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in praise of the 5am wake-up call

IN MY DEFENCE, she had a beguiling French accent. “You see,” she purred, “it wakes you with intelligence. It will make you have a good morning, yes?” I agreed, in part due to that accent, in part because my wake-up call that morning had hardly been genteel or enjoyable. At 5am, my Nexus 6P had emitted its torturing Drip alarm until I gave in and pulled back the covers, knowing the Eurostar wouldn’t wait. By 11am, we were trundling into Paris, and an hour later I found myself sitting next to the chairman and founder of Voxx International, John Shalam, and his wife Jane. Now 82, John founded what would go on to be a company with revenues of over $750 million – a distant cry from his first year in…

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@ PCPRO FACEBOOK.COM / PCPRO Karl Wright If you’re serious about keeping customers happy, and winning new business, then CRM software is your friend. Karl puts eight packages to the test on p78 Stuart Turton The rapid rise of technology has left many on the wrong side of the digital divide. Stuart speaks to some late converts on p44 Vaughn Highfield Will it be the Oculus Rift? Microsoft HoloLens? HTC Vive? If Vaughn is right, none of the above: the PlayStation VR will bring VR mainstream. See p60 Steve Greenfield Too many of us leave our networks vulnerable. Steve Greenfield, an expert in network security, provides tips for homes and businesses. See p116…

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take note: the battery crisis isn’t over

Background and analysis on all the important news stories Infographic: The Yahoo game Put yourself in the shoes of previous Yahoo CEOs p12 Amazon broadband The retailer is looking to boost Prime with an ISP service p13 PC Probe: Bounty hunters Why software giants are turning to bounty hunters p14 SAMSUNG HAS SENT ITS Note 7 phablet to landfill after failing to solve its overheating battery problems, but an industry expert has told PC Pro that the crisis is far from extinguished. Samsung was forced to recall and replace millions of devices following reports of several Galaxy Note 7 handsets catching fire. Recurring faults with replacement devices forced Samsung to eventually cease production of the Note 7, costing the company billions of pounds and incalculable damage to its reputation. But the PR disaster is unlikely…

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five stories not to miss

1Lenovo moves in on Fujitsu PCs Lenovo is in talks to buy Fujitsu’sonce-great PC business. The world’s fourth-largest PC makeras recently as 2004,Fujitsu’s computer business has struggled ever since the emergence of smart phones and tablets.Lenovo has reportedly promised to keep current factories and employee sin place,and the move would bolster the Chinese company’sposition as the world’stop computer manufacturer by volume. 2 UK spooks spied unlawfully for 17 years Britain’s security forces secretly collected and stored avast amount of personal information unl awfully for almost two decades,according to the independent Investigatory Powers Tribunal. The tribunal said that the authorities controlling the collection and storage of data breached Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights,which protects the right to privacy. 3 Ethernet speed boost The IEEE has approved a standard to provide five times…

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yahoo! the boom-bust board game for all the family

START 1994 Congratulations! You’ve founded a company with a ridiculous name: “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. Rename it “Yahoo!” and roll the dice... 1996 You’re in the money! IPO raises $33.8 million through the sale of 2.6 million shares. 1997 Buy RocketMail and rebrand the service as Yahoo Mail – the tool that will keep driving people to your sites for two decades. 1998 Weblore states you turn down the option to buy or license technology from a fledgling Google, seeing search as unimportant. Skip a turn as rival gains a foothold. 1999 Buy $4.6 billion web host GeoCities and drop $5.7 billion on music service Broadcast.com – $10 billion for purchases that are defunct within a decade. 2000 Having not bought nascent Google, agree (significantly worse) terms to use the firm’s search tech. 2000 New year trading sees Yahoo…

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amazon to extend to broadband?

IT’S HARD TO FIND anything Amazon doesn’t sell, and that list could soon extend to broadband connections. According to sources “briefed on the matter” that spoke to The Information, the retail giant is considering offering broadband as part of its Prime package, but how the company would charge is unclear. Amazon told PC Pro that it “wouldn’t comment on rumour and speculation”, but hasn’t denied the plans. Notably, a broadband service could bolster the company’s push into the home with devices such as the connected Echo speaker (see p72). Amazon isn’t expected to roll out any cables in the UK; it’s more likely to enter a wholesale arrangement with another provider. However, it could still undercut dedicated ISPs if it offers broadband as a low-cost reward for subscribing to Prime. “There is a…