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May/June 2021
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On Target Africa is a leisure read for the growing precision rifle, long-range and ELR competition sports-shooting market. Our pride and joy are our in-depth rifle, firearm and accessory reviews, which allow our readers to make smart purchase decisions. From the outdoors to legal issues and club news, we are your #1 resource. Purchase single online issues at www.ontargetafrica.zinioapps.com/shop or email distribute@ontargetafrica.co.za for subscription details.

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joy for eyes relief for neck and wallet

Delta, the European optics experts known for the glass in their rifle scopes, have come up with another refined piece of kit. The Delta-T is a pair of binoculars with optical excellence and a built-in rangefinder. Even at 2km, the rangefinder is accurate to 1m. As you would expect from Delta, The optics are superb. The 9X magnification is just right – you find targets at long range and still hold steady to aim the laser. The objective is 45mm, providing wonderful transmission and sharp detail – ideal for clarity of the target against its surroundings. The laser display has variable brightness to adjust for conditions and for preference. Delta knows their customers and these binoculars are built for real use. It has a strong, lightweight, magnesium-alloy chassis encased in robust rubber. It’s waterproof…

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from the editor’s desk

Readers will be excited to read Chris Blatherwick’s review of the American® Rimfire Target Ruger® platform, which he describes as a “rifle for all seasons”. Keeping with Ruger®, Chris also introduces us to the LCP® 2 range of micro pistols for the ever-growing EDC market. Sharp-eyed readers will notice we do not feature any specific optic in this issue. This might be a relief to those who feel too much fuss is being made about this particular item, but the fact remains it is an essential part of any hunter and sports-shooter’s gear. With the hunting season moving along and the various associations ensuring their members’ needs are being met, Greg Sykes regales us with a breathtaking account of a colleague’s first buffalo hunt. It is a magical story sure to evoke…

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ruger american® rimfire target a rifle for all seasons

Not a manufacturer to rest on its laurels, it steadily developed its.22 LR bolt action rifle platforms, culminating in its American® Rimfire Target series. This took the award-winning Ruger® design concepts and honed them into a ‘never say die’ bolt action platform. Grab your favourite reactive target, sit back and join us as we take a closer look at the latest giant slayer from Ruger®. Initial impressions I was immediately struck by how light the American® Rimfire Target felt when I pulled the rifle out of the box. Weighing a scant 3 039 g, it feels extremely lively in hand and is very quick to point. The rifle lends itself to rapid target acquisition applications such as varmint hunting and/or precision rifle shooting. The barrel felt rock solid in the stock and…

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.22 elr is a platform for the entire family

Going down this road has been rewarding and has resulted in a platform that can be utilised to promote sports shooting and welcome newcomers to the world of extreme long range (ELR) shooting in particular. In 2020, Send IT developed and hosted the first (to our knowledge).22 ELR event in South Africa, and in March 2021 it was time to do so again. The rise in popularity of.22 ELR is easily explained. Rifles are readily available and inexpensive, and for the most part standing idle in gun safes, while ammunition is relatively affordable. Shooters require only a modestly accurate rifle and a budget-friendly optic with suitable elevation capability, preferably up to 100 MOA. The rise in popularity of.22 ELR is easily explained Fantastic learning platform Furthermore,.22 ELR is a fantastic learning platform, incorporating the…

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ruger® lcp® 2 deep concealment pistol

Let us start by addressing the elephant in the room. Firearms chambered in.22 LR is not a common calibre for EDC practitioners; that honour unequivocally belongs to the 9 mm cartridge. Now this begs the question: Is 9 mm the only viable calibre suitable for self-defence? No, not by a long shot. Stopping an advancing attacker is not merely achieved by sending big projectiles down range, but has a lot to do with shot placement. I have witnessed a hulk of a man stopped dead in his tracks by a female police officer discharging her service pistol chambered in 7.65 mm. So is there hope for a self-defence or backup pistol chambered in.22 LR? Yes, I believe so. Seen by many as merely a ‘plinking’ calibre,.22 LR has been used by…