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we tech insiders must stand up and be counted

THE LAST TIME I checked my calendar, it was 2017. Before we know it, we’ll have reached the end of the second decade of the 21st century, a century that will be defined by technology. Our industry will have generated countless jobs, contributed zillions to the UK economy, and created the backbone for business. Yet, what role will technology have in the election of our next parliament? Zero. As an industry we’re bystanders, and that’s ridiculous. We still live in a world where our political leaders can declare themselves ignorant when it comes to technology , with a self-deprecating laugh , and get away with it . They don ’ t say , “ Oh , the economy . I don ’ t really get it , but my grandson does…

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Stuart Andrews Stuart has been testing printers for over 20 years , so who bett er to put the best high-end inkjets and lasers through their paces • See p78 for his verdict Sasha Muller If Stuart has spent much of his working life in front of printers , so Sasha has with monitors . He explains why a 34in NEC curved monitor is worth the cash on p70 Ian Betteridge Can the new 2-in-1 Dell XPS 13 convert Macolyte Ian Betteridge • Discover the reasons why he isn ’ t reaching for his wallet quite yet on p72 Dick Pountain The loan of a Google Chromebook tempts Dick to the Other Side for the first time , but there ’ s still one problem to be fixed . See p26…

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isps facing compensation payouts amid industry credibility crisis

Background and analysis on all the important news stories Infographic: Media consumption The way we listen to music and read books is ever-shifting p12 Who wants to kill IoT devices? The “things” are being hunted down and killed, but why? p13 PC Probe: Windows 10 What data is Microsoft collecting and what can you do about it? p14 INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS are to face £185m in additional, automatic compensation payouts if they don’t improve repair and installation times. The threat comes from telecoms regulator Ofcom after a flurry of high-profile billing, data breach and infrastructure irregularities involving broadband and network providers. Under the new compensation proposals, first aired more than a decade ago, ISPs would be obliged to make automatic compensation payments for customers left without broadband or fixed line services for more than two days. Delays…

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who wants to kill thousands of iot devices?

SECURITY EXPERTS ARE puzzling over the motivation behind a new threat that can permanently damage Io T devices. The devices have been a target before because they are often poorly secured with old versions of Linux and default passwords. Botnets built using IoT devices infected by the Mirai malware were blamed for attacks that brought down several websites last year. Researchers have been monitoring the progress of a new form of attacks – permanent denial-of-service (PDoS) – that are targeting IoT devices with the aim of damaging them beyond repair. They’re a step beyond DDoS attacks. “If you DDoS a service it recovers straight away after the attack, but with PDoS it’s more permanent – stop the attack and it’s still broken,” explained Pascal Geenens, a security researcher at anti-DDoS company Radware. “People…

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apple promises new mac pro next year (maybe)

IN AN INTERVIEW with Apple blog Daring Fireball, executives admitted the company had made mistakes with its previous configuration, which meant it couldn’t refresh the machines to meet the changing requirements of pro customers. The slim, quiet design meant it couldn’t be upgraded to more powerful processors without causing the cylindrical system to overheat. “I think we designed ourselves into a bit of a thermal corner,” said Apple’s senior vice president, Craig Federighi. “We designed a system with the kind of GPUs that… we thought we needed, and that we thought we could well serve with a two-GPU architecture. “That was the thermal limit we needed, or the thermal capacity we needed. But workloads didn’t materialise to fit that as broadly as we hoped. Being able to put larger single GPUs required…

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what’s windows collecting now?

The Windows 10 Creators Update has landed, but many are still wondering how “creative” Microsoft is being with the way it handles users’ data. At launch, Windows 10 was widely criticised over the telemetry Microsoft collects to monitor performance on end user machines and improve resilience. Telemetry reports are nothing new, but were opt-in prior to Windows 10 giving Microsoft access to such records. Once it became obligatory, critics complained there was no clarity over how much personal data, on top of system data, Windows 10 sent to Redmond, and no way to opt out. Windows 10 gave users some choice on what they shared with Microsoft, but critics argued the default settings and information on start-up were vague. In addition, the default “Express” setup glossed over the implications of the settings. With…