile. No, not the days when the drivers ran to their cars and erected the hoods before racing off, but the 1960s and beyond, when the shriek of the Matras contrasted with the rumble of Chevrolet Corvettes. After that, the age when the rotary Mazdas earned a popular win with the screaming 787B. Spectators learned to open their mouths as those cars went past so their ears didn’t hurt, while the groundshaking thunder of the awesome Aston Martin Nimrods was unforgettable, too. There was a vast village of stalls and a large fun-fair that ran right throughout the race. Catching the eye was a foreboding-looking barn, the Le Mans Museum. Nowadays,…

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replica scene erupts after swedish ruling

THE DECISION by a Swedish court to back Jaguar Land Rover’s bid to shut down a C-type builder has thrown the world of replicas into turmoil, with many fearing widespread and long-lasting repercussions. The ruling could spark a global clampdown, not only on Jaguar replicas and the people who build them, but all replicas. Technically, it could even sound the death knell for cars that were built decades ago. The case for copyright infringement was brought against Karl and Ann-Christine Magnusson in 2018 and the verdict was recently handed down by the Intellectual Property Division of the Swedish High Court. As well as ordering a replica C-type to be destroyed, the ruling gives copyright protection to the shape of the Jaguar C-type in a similar fashion to works of art. If…