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the uk is growing fatter, so how can fitness tech help?

DON’T GET JEALOUS, but I just spent two days on the Spanish coast. It was a work trip, but nothing like the ones I normally go on (think factory tours, conference centres and overcast German skies). We were still subjected to far too many presentations, but I spent about half of my time in my running kit as Fitbit encouraged us to put its latest product, the £200 Fitbit Versa (see p72), through its paces. Despite the constant threat of cardiac arrest, it’s something that was said during one of those elongated presentations that stuck with me. I’m paraphrasing here, but it was along the lines of “the world is getting fatter and we’re here to do something about it”. And it’s true. As I type these words – on a Sunday…

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Steve Cassidy In a month that saw a client’s CD drive explode, Steve ties in moon-based data, moo-based data and business networks. Find out how from p120 Stuart Andrews Not content with asking if people should dump Office 365 (see p30), Stuart also puts a dozen NAS drives to the test. Discover which suits your needs from p74 Barry Collins What is it about Reddit that makes it one of the top ten most visited sites in the world? Barry explores its potential for both good and evil on p38 Jon Honeyball A Wi-Fi Hoover sets Jon on the warpath against manufacturers releasing hardware without thinking about the supporting software. See p110…

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facebook data: how far has it leaked?

Background and analysis on all the important news stories THE FACEBOOK DATA scandal could be the tip of the iceberg, according to privacy experts, who warn that the social network’s willingness to hand over users’ data will result in further leaks. In an investigation led by news organisations, researchers discovered that psychoanalytical influencer Cambridge Analytica had gained access to huge swathes of Facebook users’ data, which was originally collected by a personality testing app on the social network. That information was sold to Cambridge Analytica, who allegedly used it to target voters who might be sympathetic to Donald Trump. According to experts, the fact that Facebook allows app developers to access so much data makes scandals inevitable. “What Cambridge Analytica is doing is just what you can do with this kind of a system…

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five stories not to miss

1 Firefox silences nuisance notifications Firefox 59 has been released with a new feature that prevents websites asking users to allow notifications. The latest version of the browser also includes performance enhancements, and a revamped version of Firefox for the Amazon Fire TV. 2 Age verification plans delayed The controversial age-verification system for adult sites has been pushed back amid fears over privacy, standards and implementation. The system that was due to start in April was delayed until “later in the year”, two weeks before it was supposed to go into effect. 3 Intel issues Meltdown fixfor future chips Intel has outlined further plans to mitigate against the Meltdown and Spectre weaknesses that impacted nearly all x86 chips due to a system design flaw. Intel says its next generation of Xeon Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake),…

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Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector Pocket-sized projectors have been on the market for several years, but Sony has remained surprisingly reluctant to enter the fray – until now. The MP-CD1 Mobile Projector is truly a palm-sized gadget, around the same size as portable hard disk drive. Despite its size, it’s still capable of producing an image that’s 120in across from 3.5m away. With a brightness rating of ANSI 105 lumens and a 854 x 480 resolution, the projector is clearly no match for a serious home theatre or conference room display. Sony is instead pitching the device as an on-the-go all-rounder, capable of showing business presentations or entertainment when away from home. The 280g device has a 5,000mAh built-in battery, which Sony claims can function for two hours, although the device can also be charged…

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windows 10 s demoted to a “mode”

MICROSOFT HAS DITCHED the standalone Windows 10 S operating system and plans to make it a “mode” within Windows 10, marking yet another confusing change to the company’s fleet of operating systems. Windows 10 S was launched as a stripped-down version of Windows for its Surface devices. It disabled features such as the command line and PowerShell, and restricted users to installing apps from the Windows Store to make the OS more watertight. Windows 10 S was eventually preinstalled on many other devices, too, and users could switch to the full Pro version of Windows by paying $50 to unlock their devices. Microsoft claimed that Windows 10 S was popular with consumers because it offered improved “security, faster boot time, better battery life and consistent performance over time”. It will now be available to…