Parents in Biz Issue 11 - January 2021

Parents in Business Magazine brings you the very best business resources, guidance from industry experts and inspirational stories from real-life parent business owners, all to support you on your journey to success. Whether you are thinking of starting a business or own a business, the Parents in Business Magazine offers the best advice to support you on your business journey.

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EMILY BAL, CONFIDENCE COACH AND FACILITATOR Emily Bal is a confidence coach and facilitator and helps successful people realise how extraordinary they are so they know they can take control, create balance and be happy. After 17 years in marketing and creative roles in the non-profit sector, she moved into coaching so she could work flexibly around her young family and because she firmly believes if a person is thriving and realising their potential everything else will follow. Her digital homes are and She lives in Ealing, West London with her husband and three children. *Photo credit Jo Mieszkowski SHONA CHAMBERS, MARKETING CONSULTANT Shona Chambers is a Marketing Consultant and owner of Shona Chambers Marketing, a Marketing Agency based in Nunhead near Peckham. Specialising in helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers…

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editor’s welcome

Welcome to the 11th issue of the Parents in Business Magazine. And just when we thought the chapter of homeschooling and running a business had come to an end here we go again. This issue is full of practical guidance from industry experts and inspirational stories from parent business owners, all to support you! We’ve all been told that community is key to a successful business, Melissa Gauge writes about the power of community in building a successful business. If you want to improve your selfconfidence Emily Bal a confidence coach and facilitator writes about confidence in action. Shona Chambers reviews the following books, Survival Skills for Freelancers, The Success Rebellion, and Michael Rosen Book of Play. We are shining the small business spotlight Nadene Martin, the owner of Format Services. We have inspirational interviews…

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confidence in action

Confidence is a funny thing. It’s a state of mind. A belief. A feeling. A conviction that you can you do whatever you focus on and that you’ll succeed. In psychology, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person's overall sense of self-worth or personal value. It’s how much you appreciate and like yourself. It is different to self-confidence. I heard a great definition on The Squiggly Careers podcast recently, which was ‘self-confidence is self-esteem in action.’ Confidence can be acquired and lost. It is admired in some and chastised in others. It is not all-encompassing, and you can be highly confident in one area and not in others. It is as unique as you are. I pitch myself as a confidence coach because so many people cite confidence as something they’d…

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finding balance in our relationships

Being a parent can be a tough job for many. We have so many roles and labels including mother, father, partner, sister, brother, daughter, son and so forth. So, when a woman decides to pursue a desire of having her own business and feeling more in control of her finances, it can mean adding another role and responsibility onto the plate they may already be juggling. So often, parents in business are looking for balance, a way of making sure they are pouring their love and energy into all areas of their lives, in particular, their relationships, however, this seems to be a major struggle for many, especially those who are driven, ambitious and want success and freedom. It is difficult because when a parent feels they are succeeding in one area,…

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in conversation with dionne thurland founder of pocketbum

Pocketbum, the no-fuss and fastener-free baby grow, was created, Dionne Thurland and inspired by the first Pocketbum Pioneer, her now 2-year-old daughter. The brand was built on the belief that it’s ok, as parents, to take the easy route. Fitness, travel and fashion are Dionne’s biggest passions. After an established fashion pre-baby career, it was a natural progression to start her own brand after having her daughter. She was ready to live life on her terms, whilst utilising the invaluable experience from her time spent working for big labels, Pocketbum was the answer. If she can help alleviate some of the pain points that parents experience with changing their baby, to free up their time; she’ll be happy. For Dionne living her best life is travelling, working out and enjoying sociable…

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book review

Survival Skills for Freelancers, Sarah Townsend I’d heard of Survival Skills for Freelancers in several of the Facebook groups I call home which made getting a review copy for Parents in Biz even more exciting. Sarah Townsend, the author, comes across as warm, funny, and intelligent on all of her social media, so I was not surprised to find the book is all of those things. As I sat down to read on a grey Saturday morning where the rain threatened to never end, I thought, I’ll just read a few chapters whilst my kids are happily doing other things. Several hours later, I finished it. That gives you an idea of how well written and full of good content it really is. So what will Survival Skills for Freelancers give you? First, it…